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Whole Lotta Scrap In Norman

Dremel Tool Accessories

Dremel Tool Accessories

Yesterday was spent polishing the copper piping, a trip to Lowe’s once again, and a trip to “Mecca” – Whole Lotta Scrap :o)

We have a Dremel Tool that has been hidden away in cupboards for years.  I’ve been a bit skittish using it over the years so it just stays hidden away.  The accessory kit comes with the “Jeweler’s Rouge” which I don’t have the foggiest idea how to use it and two of these bits with a screw on top.  What the heck are they for?!

Joe was holding my  hand while he was driving through Oklahoma, Arkansas, and into Tennessee.   This kit comes with some felt discs for polishing and, after much lamentation, I figured out they attach to the screw bits.  There is a hole in the center of the felt pad and are meant to be screwed on to the bit.

Buffers and jeweler's rouge

Buffers and Jeweler's Rouge

The larger buffing pads are about the size of a quarter while the smaller and thicker ones are larger than a pencil eraser.

The Jeweler’s Rouge comes in the packet and is about 1″ wide a little over 1/4″ tall and about 1/2″ thick.  Never having used the stuff before I didn’t know how to apply this stuff – still don’t.

Joe told me to turn the speed on the Dremel Tool down very low and place the running pad over the rouge to “load” up the pad then use it on the copper.

That fast spinning wheel caused the rouge stuff to have pieces fly off everywhere on my kitchen counter. Little bits of the stuff were everywhere, including the toaster!  When I applied the polishing pad to the copper it seemed that nothing happened.  So I had to do my thing.  I took the stick of rouge out of the packet and rubbed it on the copper.  It leaves behind a chalk like trail.  When I felt I had sufficient coverage then I used the polishing wheel over the rouge and spread it around.  Instead of this beautiful shiny copper surface I had imagined would appear I got some very black feathery marks left behind.

Purchases from Lowe's

Purchases from Lowe's

I left out that I had to make a trip to Lowe’s first to get a Brass Wire Brush to clean the whole copper piece first.  All the flux Joe had put on the joints while soldering had left a sticky residue that had to first be cleaned off with a good scrubbing with the wire brush and Lava hand soap then rinsed well before I could begin the polishing.

While at Lowe’s I picked up some tack cloths since I would be using a sanding sealer paint stuff on the wood so it would not absorb so much paint when I get to that part.  The tack cloths I’ve used many times before in the past.  They are cheese cloth loaded with some sticky stuff that makes my hands feel yucky when finished using them.  The gunk left over from sanding is picked right up with these tack cloths so I could apply another coat of the sealer and have a very smooth surface.  Joe’s orders!  I’m going to cover the wood with paper stuff so I didn’t think this step was necessary but he was adamant that I use the sealer.  Okay, okay – jeezers!

After polishing and using Brasso

After polishing and using Brasso

Now back to my litany.  After I had scrubbed the entire piece down with the brass wire brush and lava, rinsed it well with running water then dried it with a towel, I left it to air dry for about an hour.  I don’t know what I’m doing here so I want to make sure I don’t cause a problem.

The rouge and the polishing wheel, as I said, left behind a black feathery mess and I was very unhappy with the results.  Brasso metal cleaner was my next choice at getting this thing all cleaned up and shiny.  Worked really well and NOW I’m pleased with the outcome.

Creative Imaginations

Creative Imaginations

I made a trip to Whole Lotta Scrap and asked Leslie for some help!  As soon as I walked in the door I felt like I had entered a special place in Heaven!  I love this place!!!!

I told her I was looking for some paper that would be something to use for plumbing.  She thought about it and took care of her customers as I wandered the store taking in the sights of beautiful paper and lots of wonderous stuff :o)  The back side of this paper is covered with gears.  The words I can use on Curtis’ stand.  Although “Slacker” is not on this paper and is one of Curtis’ favorite words to use when speaking of himself when he takes a day off.  He does work very hard and long hours at his job and has been recognized for it.  We are both so proud of him.

