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My FIRST Class!!!

Today I had my very first Stampin’ UP! Class as a Demonstrator.  Woohoo.  It went great, everyone was happy with their creations, and best of all it was FUN!

My neighbor home schools her two young daughters.  I’ve heard her mention a time or two that she doesn’t have an Art Class for the girls but their Dad does the teaching when they are with him.  So….I thought this was an opportunity to have an Art Class they can all participate in.

I had an Open House in June to kick start my business and had one person bring their son and wife to my event.  I  had prepared a bunch of 3″x3″ card samples from the Fun & Fast Notes stamp set.  I had so many left over and despaired of ever getting a chance to use them.  All of my samples had been tucked away in a box since then, now would be an excellent time to use them.

The two girls and Mom were introduced to stamping, using the stamp around wheel, and colored markers.  They also made a 2 pocket folio and were able to decorate it up with their own personal touches.

I did not use totally Stampin’ Up! papers and ribbons on the 2 pocket folios so I won’t be posting the papers used in this project.

The spelling of the girl’s names I’ve probably botched.  I’ll get them right later.


Alora's Card - 4 Years Old

I’ve been instructed by Mom to tell you that this card was done by a 4 year old.  For a young lady that can’t sit still long enough to let air settle on her did a fantastic job at creating her card.

She had very little help in stamping the image.  She did watch while I instructed her older sister.  Successful stamped image for her first time at it.  The Fast Flowers Stampin’ Around Wheel she had a blast with.  Coloring the cake and candles with marker pens (NOT Stampin’ Up!) was a job well done also.  Looks like a yummy chocolate cake to me.

She had a bit of trouble with the double sided sticky tape and folding the card base, but other than that she did an EXCELLENT job.


Katie's Card - 7 Years Old

Katie is a budding stamper.  She has some stamp sets of her own she has picked up in the toy department of a local store.  She was so excited to get to stamp but the first result was not very good with this big stamp in her little hands.  With a bit of instruction and encouragement she did a FANTASTIC job of getting her image stamped.

Katie also found the stamping wheel fun and easy to use.  The double sided tape was not a challenge for her so her card went together quicker than her sister’s did.  Coloring the image was a lot of fun for Katie.  I am told that this cake is Banana Cream, looks like a yummy cake also.

The most fun for me, and endearing, is how excited the girls got thinking about who they could give the cards to.  And to think I was worried about picking the birthday cake for their first cards.  I picked it because I knew they would like to color it in….I didn’t think of the possibilities.


Mom's Card

Sorry, it is a bit fuzzy.  Crazy camera operator.  That would be me.  I got distracted and didn’t take a closer look at this one and let the opportunity pass to take another one.

The girl’s Mom has often said to me that she wishes she could do some things like this.  She was afraid it was too complicated and she would not be able to do it.  I’ve tried to tell her that it is easy, but she didn’t believe me, nor have faith in her abilities.

It was really heartwarming to see the pleased smile on  her face as she completed her card and was proud of the results.  MY REWARD!!!!!!  Like the girls, she also had fun stamping for the first time and using the stamping wheel.  Leaving her to color in the image was a treat for me.  She could let her hair down, so to speak, and play like her girls were playing.

In my opinion, my very first Stamping Class was a huge SUCCESS.  For everyone, me included.


Finished Cards

Here are their finished cards.  A project Mom and daughters took part in.  All three of them around the table at the same time and each learning something new.

Now is that Quality Time or what?



Since I’m making 2 pocket folios for my Sister’s Christmas present, I thought this would be a good thing for these girls to do.  Mom could have something to tuck papers away in and the girls could round up all their stickers and have a folio they created for their treasures.

Going over with the papers and ribbons pre-cut was helpful for me in getting them into the idea of creating a complicated piece.  There was using the ruler on the grid paper from Stampin’ Up! for the width of 8-1/2″, using double sided tape to attach the two pieces of paper together, then adding the ribbon and taping it to the back, and the messiest of all – glue.  This project came together in very little time and not much fuss.

Here are the results.  I’m happy to say these also turned out GREAT!!!


Alora's 2 Pocket Folio - 4 Years Old

Alora loved the stamping wheel and wanted to add a bit of the flowers to her folio front.  She got with the program and flowered it up all over.

