Sizzix Sidekick and Original vs Big Shot

All of my dies

As you look at this photo, you will see one lone blue die at the top.  That is a Petal Card “Bigz” die.  Below that lone one are the red “Original” dies.  In the left corner are embossing folders of several shapes and lengths.

On the bottom shelf, the green dies are “Original” dies, as are the yellow dies.  In the three red trays are Sizzlit dies.

The majority of these dies I purchased from eBay in 2006.  There was a three month period I went totally WHACKO.  I lived for eBay.  I was a purchasing fool.  I checked my account several times a day to see if I was about to win on my bids.  When I did I got so excited and could not wait until the item arrived at my home.

I developed a friendship with my postal lady because of that, which has been a wonderful thing.  She and her husband are both postal carriers and have done so for 15 years.  Her husband and my  husband were in the hospital during the same time in January 2008 for kidney stones and we chatted quite a bit.

Sizzix Original and Sidekick

Okay, back to the business at hand.

During that $600 shopping spree at Michaels, these were in my cart.  Along with several of the dies in my cupboard and one of the Sizzlit trays of alphabet dies.  The Original machine is the long rectangular one and the Side Kick is the small one with the suction cup on the bottom (the black “foot” or base).

I’ve used both of these machines and can tell you that they are most definately time savers.  Roll the die through the Side Kick and you can have an image or a letter in no time.  Scoot the die under the pressure head of the Original machine and the results are the same.  Quick and easy.  There is no cutting or trimming with tiny scissors to cut an image out.

That is the big advantage of having a die cutting machine if you are in need of a lot of squares or circle, or flowers.  With the Side Kick I can put two pieces of paper in the acrylic pad and die sandwich and get two images or letters at one time.  With the Original machine I have put as many as three different card stock colors beneath one die and sent it through the machine to get the same image or letter in a different color.

In my experimentation period I tore strips of colored card stock, glued them together, snipped them to fit the dies and ran them through both of the machines with different dies.  The results were great.  Hmmmm, sounds like an idea for a tutorial.

Last year, when I heard of Stampin’ Up!, I purchased the Manhattan Flower and the Petals A Plenty Embossing Folders to add to my stack of non Stampin’ Up! embossing folders.  I also purchased the “Hi” and “Thanks” Embosslets, as well as the Snowflakes Sizzlet dies to add to my stash.

I really like the look of the Top Note die #113463 from Stampin’ Up! but it is too big for the machines I have.  It won’t fit through my Original machine.  Bummer, I really like that die.  I like it so much that I really really want it.  To get the Top Note die means I  have to buy the Big Shot also.

Here’s where the “crazy thinkin” come in.  I balked at paying $99.95 for the Big Shot.  Can you believe that?  For someone that put $600 worth of stuff in a cart at one time in about 2005, handed over a credit card and walked out the door with all that stuff is now putting the brakes on for $99.95.   After some back and forth with myself I took the plunge and bought the Big Shot.

Dies you can use in the Big Shot

These are the dies I can use with ONE TOOL.  The Big Shot.  These dies are just a single sampling of each category of the dies I own.

Left three dies are all Original dies used with the Original Machine.  The “Thick Cuts” die in the top center is a Bigz die that is still unopened because I could not use it.

The lower center are:  left – Manhattan Flower embossing folder, Thanks embosslet, Snowflake Sizzlit, a Swirls Cuttlebug embossing folder, and a Quik Cuts Thin Die (the key).  The top right two items are both embossing folders.  The “Fantastic” embosser is for the Original machine while the “memories” is for the Side Kick.

I can use ALL of these dies in one machine.  The Big Shot.  Including the much coveted Top Note die.

Today’s video is about using the Stampin’ Up! Sizzlit dies and Embossing Folders with the Side Kick and the Original Machines if you own them.  They are made by the same company – Ellison/Sizzix – so they are made for their machines.  The Big Shot is also one of the Ellison/Sizzix machines.  The only difference is the Stampin’ Up! logo on the Big Shot.  The dies that are in the Stampin’ Up! catalogs are specifically, and exclusively made for Stampin’ Up!  You will not be able to find these dies if you go to the Sizzix website.

I hope this answers any questions you may have had about using Stampin’ Up! dies with your machines.  If you have questions about a Cuttlebug machine I am of no help whatsoever to you.  Except, I can tell you the Cuttlebug Embossing Folders work in the Sizzix machines.


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7 responses to “Sizzix Sidekick and Original vs Big Shot

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  • bookdotjunkie

    hello… I’ve been reading your blog (mainly because google brought me here) It is so very interesting!!! but i have one question how can i get involved and do these creative things like you i tried going to stampin’ up’s website but i can’t seem to find the right page about Big Shots and Originals… please help me out won’t ya?
    -future craft.junkie 🙂

    • Message In A Fold

      Hello, back at you 😀 First, I want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog and leave a question. I appreciate you doing so. I don’t know how much of my blog you have read. I am no longer a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator. I have not been one for several years. Any links I had posted on the “Sizzix Sidekick and Original vs Big Shot” blog entry will be invalid. Stampin’ Up! changes their catalog every year.

      Now to answer your question. If you live in the US there are two major craft stores that sell the Big Shot. They are Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Both websites have a “Store Locator” link to find a store near you. One other place to check out is eBay. There are, usually, quite a number of listings for the Sizzix die cutting machines.

      For your other question “how can i get involved and do these creative things“. This is a tricky one to answer. Mostly because I have no idea what you are interested in doing. Making greeting cards, scrapbook layouts, mixed media projects, home decor, I could overwhelm you so I will stop here. YouTube has a gazillion videos by crafters of all types. You can start at my YouTube Channel, pick a video then make further selections of things you want to watch that are listed in the right sidebar.

      I hope that I have helped to answer your questions. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me again. I have another blog, as well. It was created strictly for my crafting posts. This blog was taken over by my truck driving job…mainly because that is what I did in my everyday life – be a truck driver.

      Sorry to have inundated you with tons of information. Once again, thank you for contact me with your questions. I do appreciate you having done so.

  • Paula Burkhart

    You seem knowledgeable about dies (Sizzex especially), so I hope you can answer a question for me. I recently purchased my 1st die cut machine – a Big Shot; today I bought single blue Sizzex die at a thrift store (50 cents! so I deemed it worth the risk)… Can I use the blue die in my Big Shot? If not, is there anything else I can do with the die?

    • Message In A Fold

      Congratulations on your 50 cent bargain! Indeed, crank that new die through your Big Shot and create magic!

      Thank you for reading my blog and leaving your question. I appreciate you for thinking of me.


  • Savannah

    I hope you still answer questions… You seem very knowledgeable.. Can you use the Sizzix flip its card dies in the original sizzix? Can they be rigged to work?

    • Message In A Fold

      Ms. Savannah, please forgive the tardiness of my response to your question. I’m very sorry you have waited so long.

      In answer to your question about using the Sizzix Original Die Cutter and the Sizzix Flip It Cards….right off the top I would have to say “No”. The die base is too wide to fit within the throat of the Original Die Cutter.

      I watched this video – – and the die is as big as the Sizzix Big Shot base is wide. I’m afraid there is no quick fix. You may have to bring cookies or cupcakes to a friend’s house that does have a Big Shot 😀


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