Graphic 45 Vintage stickers

Graphic 45 Vintage stickers

I am planning on using the two labels somewhere on the board.  The old telephone is intriguing to me and might be used also.

Two watch faces

Two watch faces

I also want to use the two watch faces somewhere on the wooden base.  Kind of make it a collage.

Wooden base

Wooden base

This is the wooden base Joe picked out while we were out shopping day before yesterday.  I drug his butt to Hobby Lobby to choose a piece he liked.

I’ve applied the sanding sealer and have used black acrylic paint on the edges.

Now that all the other work is done and out of the way I can begin the really fun stuff.

I’ve decided that I’m far enough along in my paperwork drudgery that I can get back to the Monday, Wednesday, Friday thing and have free days to play around with really important and fun stuff.


A Treasure Box

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Now that Carissa has finally received her Birthday present – only a week late – I can finally get this posted.

The wooden box is from Michaels.  It is an unfinished box already complete with hinges and latch.  It measures about 7″ x 7″ x 3″.  The papers are from a discontinued line by Stampin’ Up! and it was mostly scrap pieces left over from other projects.  This was the ONLY paper I had that were in the pastel colors that Carissa likes.  Not very pastel but they are sort of like Easter colors she is fond of.

On the lid I have used Prima flowers with one center being a Fire Circle Brad from Stampin’ Up! and the other two have tiny flowers I cut from a silk flower bunch I had purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I have since colored the tiny white center gold which was after this photo was taken.

The “flourishes” are from a package of glittered chipboard assortment I purchased from Michaels and the butterfly is from a sticker pack I purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I think it is K & Co.

The stamped image is from Stampin’ Up! “Word Play” set and really says it all about how I feel about my little girl that is a grown woman and working on building her own family.

The trim around the sides and front of the box is something I purchased at my local Hancock Fabrics store.  It is so pretty with all the beads run through it.

The front of the box at the clasp I used the tassel I received from Lynn Claridge all the way from the UK.  I’ve added a key charm that is a new product at Stampin’ Up!  I used waxed linen thread to “sew” the tassel on the clasp because there was a barrel type opening at the very bottom of the shell like clasp.  I have removed the paint that got blobbed on the fixture before I sent it off to her and cleaned it up a bit.

On the inside lid I attached my “Treasure” .  When I saw this photo on Carissa’s Facebook page I got a bit bent out of shape.  She was hanging all over some old man and I nearly freaked out.  This was taken at the Retro Party her church held at a local restaurant before Thanksgiving of last year.  Carissa was instrumental in getting this party planned and she did all the decorating.  I’m so proud of her.  After a bit of closer inspection of the photo I saw that the “Old Man” is her husband, Jaime, with his hair, beard, and eyebrows spray painted the white color.  These two people are my pride and joy, thus “My Treasures” and I thought befitting to go inside the box.

I edged both the top and the bottom inside rim of the box with gold acrylic paint and used Mod Podge to adhere the paper to the wooden box and Triple Thick Glossy Glaze that I got at Hobby Lobby.  The Glossy Glaze is used in place of a varnish.  Next time I will use a varnish since that Triple Thick stuff takes a really long time to dry and the fumes from it linger for days and days.

The inside bottom of the box is just coated with the Triple Thick Glaze after the paper had been adhered with Mod Podge.  Aside from all the fiddling with the paper and Mod Podge then waiting for over a week for all of the different applications of products to dry and not cause the lid to stick when closed, this project was about two days in the making.  The rest of the time was for drying and I don’t think I will do that kind of treatment again.  Even though it is very shiny and glossy, I’m still not sure if it has dried fully and she won’t need a crowbar to get the lid open because it stuck shut.

When I talked with her yesterday, she first thought I had made her a jewelry box.  She wanted to know what to put in it and we discussed that for a little while.  She suggested some of her scrapbook tools and items which would be a good idea if they fit in there.  I don’t really have any concern over what she puts in it because I have made sure to put MY dearest treasure in that box 🙂  I so love those two kids.