Stickers for embellishment were also used.  Using the ribbon as a baseline of sorts she found stickers that made her smile and got them adhered.  Mom had to help with a couple stickers since some were stacked right on top of each other.  Other than that, she had very little help with accessorizing her folio.  Good Job girl!!


Katie's 2 Pocket Folio - 7 Years Old

Like Alora, Katie wanted to add a bit of pizzaz to her folio with the stamping wheel.  Katie kept her flowers to the solid side.

Accessorizing with stickers was Katie’s main goal.  Putting her mark on the folio with center placement was fun to watch.  She mentioned several times about adding a bow to her front.  Mom said they would look through the Christmas wrapping items and find a bow.  I’ll have to check later and find out if they did do that.





Mom's 2 Pocket Folio

Mom got in on the stamping wheel fun also and ran just one strip of it on the outer edge of her solid piece of paper.

Stickers were added to her folio as well.  Mom kept to the circle theme with her sticker choices.  Filling in the space between the stamping wheel image and the ribbon.

You want to talk about being surprised?  Mom was surprised and pleased that these two little projects – simple to me and complicated to her – came together in one hour and she even had fun doing these.

So, what did I learn in today’s class?  With a little bit of preparation on the teacher’s part and keeping the projects simple and go one step at a time making sure everyone was all together before moving to the next step is the best way to go.  I did the teaching part of it to the girls. leaving Mom to watch and I lent a hand only when she needed it.

Not hurrying through the demonstration and letting it go at their pace, with the chatter going on during the fun was informative to me.  Being impatient by nature, this turned out to be a really good time for all four of us.

I am looking forward to another class a bit later on.  I need to slowly introduce them into the “cult” of paper crafting.


2 Pocket File Folios

I am making my Sister’s Christmas present, one of them anyway.

She is going to be a Daycare provider, as soon as all of the red tape and hoop jumping is done with.  She will be in need of some paper handling items for reports, receipts, and whatever else.  So, I thought it would be a good idea to make some folios just for her.  Heck, anyone can have a plain file folio but I’m jazzing her’s up to fit her style.

We are alike in that we like to receive presents that are useful.  We don’t do jewelry or knick knack items.  Clothing items we would rather purchase ourselves so we can be a bit difficult to purchase for.

I’ve had a box of these folios in a storage area for quite a while.  Bought them because I thought I could use them in our truck driving business.  Well, that wasn’t such a good idea.

Lest you get a bit upset with me about the length I went through in showing the process of putting one together, please keep in mind that these tutorials started off teaching my daughter how to do this sort of crafting.  I kind of got in a mode of not leaving anything out for her, so you kind of have to suffer through.

If you are already an ace crafter and are just looking for an idea you don’t have to watch the entire video(s).  If, on the other hand, you are a beginner and need some help with doing this project then it is my hope that the video(s) will be of use to you.

I’m also hoping that this Folio Fun can be a spring board of ideas for you.  I’ve got one simmering in my brain for a scrapbook.  Putting several of the Pocket Folios together to make a book.  I’ll have to work on that one for a bit.

If you get any ideas and want to share them, I would be excited to see what you come up with.  Upload a photo of your “beautimous” offering and I will post it to my blog.  My email address is

My Daughter’s FIRST Heat Embossing Card

I’m so proud of her.

I’ve been doing scrapbook layouts since about 2001.  My daughter started in about 2005 and is coming along well – on her own.

I began trying to help advance her skill level but I live so far from her.  It is not very easy to explain a process over the telephone to someone that doesn’t know the lingo or even the products.  So, I began putting tutorials up on YouTube for her to see the products and how they are used.  Some of my first tutorials are pretty bad, if I must say so myself.  As with all the other things I’ve done, the process is a bit slow but progress finally gets made.

Even through my bungling and chatter there were some things that she latched on to.  She wanted to try Heat Embossing as I had shown in one of my first tutorials.  It is in one of the Chili Pepper videos.  She saved money for the Heat Tool and could not wait to use it on something.  Her next purchase was Embossing Powders and an Embossing Pen.

My daughter’s project is a birthday card for her best friend.  This coming Tuesday is the DAY.  I had no idea my daughter had been searching the internet for cards posted by others.  She went from one card to another.  Considering her stash, and her skill level, as she clicked one card after another.  She found one!  A Stampin’ Up! card she found on a site somewhere.

This is the card she found.  Whoever the person is that created this card, please know that I appreciate you very much.  You inspired my daughter and I thank you for that.

Birthday Card - Stampin' Up!

