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A Birthday Like No Other

I’ve tried to post replies to the many birthday wishes I’ve received today, but for some reason I am having trouble doing so.

First, I want to thank each and every one of you that called, text messaged, and commented.  Pati for calling and singing this morning early and leaving your delightful message in my voice mail.  Nancy Nickel for your wonderful birthday wishes and your loving comment.  Heidi Jo for your sweet text message.  Frankie for singing to me.  Loreli for your funny text message.  Indira for your sweet message I could not read nor reply to but I felt your love and appreciate it.  Lynn for your sweet birthday wishes – and NO it was not late.  Shar I was delighted to see your very special wish to me that was awesome.  Shelly thank you for wishing me Happy Birthday. Carissa for calling and singing to me – you made your mother pleased to hear you singing and the hiccups were an added treat.  Tiffany and Clark I loved hearing Simon trying to keep up in the background that was totally awesome.  Karen at Coldiron – I totally forgot to thank you also for singing to me.  That was fantastic!

I am well and truly blessed by you all and I appreciate every one of you.

The adventures of this morning with Joe running out of gas – I know it is Diesel or Fuel, but it is still running out of gas – continued until after dark today.

Once we got Joe to the Flying J and fueled we were on our way to deliver these trucks in Salt Lake City, Utah.  183 miles to go and we would be delivered before noon then off to our next trip.

The Gods were smiling on my today.

After entering the state of Utah, we had to go to the Port of Entry and be weighed.  Usually it is just a bypass, we are weighed and sent on the highway.   Today I was told by the port officer “Happy Birthday” just before I was handed a Warning Ticket for being over weight on my towed trucks steer axles.  Joe, since it is NOT his birthday, got a $50 ticket for the same thing.  So for about 5 1/2 hours we were jockeying with the port officers to get things put to right so we could leave there.  Delivery is off until early tomorrow morning because of that fiasco.

We made it to our hotel room, got checked in, showered, and in clean clothes and decided to go across the street to the Red Iguana for dinner.  This place has been featured on Guy Fieri’s (however you spell his name) Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives show on the Food Network.  It is one busy place and the volume is on high with everyone enjoying the wonderful Mexican food.

Joe and I were not quite half way through our dinner when everyone in the restaurant was told to leave.  Salt Lake City Police were outside, blocking off the road for two blocks.  Shotguns, handguns, and assault rifles were quickly taken out of the trunks of cars.  There is a small hotel next door to the Red Iguana.  There was a major drug bust going on and we were not invited to the party.  One police officer came to the parking lot where all of us patrons were gathered and we were told we had to get in our cars and leave.  As Joe and I meandered across the street we were gruffly asked where we were going.  “To our hotel room” is what we answered.

Boy, am I ever glad I had 1/2 of a Strawberry Margarita before we were told to leave.  I’ve had way too much excitement for a birthday.

What happened here?  You guys all get together and throw me a “Surprise” party?  Well, it worked.  I was surprised.

Poor Joe, he is beside himself.  He feels like he has ruined my special day.  Well, let me tell you Honey Bunny.  There is no one in this whole entire world that can say they frantically drove around in circles to start the morning off, get a Warning Ticket and wished Happy Birthday by a port officer, then to top it off get thrown out of a very good eating establishment by the local constabulary.  PLUS get Happy Birthday wishes from the UK, Australia, the Dominican Republic, Canada, Kansas (two times), California, Arizona, Colorado, and Illinois.

I dare anyone to beat this Happy Birthday day!!!


Take A Deep Breath

First thing this morning, while I was getting coffee ready, my phone began running over.

My sister, Pati, left a voice message. She sang Happy Birthday to me. Now I know how Nancy felt when we sang for her. Special. Loved it. Thank you Pati.

At the hotel we stayed at last night I had to park in front of Joe along the curb. Sort of blocked him in so I had to head for the highway first.

He wasn’t behind me and he wasn’t going to be either. The fuel tanks on these trucks had been tipped at installation making the suction tube higher than normal. Joe, in affect, ran out of gas.