The Package Arrived From The UK


Package from the UK

Package from the UK

Tucked between my door and the screen door was this package when Joe and I came back home from running some errands.  A bit squished and battered though, it has finally reached its destination.

Looks like driving on the wrong side of the road is not all the Brits do differently 🙂  Their postage is placed on the wrong side of the box :o)  Good thing it clearly says “Royal Mail” or I would have just tossed the box on the table and left it for later.

Poor Lynn has been fretting over the whereabouts of this package since she mailed it on December 6, 2010.  At least it was not on a “slow boat to China” 😉


Goodies from a tiny box

Goodies from a tiny box

Inside the box was another box, wrapped in bubble wrap.  Slightly mushed but not badly.

Within the little box treasures were found.  Bling and more bling….plus a “flying pig” that is the cutest.  The domino has a floral print on the back side and I forgot to turn it over.  The blue and gold flower had my full attention for most of the paw through.  The bright and shiny blue sparkles like it is transparent painted tin or metal.  Stunning it most certainly is.  I love the two little yellow flowers also.  The little bag holds Christmas trees and sleighs which are brads.  They are so darling.  A tassel I have a use for.  My daughter, Carissa, has a birthday tomorrow and I can use it on a thing I am creating for her.  She already knows it will be late.  I think I may have to use some of the blingy pieces too on her gift.  I’ll take pictures of it and post it later.

To view these “Thumbnail” photos, below, in a larger size, click on the thumbnail you want to see enlarged.


Beautiful box

Beautiful box

Inside box

Inside box

Spine of box

Spine of box

This is the little box all the treasures came in.  Hand stamped by Lynn?  Seed pearls are adhered at the curly Q’s and are so pretty on the box.  Maybe we can beg, wheedle, plead, and ask nicely for instructions on creating the box?


Floral frames

Floral frames

This set of floral frames were included in the package from Lynn.  These are so beautiful.  Gold rims the inner frames with floral bouquets draped around them.  These are almost too pretty to use on something….ALmost.

Visions of a heartfelt sentiment or poem centered within the frame.  If I did counted cross stitch still I might think about whipping something up to go with these, alas my eye sight and patience are both not what they used to be.


Beautiful ornate panel #1

Beautiful ornate panel #1

Beautiful ornate panel #2

Beautiful ornate panel #2

Click on either of these two thumbnail photos to view them enlarged.  These are both beautiful.  Frankly, I’ve never seen anything like these before.  Each of these panels are about 5″ x 7″ and the frame area is about 2″ x 3″.  There will be a lot of digging through photos to find appropriate pictures to place in these frames.  Maybe, I’ll just stare at them for a while longer and take in the rich details of each one.

The next items I’ve never seen nor heard of before.  Please let me know what to do with these.


Fantasy Film and Hot Fix Angel Hair

Fantasy Film and Hot Fix Angel Hair

There are some instructions with each of these items.  There is a reference to a YouTube video on the Fantasy Film.  The Hot Fix Angel Hair stuff is to be heated with an iron between parchment paper and they bond to each other.  The Fantasy Film has some instructions to be laid atop an inked stamp then a dry iron is to be placed atop the sandwich of stamp and film.  Seems as though I may  have to do some experimenting in the future.  Hmmmm, I wonder if these are available in the US?



Easle type Christmas Card

Easle type Christmas Card

I really MUST try this technique and soon.  Lynn has created a video showcasing her “Grid Card” on YouTube, click on the link above to watch the two-part series.

This is such a beautiful card using her Christmas themed rubber stamps.   It looks so festive and cheery.  Lynn sent me a “Flag Book” some time back she did using her “Grid Card” technique and I adore it.  Many a day I don’t get much done in my room because I spend quite a bit of time looking at Maureen’s tag and card she made, the mini album made for me by Jann Gray (Saulsberry),  along with Lynn’s Flag Book.  I probably ought to stop that before I rub the papers into fuzzy bits.

Its crazy, I know, but feeling the textures that Maureen did on her tag and card with the stamping and embossing, and the sweep and drag feel of Lynn’s Flag book, the grainy texture of “Soot” Jann did on the outer edges of the mini album.  What can I say, I just love the feel of paper….any paper….and I love to look at the creativity of other people’s work.