The Card That Inspired My Daughter

With the camera on her cell phone, my daughter snapped this picture to refer to in the creation of her card. I think it was the cupcake that intrigued her.

Not having the stamp set for this cupcake, but a strong feeling she could make this work with the items she had at hand, she set to work.  All I knew was that she had found a card she wanted to do.

I received a couple text messages over the next three days about her progress and her excitement that everything was coming together.  This is from her text on October 25th.  “It is all cardstock.  The cupcake icing is little jewels.  There is ribbon on the bottom.  I still have to do a couple things.  It came together in like 20 minutes!  It was so cool!

Mind you, I am in the dark here.  I had no idea what she was making – besides a card.  She texts me about a cupcake and I just had to see what she was doing.  So I sent “Great.  How did you make the cupcake?  Cut it out yourself?

My daughter’s response next was “I took a picture of it from the website with my camera and used that for reference, and drew out the cupcake.  It was easy.”  Okay, I did not know you could get a decent picture with any device when it is pointed at a computer screen.  I thought there would be the interference of Raster Lines (however that is spelled).  You know, the lines that run up and down the screen when not seen by the naked eye.  Science and Math involved here so over my head.

When I saw the really cute card she made, not quite finished yet, I was thoroughly impressed with my daughter!  I had to tell her that.  “FANTASTIC!!!  You’re Pure D Awesome.  🙂”  I requested permission “Can I have permission to put it up on my blog when it is finished?  Julie doesn’t read it anyway – does she?”  Just like me to spoil things.  Who knows, my daughter’s best friend probably checks my blog everyday to see if there is anything new.  One could only hope.  But, I think I am safe in posting the results.  You have to wait a bit longer for it though.

My daughter’s last text of the day was “Yea, you can.  I don’t think so.”  If she were actually talking to me I would hear the hesitation in her voice, and probably a bit of worry that her best friend will, in fact, check my blog and the whole surprise will be spoiled – ruined – crash and burn time.

In for a penny, in for a pound.  I then sent “Okay.  Send me a picture when it is done.

On October 26th I received this text from my daughter.  “I just finished my card.  I took pictures of it.  I am going to send them to you tonight when I get home from work.”  So how long do I have to wait to see the results?  Trying to not be pushy, ya right, I responded “Can’t wait to see it 🙂”  which was the truth.   Nothing came the rest of the day or evening.  I don’t do patience well but I persevered.

Finally, on October 27th I received “I sent you some pics to your yahoo account.  Love you!”  I fell all over myself trying to get to the computer and see the results of her hard work.  I was so excited and, to tell the truth, very proud of my daughter for taking on a challenge such as this.  Taking a picture of a card from her computer screen then working it out with the items she owns.

You wanna see?

Ta-Da Finished Birthday Card

Ta-Da...Finished Birthday Card

The scallop edge was hand cut since my daughter does not own a Scallop Edge Punch.  The cupcake frosting part was hand drawn on card stock and then cut out.  The cupcake body was done likewise.  The sentiment was printed from her computer.  Let’s not forget the cherry on top.  Yes, you guessed it.  Hand drawn on card stock and cut out.  Even the cherry stem was hand cut.

Not having brads or stamps for the cupcake “sprinkles” she used jewels to lend color and sparkle.  The ribbons are from bits and bobs she has on hand.  The word “Birthday” is done in pink embossing powder and the word “Happy” is done in a tan embossing powder.

Now look at them!

Image From Computer

Image From Computer

Finished Card

Finished Card

I am SO VERY PROUD OF MY DAUGHTER!!!!  Can you tell?  Amazing what she has done for her very first card like this.  I am proud, not only of the results, but that she did not pass up the opportunity because she did not have the EXACT tools and products.  She was inspired by someone – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU – whoever you are.  She watched my first set of videos and figured out the embossing thing on her own.  Way To Go Girl!  She hand cut each piece of the card stock to make it look like her inspiration AND she had fun and enjoyed herself to boot!!!!

She’s even making noises about trying to take on another technique.  There is a baby shower coming in a few months for this same best friend and my daughter is planning on using the “Thanks Treat Box” I made recently for the festivities.

Okay, okay.  I am in dire need of a Chiropractor now.  I’ve dislocated my shoulder from patting myself on the back.

October Newsletter Has Been Sent Out

October 2009 Newsletter

The newsletter is a pdf file and will be downloaded to your computer for your viewing.