Two miles later I found an exit to go back to Joe. He was moving as I got close to the exit where he was. “Go to the Flying J” I was told so I continued on the Interstate while he was making his way to the get on ramp for the highway.

Once again, no Joe in sight. Next I hear “Get to cans of lighter fluid and come back for me”. What? I asked why he wanted Lighter Fluid.

Starter Fluid is what he wanted. He had run out of gas again. This time blocking the whole road for any traffic wanting to get on the highway. To make things worse, a U-Haul truck pulling a car now has the local road totally blocked after going behind Joe and getting a bit of a surprise to their morning.

By the time I got back to Joe a police officer arrived and was directing traffic.

Joe worked his magic and we safely got to the Flying J for fuel to continue our trip.

Nancy. Thank you very much for your Birthday wishes to me. I appreciate you Girlfriend.

Between you and Pati this morning I can tie the grump to the passenger seat and tell her to shut up :-).

The grump is me.

Words Of Encouragement

I am a sucker for sentiments or quotes that empower women.  I’ve traveled a long and winding road to get to be the person I am today.  Many times the road was blocked by boulders.  The only thing that kept me going was knowing that “The only way OUT is THROUGH”.  The hardest thing for me to learn and to take into my heart was “Own Your Own Stuff”.  Too many years were spent blaming other people for the predicament I found myself in.   Even today it is so easy to fall back in that space.

Stampin’ Up!  has come up with a set of stamps.  Wood mounted and clear mounted that have some fantastic sentiments.

Favorite Thoughts – #120048

Word Play – #120651 This set has two packs of 12 stamps each.

Cafe Matutino #121032 I made a mistake and ordered this set in Spanish.  I can use it anyway.

Style Beautiful – 120483 Flourishes and some beautiful images.

So…here is the first card I put together today.

Tea and Support

The sentiment inside this card mentions tea bags.

When I ordered the stamp set Cafe Matutino I meant to order the English version.  There are images of coffee cups, a percolator, a water kettle, and a mug.  I can use the images but not the words that go with the set.  I don’t know what they say.

We have a brand of tea here at home that is individually packeted so I used that on the cover of the card.  When the tea bag is taken off there is a water kettle beneath.  I’ve made a video of making this card.  It won’t be up until tomorrow sometime.

Papers I’ve used are all Stampin’ Up! – More Mustard, Not Quite Navy, Close To Cocoa, and Whisper White.

Inside of Card

This is the inside of the card.

A quote by Eleanor Roosevelt and the images from the wrong stamp set (Spanish instead of English) worked out good.

A bit of ribbon from my stash was added.  I used markers from Stampin’ Up! to color the cups and the water kettle.

There are times when someone you care about is facing some challenges in life and need your support.  Not knowing the right thing to say can stop you from saying anything.

The next card I made was a total CHALLENGE.  I need a nap after this one.  Math is not my best suit.  I had some problems with the execution of this card.  Getting the proper size for each piece nearly brought on a headache.

A video of the creation of this card will be up tomorrow sometime so you can see how I made the openings.

Encouragment Card

The papers used in this card are all Stampin’ Up!

Blush Blossom for the card base – 10″ x 4-1/4

Not Quite Navy – 4-5/8 x 4

Close To Cocoa – 4-3/8 x 3-3/4

Taken With Teal – 3-3/8 x 2-3/4

Whisper White – 2-3/8 x 1-3/4  then trimmed to fit in the spot.

The stamp set is Stampin’ Up! Word Play on the outside and another of the Favorite Thoughts on the inside.

Well-Behaved Women

My stamping skills are pretty bad.  Smudges happen often which I would like to figure out how to stop.

The flourish, flower, thingy is from Style Beautiful.

I thought about coloring in the flower flourish but decided not to do so since I had already smeared it pretty bad.  So this card will remain in my stash of “Practice” items.