Last, but not the least, is this bag of Maltesers from Lynn that was tucked into the box.  Lynn had put up a recipe to make a cake of some kind, I don’t remember what it was now.  Two of the ingredients are honey and Maltesers.  I asked about the latter since that is a total unknown to me.

Boy, do I know what to do with these :o)  Maybe I’ll not open them and save them because they come from the UK.  Well…..since they are resealable…..

Oh crapazoid.  I guess I can always make a scrapbook page with the empty bag 🙂

Thank you Lynn for your very generous box of goodies.  How have you been able to part with most of these items?  I think I would have trouble letting go of some of them, wondering if they were going to a good home or not 😦  Yes, I’m totally insane.  The men in the white coats just might come knocking on my door any minute.  Better open the bag of Maltesers before they do arrive.


Love From Maureen

Box of love from Maureen

Maureen had told me she was fixing a RAK or a Care Package for Joe, Pati, Les, and I and wanted to send it before we all left town.

It arrived just minutes ago and hand delivered by our postal person.  I had Joe on the phone at the time of the package arrival.  He is out on the scooter getting some errands run.

The first thing he asked when I told him about the package from Maureen was “Cookies?”.  He makes me laugh so hard sometimes.

I had not opened the package yet so I could not answer that question.

Adorable earrings

Chocolate covered pretzels, M&M's, and gift cards

In a darling cloth pouch I found a pair of earrings that are so adorable.  A box of Alka Seltzer was included, and according to Maureen, for Joe and any more of my cooking disasters.  I had her on the phone at the time I opened the box and laughed really hard at the Alka Seltzer.

Chocolate covered pretzels, M&M’s.  Do I really have to share these?  I was told I did 😦  A key ring with the word “Sisters” inscribed on it with some jewels embedded.   Also were two gift cards to Bath and Body Works for Pati and I in our travels.  Maureen said that is the place to be with a girlfriend or a sister.  Picking up the bottles of potions and lotions, and passing them back and forth saying “Smell this one” and “Oooh this smells so good”.  Indeed that does sound like a good place to be sharing laughter with someone special.

Oatmeal raisin cookies


A huge bag of cookies, and not just any cookies, were included in the box.  These oatmeal raisin cookies are made from a recipe Maureen and her family has made since she was a young girl.

Wrapped in the tissue paper is this wonderful shelf art.  “Sisters – Kindred Hearts”.  I have just the place in my craft room to place this.  Somewhere that I can see it as I work at my table and be reminded of Maureen and her friendship, her warm and loving heart, and her sharp sense of humor that makes me laugh out loud.

Thank you Maureen, for these wonderful gifts.  I appreciate you so much.

Oh, by the way.  I’m supposed to tell you from Joe “The cookies, not good.  Send  him all of your cookies and he will make sure your reputation remains intact”.  He has two of them in his hand right now and is talking with his mouth full with a third cookie.  They are sooooo good.  I’ve had one, I’d better get to the bag and get another one before it is too late.

Shoes Were My Undoing

My shoes next to my husband’s

In March, near the first of the month, I had made a YouTube video about my fear of flowers and glitter.  I titled the video “Be Unstoppable”.  More as encouragement to myself as to let others know that fear holds us back from going forward.  Stepping into that fear helps us to move forward and accomplish what we want to do or be.

One of my subscribers had left a comment that having her face on YouTube would scare the “wee wee” out of her.  I laughed so hard at that comment.  In further correspondence with her I learned she spent most of her days beside her husband in Hospice with a terminal illness.

I don’t remember what video I had put up next on YouTube and this same subscriber posted that her husband had passed away.  It took several days for me to put the two subscribers together as the one with the husband that had been in Hospice.

When it had finally dawned on me I was in our foyer looking at the shoes there that need to be taken to the closet so the floor would not be so cluttered with shoes.  My thoughts went to my subscriber, Brenda, and what she would see when she came home from the Hospice the night her husband passed away.