If you wish to be on my list for the November Newsletter, available in about a week, please leave your email address.

You can purchase a catalog at my Stampin’ UP! website for $9.95.  The catalog is an idea book also.  Paging through the catalog you will see photos of cards, gift boxes, bags, and scrapbook layouts you can CASE (copy and share everything) to create with Stampin’ UP!’ products.  You don’t have to tell the recipient it was not your original idea – let them think you are a magician, which you are.

You can have access to the full catalog on your computer to page through anytime.  Click on the catalog you wish to have downloaded and you will have it almost instantly.  Same photos and ideas as in the printed catalog, you just have easier access to it.

Card And A Layout From A Sketch

I have been admonishing myself for not getting some scrapbook layouts up.  Treat boxes, cards, and other types of tutorials I’ve done but nothing for scrapbook layouts.

While I was in my “studio”, making yet another card, I had an idea.  For anyone new to this, it might look complicated but it is very easy.  I assure you.

The card and the scrapbook page focal point, if you will, is from a sketch at Split Coast Stampers.  It is their Sketch #1.  Here is the link to see all of the sketch challenges posted.  If you are not a member of Split Coast Stampers you will need to register first.  A simple process.  Now for the link , scroll down to the bottom and the first sketch is there.  Three tags.

This is my card from the Split Coast Sketch.

Thanksgiving Card

Thanksgiving Card

It is a bit dark, sorry.  It is raining here and pretty dark and dreary outside.  The flash is either too much or not enough.

Paper Used:

Naturals Ivory card stock – Product #101849; Close To Cocoa Prints Designer Series Paper 12″x12″- Product #109949 IN THE CLEARANCE RACK; Pumpkin Pie 8-1/2″ x 11″ card stock – Product #105117; Creamy Caramel 8-1/2″ x 11″ card stock – Product #102514.

The Naturals Ivory card stock is a full 8-1/2″ x 11″ cut in half vertically at 4-1/4″ x 11″ and scored at 5-1/2″ for the card fold.  The Close To Cocoa Prints Designer Series Paper is cut at 5-1/2″ x 2″.  The Pumpkin Pie card stock is 5″ x 1-1/2″.  The Creamy Caramel card stock is for tags measuring 1-7/8″ long by 15/16″ wide.  You will need three of these.

Ribbon Used:

The ribbon is also from the CLEARANCE RACK – Alpine Ribbon Originals – Product #113100.  The brown felt with stitching is cut at approximately 7″.

Embellishments Used:

Gold Brads – Product #104337.  I used one for each tag.

Stamp Sets Used:

Falling Leaves – Product #115368  I used the “Give Thanks” leaf, the Polka Dot leaf, and the “Thankful” leaf on the tags.  Holiday Best Hostess Level 1 Gift Set with the “Give Thanks” for the sentiment.

Ink Used:

Pumpkin Pie – Product #105216; Creamy Caramel – Product #103220; Close To Cocoa – Product #103139; Really Rust – Product #102549.


Snail – Product #104332; Stampin’ Dimensionals – Product #104430; and regular household tape.

You may also need the 1″ Circle Punch – Product #109046 to make the tags.

Tag Construction:

I have a Crescent Tag die in my stash so that is what I used.  If  you do not have the die and would like to make these tags you will need the following.  A ruler, a pen or pencil, a pair of scissors, and a 1″ Circle Punch.

Tag measurements from a die cut remnant

Tag measurements from a die cut remnant

This is the remnant from a scrap piece of the Creamy Caramel to show you the length and width measurements for the tag.  When you cut the rectangle out (from the measurements) cut an extra 1/4″ over the top of the tag, just for easy placement in the 1″ Circle Punch.

1-7/8" x 15/16" rectangle

1-7/8" x 15/16" rectangle

Now cut out the rectangle.

Cut piece with a bit of spare at top

Cut piece with a bit of spare at top

You will trim off the pencil or ink lines before you get to the 1″ Circle Punch.

Feed the tag into the 1" Circle Punch as shown

Feed the tag into the 1" Circle Punch as shown

You may need to trim off the right and left edges in order to get the tag in the punch opening.  Don’t force it, it will go in.  Slide it in until you no longer see the top marking on the tag you made for the height.