The cutouts on the front of the card were made using the sliding blade trimmer.  After you see the video then you will understand these measurements and directions.  Right now it will just confuse the fool out of you.

Close To Cocoa – 4-3/8 side:  Line the left side of the paper at 4-1/8″ on the trimmer body.  Line the arrows of the sliding blade on the 1/4 mark of the part of the trimmer the blade slides in.  Press the blade in the paper at the 1/4 inch mark and slide it down to the 1-3/4 inch mark then stop.

Turn the 4-3/8 side around in the trimmer and make the same cut.  You will have two slits on opposite sides of the card and from top to bottom and bottom to top.

Now turn the paper over and line up the 3-3/4 inch edge with the 3-1/2 mark on the trimmer.  Set the sliding blade at the 1/4″ mark and drag to 1-3/4″.  Flip the paper top to bottom and repeat this cut.  These two cuts will create a cut like a photo corner on the paper.

Now turn the Close To Cocoa paper back to the front side and put the 4-3/8″ side of paper under the trimmer and line up at the 3-7/8 mark.  Move the sliding blade to the 1/2 inch mark on the slider and cut down to 1-3/4 mark.  Do this same thing with the other end of the 4-3/8 side of the paper.

Flip the paper over to the back side and line up the 3-3/4″ edge to 3-1/4.  Line the sliding blade with the 1/2″ mark on the sliding thing and cut to 1-3/4″.  Flip the paper over and line up the paper with the 3-1/4 inch mark and make the same cut you just made.

Now you should have to “photo corner” cuts.  Take the point of the photo corner and pull it down to show a square in the area.  It will look like a square.  You will be cutting this extra piece out of the photo corner to have this opening.

You will repeat the same step with the Taken With Teal paper.

3-3/8″ side lined up with the 3-1/8 mark, the sliding blade set at 1/4″ and cut to 1-3/4″.  Repeat to the bottom side of the card.

The 2-3/4 side is lined up with the 2-1/2 mark blade lined up at the 1/4″ and cut to 1-3/4″.  Repeat with the bottom side for your “Photo Corner’ cut.

Now the 3-3/8 side lined up with the 2-7/8 mark, bladed lined up at the 1/2 inch mark and cut to 1-3/4.  Repeat with the bottom side for your opposing slits.

Back to the 3-3/8 side align at the 2-5/8 mark, blade at the 1/2 in mark and cut to 1-3/4.  Repeat with the bottom side for your Photo Corner like cuts.

Totally confused now?  Wait for the video and maybe it won’t be clear as mud when it is all over with.

TMI – Too Much Information

WARNING:  This is a long post with a lot of photos.  Get a cup of coffee, tea, or soda because this one will be some of everything.

Our California daughter

We had the opportunity to spend the day with our daughter and do a bit of shopping.  Joe needed a new charging cord for his cell phone so we found an Apple store.

Grocery shopping

We took her grocery shopping to make sure she had food to eat before we left town.

We had a good visit with her and enjoyed ourselves.  Then I had to go and stick my  nose in and cause a big mess.  Oh well, we will get through it all.


The trucks we picked up in Shafter, California going to O’Fallon, Missouri are a combination of day cabs and sleepers.  Joe and I drove the sleeper trucks and towed the day cabs.

Coffin Sleeper

The sleepers on these trucks are called “Coffin” sleepers.  There is only room to lie down.  No place for a television or a small refrigerator.

Narrow Interior

The interior of these trucks is very narrow.  Joe and I joke that two people in this truck will have to be very familiar with each other.  Familiar enough to not get freaked out when the other person’s butt is in the driver’s face when they try to get in the back.

Sleeper Portion

Just behind the seats is the sleeper bunk.  A person will have to sit on the bed to undress.  No head room to stand up and very little wriggle room.

Gauges Galore

There are gauges and then there are more gauges.  The foot pedal to adjust the steering wheel on the truck I drove didn’t work so to see the fuel gauge I had to stand up and peer over the top of the steering wheel.

