Ozona, Texas. Home of The Hitchin’ Post Steakhouse

I’m thinking it was eight years ago we first stopped in Ozona, Texas and ate at The Hitchin’ Post.


If you like rustic buildings you will enjoy The Hitchin’ Post. The structure was built in 1950 by a sheep rancher named E.H. Chandler as a barn for his sheep.

In 1989 the Chandler family converted the original structure into a restaurant and club. In 1992 the business was purchased by Debi and Pat Hamilton who still own it today.

Adult beverages are sold in the bar, however to partake of the libations you are required to purchase a membership for a fee of $5.00 per adult. Texas liquor laws require this because Texas is mostly a “Dry” state.

All of the meat served at The Hitchin’ Post is hand cut daily. They pride themselves in the quality of their fresh meat and more than generous cuts. I do mean generous.

Ribeye is over a pound per serving, Filet Mignon is over 1/2 a pound, KC Steaks are also over a pound in weight.

Your steak will be grilled to your order and served tender and juicy. Even the way beyond dead that I have them do for me. Extra, extra well done. No pink even whispering at me.

Prices are moderate, considering the slab you are served. The Ribeye is $22.99; the Filet Mignon is $19.99; the KC Steak is $16.99. They also serve 8 ounces of Tilapia for $12.99. All entrees come with a choice of two side dishes plus a trip to the salad bar.

Hamburgers are served as well. Meat for the burgers is ground fresh, right in their kitchen from steak.

The menu features several ginormous salad choices, several sandwiches such as the Club, Grilled Cheese, and BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato for those of you unfamiliar with BLT).

Take home one of their menus and read about the history of the area. Ozona is the only town in the 3,215 square miles of Crockett County. The county was established in 1875 and named after the famous Tennessee frontiersman Davey Crockett. A hero of the Alamo.

Texas is the largest wool and mohair producer in the nation. Over 80,000 sheep and over 57,000 Angora and Spanish goats are raised on the ranches of Ozona.

There is a museum in Ozona. Located in the old Courthouse annex. There you will find Indian artifacts dating back 10,000 years. Recent Indian and settler artifacts from the 1800’s are on display in the museum.

Caverns abound in west Texas. The Sonora Caverns is close to Ozona.

If you are traveling Interstate 10, either east or west, take Exit 363 to the 466 Loop and go about a mile east to The Hitchin’ Post Steakhouse. They are located at 1302 Sheffield Road. Hours are 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day.

Maybe we will see you there sometime.



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One response to “Ozona, Texas. Home of The Hitchin’ Post Steakhouse

  • gardenpinks

    Oh *groan* those steaks sound delicious! Steak and salad are just my cup of tea!
    I’d love to see the Indian artefacts, that must be something to see.

    By the way what did you buy from the craft store???? Enquiring minds and nosey people need to know 😀

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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