Feed into the punch until the line is gone

Feed into the punch until the line is gone

Feed the tag in until you no longer see the line at the crown of the punch.  Make sure your tag is centered in the punch.  You might have to adjust it from right to left until you have the tag straight.  Once you are satisfied, then press the lever and punch the top of the tag off.

Your finished tag

Your finished tag

Your completed tag will look like this.  Now you can stamp your images to the tags.  The “Give Thanks” stamp is inked with Really Rust, the tag edges all around are scraped on the pad to color the edges.  The “Polka Dot” stamp is inked with Creamy Caramel, scrape the tag edges all around on the pad to color the edges.  You will do the same with the final tag, “Thankful” stamp using Close To Cocoa.

While you have the inks out, get the Pumpkin Pie and scrape the edges of the 5″ x 1-/2″ piece of Pumpkin Pie card stock in the ink.


Attach the Close To Cocoa Printed Designer Series Paper 3/8″ from the top of the card face and set aside.

Take the brown felt ribbon and center it on the piece of Pumpkin Pie card stock and attach to the back of the card stock with household tape.  I’ve tried using the Snail on this felt ribbon.  The Snail does not adhere to the ribbon so you have to use an alternative.

Line the three tags up on the ribbon with the tag top just below the top stitching line of the ribbon.  Check to get the tags equal distance along the ribbon and use a piercing tool, sewing pin, or some other device to poke a hole through the tag, ribbon, and card stock for the brads to go through.

Secure the brads to the back of the Pumpkin Pie card stock then adhere the whole piece to the Close To Cocoa Printed Designer paper.  You will need to use a lot of adhesive to secure this piece.  The felt ribbon is a bit bulky and will require some good reinforcement.

Dimensionals under the tag bottoms

Dimensionals under the tag bottoms

Put Stampin’ Dimensionals under the tags at the bottom so they have support.

The last thing to do is stamp the “Give Thanks” stamp from the Holiday Best Hostess Level 1 set.  It will be stamped in Close To Cocoa at the bottom right edge of the card.

Now, you want to see how this would look in a scrapbook layout?

Scrapbook layout using the card sketch

Scrapbook layout using the card sketch

There at 2 (two) 4″x6″ photo mats, one in Pumpkin Pie and the other in Creamy Caramel.  The journal box mat is 4″ x 4″ in Close To Cocoa and the Whisper White is 3-3/4″ x 3-3/4″.

Heat Embossing

Today’s video tutorial is about Heat Embossing.  I had a special request from my daughter for it.   She is new to stamping and I want to make sure that she is armed with proper information when the time comes for her to try this technique.

I once was at her stage and did not have a clue what to do.  My frustration level with bad stamped images put me off stamping for quite a while.  In educating myself with all of the videos out there I learned what to do from my own mistakes.  Let me tell you, there were PLENTY of things that ended up in the trash.

I didn’t even know how to use a Heat Tool.  I learned, first hand, how hot that air is.  I had blisters on my left index finger from the Heat Tool and from touching the freshly heated embossing powder.  There is no where to go to get away from that hot stuff when it is on your fingers and burning.  Ooops, I forgot to mention that tidbit of information.

Persistence, practice, and a dose of “I’m going to figure this out one way or another” is what helped me learn how to stamp properly.  The same applied to Heat Embossing.  And like any good Mom it is my job to keep my child from harms way and make her attempts turn out correct – almost the first time.  I know she will have a learning curve to go through, who hasn’t had one, but it is my hope that it won’t take months for her to get it like it did me.  She’s a sharp cookie and I know she will do fine.

It is also my aim to help any of you that have experienced the let down when you see a stamped image go bad right before your eyes and don’t know why it has happened.

These items are available at my Stampin’ UP! website 24/7 for easy online ordering.

Heat Tool - Product #100005

Heat Tool - Product #100005

The Heat Tool is hand held, plugs into a 110 outlet, the cord is approximately 4 feet long.  It is U/L Approved and comes with a 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty on workmanship and defects.  360 watts of power and heats up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit (300 degrees Celsius).

Heat Tool Product #100005  Price is $29.95

Embossing Buddy - Product #103083

Embossing Buddy - Product #103083

The Embossing Buddy is a MUST HAVE if you want a clean image after embossing.

This little package of special stuff eliminates static on your paper that causes embossing powder to cling, and it absorbs finger print oils that will also attract embossing powder and ruin your image.  It works on all kinds of papers and other surfaces you emboss on.