Lights & Wipers

At least this time the headlight switch and the wiper thing-a-ma-bob are together on the left side so I didn’t have to do a whole lot of searching this time.

Attack Geese

After we got on the road from our nights stay in Bakersfield we were going to go past the Murray Family Farms original property and Joe wanted to stop.  We got there a few minutes before the gates officially opened.  While we waited we went around their Petting Zoo.

These geese raised quite a ruckus and came running at me when I came near the pen.  The one nearest the gate hissed at me.

There are several bird and animals species.  A lot of them I know on sight but there were a couple I had no idea what they were other than their particular species.

Peacocks and Pea Hens

Okay, I know the Peacocks are displaying for the Pea Hens, but they could at least turn around and show off to me.  No such luck.  Every one of them turned their back on me.

These guys were competing in noise levels with the geese.  It made me want to turn around and see who was going to come and get us for being on the property before doors opened.  No one came but I was still a bit nervous.

Comfy Goat

This goat made me laugh out loud.  It is resting in the hay trough and was not going to budge while we were there.  Other goats in the pen were in shady spots on the ground but this one had to find the cushy place.

Alpacas or Llamas

I think these are alpacas and Joe thinks they are Llamas.  I think Llamas are bigger bodied and have longer necks but I’m not positive.

Duck or Goose?

This little guy walked around like it hurt to move.  His head is bright red with bumps all over it.  I’m not sure if this is a duck or a goose.  I’m sure it is not a chicken since it has webbed feet.

Fancy Pants

Now what kind of chicken is this one?  Pantaloon, fancy pants, bushy britches?  I’ve never seen a chicken with feathers on the legs and feet before.

Aunt Annabelle's Ant Farm

This is a play area for the children.  Huge concrete pipes to run through and climb all over.  A replica of an ant is welded from barrels and other metal objects.  There is a sign below the big red ant that tells about the body parts of the ant.  What kid would not have fun running around in this area with so much to climb on and tunnels to pretend in?

Hay Wagon

This hay wagon takes field customers out into the garden and drops them off.  They can pick the vegetables and fruits to their hearts content – or until they scorch – then it comes back to take them to air conditioned comfort.

Open Fields

The hay wagon takes the customers out into these fields and beyond.  They tell someone in the store where they want to go and it gets relayed to the hay wagon driver.

Field Layout

This is the field layout of where a person can pick the fruits and vegetables.  So many choices, so little time.


When we were finished at Murray Family Farms and back out on the road we wended through some hilly country.

Tehachapi (pronounced Ta-ha-cha-pee) was one of the very first areas to begin installing wind turbines and creating “Wind Farms”.

This crop of wind turbines are 25 years and older.  The upright portion is made of steel with braces going up the legs.  It is an open pattern similar to electric transmission poles.

The newer wind turbines have a solid tubular structure and are not open as these are.

Early Morning Fog

This is between Tehachapi and Mojave.  When I first saw this I thought I was between two worlds.  The world of today and a prehistoric world from the past.  I half expected to see dinosaur heads pop up out of the mist.

The weather forecasters in the area were predicting a layer of marine fog would be coming in but that would have only been to areas near the ocean.  This area is too far inland for marine fog.

Thought it was a very interesting sight anyway and wanted to share it.

Written In Stone

Back in May I told you about the sides of the road where people gather rocks and leave their marks for passersby to see.

Here is a grouping of shots I took while traveling this area strewn with lava rock.

If you enlarge this photo, by clicking one it, you will see on the left side and just above the center shrub someone has written “Max + Becky”.


This one you can see pretty well.

There is a big “Sam” and some other words, one of which is “dad”.

I guess if you have some time to kill while you are waiting for a service truck you can entertain yourself and let the world know you were there.

On the embankment

There are a few more names, initials, and words on the embankment of this dry creek bed.

Someone found an area that is higher than the desert floor to leave their message and others followed.

To the right of the nose of my truck you can see a letter “J”.  The images flow to the right at the same part of the embankment.