Those shoes would never contain her beloveds feet again.  Those shoes will not go out the door of her house any longer.  Off on adventures far and wide.  Supporting his feet and keeping them dry and safe from pebbles and other sharp objects.  Those shoes will remain on the floor reminding her of her husband’s voice, his touch, his scent, his laughter.  I was so overcome by the thought that I broke down and cried.

The next morning as I was checking my email I decided to reach out to the corner of YouTube that I have subscribers.  I requested they send messages of support to Brenda in her time of grief.  Just to let her know that we cared about her and wished her well.

A couple days after my plea I received a message from another subscriber, Debbie, that had lost  her husband one week before Christmas 2009.  Her grief was fresh also.  Four months since she last heard her husband’s voice.  Again, my thoughts went to those shoes in my foyer.

What can I do?  I can’t tell either of them that I understand what they are going through.  I don’t know what they are going through.

Giving this some thought, and what personal information I had been provided by my friends, I wondered what I would like to have given to me in remembrance of my husband.

My gift to Brenda

For Brenda, I made her a mini album for her to put favored photos of her beloved in along with some journal spots to recount most treasured times spent together.  This is the video I made of Brenda’s mini.  It is a photo montage of how I created the mini and what products I used.  If you would like to recreate this mini the link is here.  Part 2 of this set is here.

My gift for Debbie

For Debbie I personalized her gift just a bit more from a favored story she told me of her husband.  If you would like to see what I made for Debbie, and how I did it, you can view the video here.

We all have difficult times and are in need of support at one time or another.  The YouTube community I belong to is a totally awesome community.  I am extremely proud to be a member of this crafting corner and to have made so many friends.

Granddaughter’s Birthday Present

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  My little granddaughter will be turning 11, I think.  I’m hopeless when it comes to the ages of my grandchildren.  Don’t even get me started on their names.  I was hardly ever able to keep all our own kids names straight when they lived at home, let alone my grandchildren.

Sydney is our little “girly girl”.  She loves glitter, flowers, hearts, feathers.  All the “glam” stuff.

If you’ve watched any of my videos you will know that this “girly girl” stuff is just not me.  It is a challenge for me to use glitter and flowers.  It seems to be getting less of a challenge as I work at it.

While wondering around my local craft/hobby store recently I found myself down an aisle with all kinds of wooden boxes and things.  I glanced at them and moved on.  About half way down the aisle I stopped and back tracked to where these little “treasure chests” were sitting on the shelf.  I picked one up, looked it over and put it back.  I could not figure out what I was going to do with something like that.

Through the store and on to other items I went.  That little wooden chest stuck in my mind.  Before I left for the check out I had to go back just one more time and take another look.  This time I turned it over and saw the price on the bottom.  $1.99

I could not believe the price.  I picked up another one and looked at it.  Same price.  Well, for $1.99 I can experiment with it and if it turns out real bad I can toss it and go on to something else or I can always go back and purchase another one.

From the time I sat down in my room with this little chest things began to click for me.  I put the paper on the lid.  All the paper used on this box is from Stampin’ Up!’s “Love Sparkles Simply Scrappin’ Kit”.  Left over pieces I had from my Valentine projects and the mail boxes I did in January.

I found my pink acrylic paint and brushed it on the exposed places of the outside.  I left the banding and the upholstery tacks alone since I liked the way they looked already.  A couple coats of the pink acrylic paint and leaving it to fully dry.  I hunted through my stamps sets for some kind of a flourish to put on the sides of the lid.  I found one that would just fit.

Using Staz-On ink I stamped the pretty flourish.  Let it dry a bit after giving it a brief moment or two under the heat tool.  Then I took it outside to be sprayed with a spray lacquer.  Aaaack.  One side of the flourish Staz-On ink began to bleed.  I had black schmootz spreading out and ruining the beautiful flourish.  Oh well, I’ll have to think of something to hide it with.

After the box sat outdoors for a couple hours to get the solvent smell gone and the spray lacquer dried I brought it back to my room.  I was so disappointed with the way that Staz-On ran.  Well, shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone.  The pretty white flower with the butterflies is hiding the schmootz.