The little bag is 3″ x 1-1/2″ and comes in a ziplock pouch for storage.

Embossing Buddy Product #103083  Price is $5.95

Black Stampin' Emboss Powder - Product #109133

Black Stampin' Emboss Powder - Product #109133

Black Stampin’ Emboss Powder comes in a 1/2 ounce container.  You may think that is not much, but it is quite a lot.

After you pour the embossing powder over your image and tap off the excess the remaining powder can be returned to the container for use at a later time.  This is true with any of the other colors of embossing powders that Stampin’ UP! sells.

Black Stampin’ Emboss Powder Product #109133 Price $4.75.

VersaMark Ink Pad - Product #102283

VersaMark Ink Pad - Product #102283

VersaMark Ink Pad is fantastic for Heat Embossing.  The ink stays wet longer to hold all the embossing powder until it is heat set.  There are many other uses for the VersaMark pad which I will show at a later time.

The VersaMark Pad is approximately 3-3/4″ x 2-1/2″.  A refill is also available if your current pad is getting dry.

VersaMark Pad Product #102283 Price $7.50

VersaMark Refill Product #102193 Price $3.95

Powder Pals (set of 3) - Product #102197

Powder Pals (set of 3) - Product #102197

Powder Pals make the Heat Embossing technique a breeze.  There are two trays and a brush for cleanup.

The large tray measures “10 x 14″ x 1″, the small tray measures 6″ x 8″ x 1”.  Each tray has a 1/2″ funnel opening and a stopper to keep embossing powder or glitter from escaping all over your work area.

Powder Pals Product #102197 Price $19.95

Anyone who purchases $50.00 from my Stampin’ UP! website through October 31, 2009 will receive a FREE 1/2 ounce container of Silver Stampin’ Emboss Powder from me.   The Christmas cards you are planning to make this year will be beautiful with the addition of Silver Stampin’ Emboss Powder.

“Thanks” Treat Box – Really Cute

“Thanks” Treat Box.  Pattern link is at the bottom of this post.

Thank You Card with "Thanks" Treat Box

Thank You Card with "Thanks" Treat Box

This box is very easy to build and comes together very quickly.  You will see this in the video.  It measures 2-1/4″ tall by 2-1/4″ wide and 3/4″ deep.  Four miniature candy bars will fit in the box.  If you leave the lid open, two fun size bars will fit snugly inside.

I wanted to add a little something extra to the Thank You cards I have sent out, and this little box with the wrapped candy bars inside was just right.

For the video I used Afternoon Tea paper for the box.  Traced the pattern and cut it out.   I used snail adhesive to secure the sides of the box.  For the flap topper I used a scrap piece of brown paper from Afternoon Tea and the Scallop Circle Punch.   I also used the 1-1/4 Circle Punch and a piece of Whisper White card stock to fit inside the Scallop Circle.   Before punching out the circle on Whisper White, I stamped “Thanks” from the Fundamental Phrases stamp set, then centered the word in the 1-1/4″ circle punch then popped it out.

With Creamy Caramel ink, I rubbed it on the Whisper White until I had the piece covered with ink. Using the Stampin’ Write Marker, in Black, I made stitching lines around the circle.  I tied a piece of 1/4″ black grosgrain ribbon from Stampin’ Up! around the box, and placed it near the bottom.  Using foam dots,  placed just at the bottom edge of the flap and in the center, I attached the Scallop Circle topper to the box flap.  Tucking the topper under the ribbon to hold the lid closed.

It took longer to write this description than it did to make the whole box.  Well, almost.

There will be more videos coming in the next few days, so stay tuned.

I have had a request to do a video on heat embossing with a stamp.  That will be up by the weeks end so watch for it.

I am considering doing a video for brand new stampers who have not held a rubber stamp in their hands before, let alone touch it to ink and are not sure what to do.  And for those that have ventured out and had some, shall we say, not so spectacular results the video will show the proper use of the stamp for maximum results.  I sure could have used some guidance when I started stamping.  Maybe I would not have put it off for as long as I had.  Disastrous results, for the most part, kept me from going further with stamping.

Now that I think of it, I will make a video.  Those of you seasoned stampers are certainly more than welcome to lend your tips and advice to the mix.  I’m sure that everyone would appreciate it, including me since I am fairly new to stamping also.

Well, off to my “studio”.        “Thanks” Treat Box

Hope you enjoy the video and have fun making these yourself.