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Delivered…A Bit Late

Joe and I drove to Salina, Kansas yesterday to deliver Curtis’ birthday present.

I called Brenda, Curtis’ wife, on Thursday to find out where they would be on Friday.  She and Curtis were going to be in Wichita looking for a recliner at a furniture store.  Joe wanted to go to Wichita anyway to the “Yard Store” so that was going to work out well.

Some time after these arrangements were made Curtis called to say they were not going to Wichita.  Joe listened to the message on Friday morning then called Curtis to find out why the plans had changed.  Curtis had to work all day and was totally bummed.  Joe heaped on the “bummer” by telling Curtis we would see him some other time.

They live just a little over 260 miles from us, we were going to Wichita anyway (156 miles from home) so a few more to actually get Curtis’ gift to him was not going to be much further.  Compared to the driving we do in our “Day Job”.

So, the outcome was that Curtis’ bad day had been turned around and he was now happy because he was going to be spending time with his Dad.  We spent a couple hours with them, had dinner, then had to leave to head back home.

The cutest thing that happened was when Curtis realized the tear drop pendent suspended from the top of his “C” was to be a water drop.  That moment was totally precious.

It is times like these that I’m so glad that my crazy ideas work out, with help from my “Scrubby”, and make someone feel good.  Better than a drug 🙂  Good thing that the addiction I have, although it can be quite costly, brings joy to others.


Using Fantasy Film

I received a package from Lynn Claridge all the way from the UK recently.  She included a bit of Fantasy Film and some heat bond fibers in the package.  This was the first time I had ever seen, or heard, of this type of product.  The Fantasy Film is made by Art Glitter out of Cottonwood, Arizona.

Below is a YouTube video showing how to use the Fantasy Film and heat embossing powder to make a necklace pendant.


Here is a YouTube video that shows how to use the Fantasy Film along with an inked rubber stamp and an iron.

Stampin’ Up! has some “Simply Adorned” charms in various sizes.  5/8″ Square, 1″ x 1″ Square, 1″ x 1-1/4″ Square, 1-1/2″ x 2″ Square.  I’ve held one of these recently and can tell you there is not much room within the inner workings of the locket.  I  think I will have to purchase one of these and give it a try with the Fantasy Film and see if it works or not.

Lynn also sent a link to the precious little box she created for me that held some wonderful treasures within.  Origami Box With Lid tutorial can be found at this link.  There are a couple pages you can print that have photographic instructions along with written instructions for the creation of the boxes.

Now this might be enough information to get you thinking about doing something just a bit different.  It certainly has me thinking about it.

Blogs Are A Poppin’

I might not be able to work today, I think I’ve put my shoulder out of joint patting myself on the back 😀

The newest blogs to surface are from Illinois and the UK.

Shelly (tachar) lives in Illinois.  She has been commenting about getting a blog set up to showcase her craftiness and I’ve been encouraging her to do so.  Currently she is fighting with migraines and has her hands full with family.  As if that isn’t enough her household appliances are rebelling.  You can read about the goings on in her life at A Spot 2 Stamp (cute name for a blog).

Lynn Claridge (liveupstairs) is all the way in the UK and has dusted off her blog with her Holiday photos taken a couple weeks ago.  She and her husband visited a group of islands near where they live and she has some really funny commentary about her visit there.  Having had a nursery business for many years she has included the names of the various flowers, trees, and shrubs in her native area.  Lynn’s blog is Garden Pinks.  She has promised to post some of her creations also so I’m checking often to see what she is coming up with.

Nancy Nickel lives in Saskatchewan, Canada and I’ve linked her blog in a different post.  She has some awesome stuff added to her blog since I last mentioned it.  The Nickel Nook is her blog.  This girl has some mad skills and I’m totally jealous!  Green with envy I tell you.  If I could sneak into her house she would find a box she made for her daughter missing!!!  I tell you that for sure. Such beautiful creations come from a migraine sufferer.

Indira Perez lives in the Dominican Republic and has her blog that I’ve previously mentioned.  Crafty Homemade is the name of her blog.  Indira sent me an email saying she and her older child had been in a car accident.  They did not get hurt badly but she’s a bit stressed by the incident.  A migraine sufferer also, she is the “Queen of Cricut” in my opinion.

Joe’s getting pushy right now.  We have to be out the door in a few minutes to begin our work day.  Getting trucks out of Nashville, Tennessee and taking them to the port in Jacksonville, Florida.  Then we are going to Tampa, Florida for more trucks and taking them somewhere in North Carolina.  Before that there is a mandatory stop at a beach so Pati and Les can see an ocean for the first time and then a real fresh seafood restaurant is called for.

Don’t know when I’ll have the chance to post to this blog so enjoy these.

Getting My “Fix”

I’m playing hooky this morning.  Got all my housework done, except for my craft room.  I just have to move stuff around to get at my table so I can create.  And I have a box of Stampin’ Up! stuff to open yet.  If I remember right there is mostly ribbon in it.  Since I don’t remember what I ordered this will be like opening a present….ya think?