Twin Arrows

In Arizona there is a town, what is left of it,  just east of Flagstaff called “Twin Arrows”.  Down the road a bit further is “Two Guns”.

Here at Twin Arrows this is all that is left of a gas station.  The twin arrows have held up over the years and the gas pumps that have been stripped are just beyond the right most arrow.

There are some buildings that belong to the gas pumps.  They are crumbled and fallen down.  I lost my grip on the camera and it took a header to the floor so I did not get a shot of the buildings.

Petrified Trees - Holbrook

This is a better shot of the petrified trees near Holbrook in Arizona.

This time I was traveling on the same side of the road and got a better shot.  If you enlarge this photo, by clicking on it, you can see the bark on the outside of the tree still.  Course it is just as much stone as the tree is but the markings of the bark are still visible.


In the same area as the petrified trees are these mounds.  The color of the dirt is entirely different from the surrounding dirt.  There is a lot of black in these mounds.  Makes one wonder what is underneath.

Bridge over Missouri River

Lynn, here is a bridge for you.

Our trip out of Arizona, through New Mexico, and Oklahoma was pretty much uneventful.  Nothing peaked my interest.

UNTIL we got into Missouri and off the Interstate.

We came around a corner and there before me was this narrow bridge spanning a lot of water.  Oncoming traffic and I were going to share this small space.  I spazzed out a bit, but I kept my wits about me to get these next photos.

Tell Me When It's Over

I quickly took this shot and then held on to the steering wheel as I crossed this bridge.  The whole way over I just held on and repeated “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God” all the way across.

I  had visions of me plummeting to the water below when the bridge broke in the middle from the combined weight of Joe’s trucks and mine.

The woman in the car must have thought I had lost my mind.  She was not far from this side of the bridge and safety while I was just starting to cross.  YIKES!

Through Town

Now as if the bridge wasn’t bad enough I get to go through a town with merchants and homes right at the roads edge.

Winding and twisting my way through this area gave me a fright.  I kept waiting to feel the jarring and shuddering when my back truck hit one of the buildings.


Roller Coaster Ride

Once out of the close town and out in farm country we encountered these “hills”.  Up and down we went.  The road is so rutted from traffic – and this is a truck route – that while one portion of the road goes up and down, the ruts make the truck I’m driving go left and right.

I thought I was on the open ocean in high seas.  I got so sick at my stomach from all this waving about that I feared I was going to have to dig in the “truck bag” for a plastic grocery bag and hang the handles from my ears and PUKE right there in the bag.  That would have been an experience I’m here to tell you.

Traffic Jam

Once off the rolling seas we came to a dead stop.  Business was being carried out by the local trash collector.  He had many stops to make in a two mile stretch of the road.

Joe saw an opportunity to go around the guy and took it.  There is a blind hill on the other side of the trash truck.  The guy shook his head and muttered to himself.  I stayed safely behind and followed him for about two blocks where he turned left and I had clear passage.

To Interstate 70

I thought this portion of the trip was never going to end.

According to the GPS we were only 8 miles from our delivery point.  If the next 8 miles was going to be anything like the last 25 then I might as well just start screaming at the top of my lungs in terror.

When I watched Joe make this corner I thought he had just totally lost his mind and we were about to be in a situation that we would not be able to back out of.

I tell you, I have not had this much fun in a long time – that is meant to be read as sarcasm.

Truck Route

I did manage to follow Joe around the corner and find I had another tight one to turn.

Just below the stop sign is another sign that points the way to the rest of the truck route.  Also further back is an Interstate sign.  I could finally breath a sigh of relief.  The end of all this craziness was in sight.

Heading Home

And, of course, the road Joe chose to go home on had full sized roads and bridges.  We were no longer in the big trucks but in our pickup and pulling the trailer.

Go ahead, you can all punch him on the arm.

Hot Temperatures, Trucks, and Tempers

After visiting our California daughter we were off to Shafter, California to get our trucks.  Shafter is close to Bakersfield, Tehachapi, and Mojave.  I’ve got pictures of this trip so far but no time to get them up.