I had to send a text message to Sydney’s Dad to make sure she was not allergic to feathers.  While at the hobby/craft store I picked up a package.  Yes, everyone else is using feathers on their items so I had to get some for myself.  Thankfully she is not allergic.

Have you bought one of those small packages of feathers?  Have you tried to get them back in the package after you take them all out?  This was not as hard as rounding up micro beads, but on my rough and dry hands the feathers stuck to me and would not easily come off.  It was like trying to get Sticky Strip red liner off my fingers.  The static cling was a challenge.

All the pre glittered chipboard flourishes I had were dumped out on my table and pawed through.  I was searching for a small sized flourish to go beneath the clasp thing.  I finally hit on two small ones that are opposite in design.  They looked a bit odd when I “auditioned” them on the front of the box.  I put a feather behind one and liked it so much that I did the same with the other side.

My new friend in the adhesive department has become E6000.  That stuff STINKS until it dries but does it ever do the job as far as holding on when it does finally dry.  Trying to get that E6000 stuck on the back of feathers is not an easy thing to do.  I did get it done.  Then I applied some to the small flourish pieces.

There are many people that are decoupaging.  This is a treatment that has been done for years and years.  I just have not got into doing it.  This box needed something more than just the pink sides and back.  So I looked through all the small graphics I have.

The rose on the back of the box is a ONE TIME THING.  All that close cutting sent me to my husband’s room so I could use his giant lighted magnifying glass so I could see what I was doing.  These old eyes, my arms are not long enough to do that “fussy cutting” without some assistance.  I can tell you I won’t be doing that bit of fussy cutting again any time soon.  Well, not until the next time anyway.

The stamped flourish on the other side of the box did a bit of bleeding but not as bad as the one I had to hide.  I was able to find my teeny tiny crystals and get them placed on the outer flourishes.  My medium sized crystals were used in the centers of the flourish.  They did an excellent job of hiding the smears.

I think the next time I tackle a box like this that needs to be sprayed with a lacquer, I’ll wait until the lacquer is dried before I attempt any stamping.

By the time I had the box covered with crystals, decoupage items, glittered chipboard, feathers, flowers, and butterflies the top looked a bit forlorn.  So I placed four feathers on the top and stuck a Prima flower I glimmer misted with my homemade golden color right in the center of the feathers.

All in all, this box turned out very pretty.  I did some imagining and experimenting with hairpins.  The original intent was to fill the box with pretty hair accessories.  She gets six.  The rest turned out so badly that I was not about to put them in.  Oh well, another time I’ll attempt hair accessories.

One glittery and glamorous project at a time I say.


I Believe In You

There are so many times crafters will doubt their ability.  Especially when they they get frustrated with a project they are doing that is just not coming together.

We’ve all had that happen.  Starting off with a project not fully formed in their mind or the inspiration for the project is a bit iffy at best.

The worst one, for me, is trying something that I am not very experienced at with results that are less than stellar.  The project goes down hill from there.

Recently I’ve had three projects going at one time and it has been quite a challenge for me.  Thankfully I am down to one, and that one is giving me some trouble.  Growth in your crafting abilities comes in spurts.  Pressing yourself onward and trying new things or techniques is a mixed bag of blessings.

So, this coming Sunday – March 14th – I’m giving away this word thing.  If you want to see the full video on  how I made it, from start to finish, it is available for you.  My subscribers and their craftiness has inspired me in many ways.  I can’t thank them all, even if I tried.

There are only a couple of Stampin’ Up! products used in this project.  VersaMark, Ornament Punch, Rub Ons, and the wood blocks.  The rest is all from my stash.

Dragonfly Brad

Butterfly Brad

These two brads I bought in 2006 from eBay.  I don’t remember the seller and have no idea if these brads are still available.  They have finally found a home.

So, when you get stuck on a project and begin hearing, then listening, to the negative self talk going on in your head.  Just remember that someone believes in you and your craftiness.

Keep trying and keep learning.