Our original plans were to stop home and get a repair done then deliver on Monday of next week.  That was changed when we were informed these trucks are “Hot” and have to be delivered in O’Fallon, Missouri by Friday so we are beating feet to get there.

The temperature was 108 degrees when we were hooking up.  Joe and I were a bit slow at getting our work done from the heat and the oven hot breezes we worked in.  We both went through our supply of water before we were finished with our work.  By the time we found a hotel close we were both about to crash we were so done in.

A cool room, restaurant across the street, and an early night did the trick.

Now I’ve got a family squabble going over a comment made by one of my daughters about another one.  Me being me I had to find out if the comment was really made.  Now I’m fielding email messages at fuel, potty, food, and hotel stops we make to get this mess I’ve created straightened out.

So between longer hours working and trying to clear up a family mess I have not had the time to post lately.  This should settle down today or tomorrow.  By Saturday, maybe, I’ll have the pictures up and more of this trip documented.

I have a couple ideas running around in my head for a project when I get home or have a full day in a hotel.  So until later I guess this will have to do for now.

Fortune Cookie Messages

Joe took me to a Chinese restaurant he likes in Ontario while we took a day off after we delivered in Fontana, California.  He tells me he is waiting for the cookie he opens one day with the message inside saying “Help.  I’m being held hostage in a Fortune Cookie Factory”.  He is still waiting for that one to appear.

However, our fortunes gave each of us a chuckle.  His read “Keep your goals away from the trolls” and mine read “Progress always involves risk”.

How would you like to be the person responsible for creating these gems of wisdom?  I wonder if the people go home with headaches after they spend a day at work.  Is there such a thing as computer generated fortunes?  I wonder what some of them would have to say when the computer gets a glitch.

I got in a bit of crafting on my own one day this weekend.  I’ve been racking my brains trying to figure out a way to show using a paper trimmer with the sliding blade.  I started out with one a long time ago until I saw a Tonic Studios guillotine trimmer – that I just had to have.

When I visited my Arizona daughter and did some crafting with her she has a sliding blade trimmer.  Some of the tricks I’ve learned from YouTube veterans and tried on my own I shared with Carissa.  I know she uses it as a basic trimmer.  The ideas were percolating in my head while I drove down the road.  Working out some of the details is going to require a bit of quiet time and some math 😦

While I had my crafting time I used a couple of standard tricks of the trimmer for Carissa and for my sister Pati.  To show them the versatility of the tool they own.  So I created a two part tutorial for a page in the absolutely WONDERFUL book Jann Saulsbury, of WhatYouMakeIt1, made for me.  You can see the first of the two parts of “Pocket Page” by clicking the link.

If you have one of these trimmers but do not have access to a Score Pal then you have a pretty good substitute.  Also, if you have one of these trimmers but don’t have a set of Nestabilities…with a bit of math and a couple hours you can cut out square frames in any width you would like.

These are just a couple of the ideas that were buzzing around in  my head as each mile of road passed beneath me.  When I get a bit more time I will do a video on both of these techniques with the portable paper trimmer.  Maybe some time this week if we stop by home on our way to O’Fallen, Missouri starting in Shafter, California.

If you have saved a fortune cookie snippet of wisdom and would like to share, leave a comment.  I’m all ears 🙂

Worship Service On The Road

Light In The Darkness

I have a friend in Cheyenne, Wyoming that is obsessed with clouds.

During your travels to and from work there seems to be a lot that is not seen.  With me it is the same.  Mile after mile passes me by and the boring landscape can bring on “White Line Fever”.  This is a syndrome that happens all too often to long distance drivers of any kind, not just truck drivers.

Watching the dotted lines flick passed and under the hood of your vehicle can become hypnotic and things happen quick and get out of hand even quicker.

We don’t attend a church anywhere since we are seldom in the same place for very long.  I have found my place of worship out on the road.

In July New Mexico and Arizona are usually brown and all dried up.  This year they are both green from rains that have come from the hurricane and tropical storms in the Gulf areas.  We encountered rain in spots through New Mexico.  This was one of the spots we were going to go through.  The clouds were very dark, and packed in close together.  The pockets of light with the sun rays breaking through brought about a thankful rejoicing in me.  To see this display of dark and light was very stirring.

Reflection of majesty

Nearly out of the state of New Mexico, at mile marker 39, is a truck stop we haven’t been to in many years since it changed owners.  We stopped there on this trip and I had to pull off the road to get this picture.

The red buttes that line this part of New Mexico have names.  Church Rock, Ship Rock, and others because of what they resemble.  I don’t know the name of this butte but to see it reflected in the water was worthy of more thankful rejoicing in the beauty before me.

Copper Ingots

When I parked in the truck stop and got out of my truck I saw this flatbed parked next to Joe.  At first I thought it was rock or some kind of granite for countertops.  As I looked closer I saw each one of these is the same shape and the same thickness.

Upon closer inspection I realized these are copper ingots.  They are on their way to a smelter somewhere to be melted down and become something entirely new.  Wire, sheets of copper on rolls, and many other items.

These ingots will be removed from this flatbed by the “ears”.  A forklift, or some other kind of lifting apparatus will take hold of them at the top and carry them off.

Navajo and Zuni handmade jewelry

I asked the store clerk in the truck stop if all this jewellery  was made by local artists or shipped in.  Each piece, I was assured, was handmade by the local Navajo and Zuni people.

Among the bracelets and rings adorned with turquoise, necklaces and earrings with coral and turquoise, sit these three wrist cuffs.

The intricate designs are hand tooled and set with turquoise and coral.  This picture does not do them justice to show their beauty.

Squash Blossom Necklace

There are many variations of the Squash Blossom necklace made by the Navajo and the Zuni.  I have one at home with trumpet shaped blooms made of silver and a piece of turquoise is inset in the center of the bloom

Where each scallop of turquoise is on this necklace mine has a trumpet bloom.  The upside down horseshoe shape at the bottom of the necklace is standard in a Squash Blossom necklace.  These are very heavy.  The handwork is beautiful and the stones  are laced with black streaks.  This particular necklace has an elongated piece of turquoise in the center of the horse shoe.

Petrified Tree

Near Holbrook, Arizona – about mile marker 330 is a place you can visit and walk around ruins where dinosaur bones have been found.  Up near the highway a bit past these ruins are petrified trees laying out on the ground.

On the left side of this photo and below the horizon at the dirt portion of the photo you can see a whitish blob of something….

Petrified Tree blown up

This is a blown up version of the photo from above.  You can see the log shape of these rocks.

At about mile marker 310 is an exit for the Petrified Forest which is a National Park in Arizona.

This log is part of the old forest.

Deck Set

A different section of Drive-Away is the “Decking” Section.

This set up here is what we refer to as “Deck Set”, so if you wonder what I mean when I say a “Deck Set” then this is what it is.

This set up requires a humongous wrecker to come and lift each truck and set it up on the equipment the driver has installed to secure the truck to the frame of the one beneath it.

Not a part of this business I’m even remotely interested in doing.

Livestock Transport

Leaving Flagstaff, Arizona on I-40 continuing on our trip to California I was passed by this truck.  More than once.  I don’t know where he stopped so many times but he just kept passing me.

None of these little piggies will get to cry “wee wee wee” all the way home.

The reason this picture is in the mix is because I had thought about doing a post on all the different trailers used in trucking.

Reefers (refrigerated vans), box vans, flatbeds, drop deck flatbeds, livestock, and rod supported tarp trailers – these look like covered wagons and that is what they are called.  Anyway, I could not get many pictures of the different types of trailers on this trip so I thought I’d save that for another time.  This little piggies snout poking out of the air vent made me think of the children’s nursery rhyme – This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none, this little piggy cried wee wee wee all the way home.

Delirium sometimes sets in on these long trips,