I found Indira’s blog.  That girl, in my opinion, is the Queen of Cricut.  I have one of the first generation Cricuts.  It is only 6×12 and I’ve used it a few times.  Every time I look at Indira’s work I tell myself I need to get that thing out of hiding and play with it.  I’ve made flowers with it and some lettering for words.

Indira cuts her shapes out, then enlarges the shapes a bit to create a back layer of black to give the piece dimension.  I love her work.  She has two young children at home so she does a lot of children related shapes.  She’s working on card sets also.  I’m drooling, and want to get in my craft room and play.

I checked up on Nancy’s blog to see what I’ve missed.  She is continuing her Scripture Challenges, which are awesome. BUT she has done a two page scrapbook layout that kept me staring at them for quite some time.  She’s put metal hinges on some clouds she’s crafted.  Hidden under the cloud are photos and journaling spots.  Totally awesome!

Jann’s website has been revamped since I last visited.  How totally exciting!!!  What You Make It TV, I can’t believe I’ve missed out on this.  I love her stuff too!  Jann has been crazy busy getting this website updated and it is an awesome one.  All her projects and she has downloads for instructions.  How cool is that?!

I have a confession to make.  I may be 56 years old but I’m still that rebellious teen from long, long ago.  Cross my arms over my chest, stamp a foot, and put a pout on my face.  I’m at the point where I have to make a choice and I’m not being very adult about it.

Those of you that have grown children know only too well the rebellious teen(s) you had in your home for a while.  The most common complaint you heard is “Well, everyone else is doing it so why can’t I?”

Lately it seems that going into my craft room, once a place of much happiness, has become a room with a straight jacket to me.  I’m so focused on my dilemma that I can’t see past it.  The bad, in my mind, outweighs the good.  I’m having a selfish temper tantrum.

My problem is….I’m a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.

Being raised the way I was, totally screwed my thought process.  Authority figures are to be respected and their wishes obeyed.  From police to heads of companies.  They are lumped in the “Authority Figure” category and I find myself blocked.

Stampin’ Up! has a lot of good products.  They are moving in a direction that enables me to feel better about stamping since they have offered a choice of wood mount and clear mount stamp sets.  I go for the clear mount stamps when I can.  I really like their ink pad lines since their inks coordinate with their papers.  My problem is their paper choices are not as diverse as say…Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

Here’s the really “stoopid” part.  I can make mini albums, cards, scrapbook layouts, tags, boxes, bags, and all kinds of things with Stampin’ Up! papers and products.  I just like the other papers better.  There is a more broad spectrum of choice with the others than with Stampin’ Up!

Long ago, from what I’ve read, Demonstrators could use other paper products in their work and publish it to their blogs and on YouTube.  An edict came down last year that there is to be no more of that kind of thing.  Demonstrators are to only promote Stampin’ Up! products.

Joe got so excited with the bulletin boards I made and he wants me to figure out how to make various sizes and themes and begin selling them.  That means a trip to Whole Lotta Scrap, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby to get papers.

I want to concentrate on things I can make with the Stampin’ Up! products this winter when I’m home but when I make a video I don’t want to cram the products down anyone’s throat.  I have some ideas floating around in  my  head for what I can do but being a promotional agent I’m lacking.

This crazy rebellious teen in me is getting in my way.  The adult part of my brain says that I can use the products to make things.  Especially since so many other people have already done it and have succeeded.  That teen is being obnoxious and telling me that it is more exciting to run with the crowd and she is going to do what she wants to do.

Ack, ack, ack.  Should I ground her?  Take away her television privileges?  Snatch that cell phone away from her for a while?  Not gonna work I’m afraid.  I don’t watch much television and I don’t make a lot of phone calls.  Somehow I have to figure out a way to get her on board without causing even more trouble.

So…for those of you that are not struggling with yourself go and enjoy the awesome things Nancy, Indira, and Jann have created.  Maybe they can spark some mojo in your crafting.

Taking Care Of Business

I was finally able to see Indira’s blog.  You can find her work at this spot.  Looking at her stuff I’ve come to the conclusion that Indira is the Queen of the Cricut.  She makes some totally awesome stuff.  In Spanish and in English.  Love your creations Indira.

Maureen has a Facebook page at Maureen Criss Mathis.  Check out the photos she has put up of her work.  TOTALLY AMAZING card guru she is.  I have one of her cards and a tag she made.  Super crafty she is.

When I finally got home and got our huge pile of mail I found an envelope from Lynn Claridge all the way from England.  BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Simply BEAUTIFUL.

I’ve shared Maureen’s card and Lynn’s tag book on a YouTube video I put up.  Check them out here.

My video stuff is up in the back of our pickup which is loaded on Joe’s trucks we are taking to Charlotte, North Carolina.  So I’ve had to improvise.  I have trucks going to Charlotte as well, but mine are going to be delivered a half mile away from where Joe will be delivering his trucks.

I placed a Stampin’ Up! order before we got home and it arrived while I was here.  Woo Hoo!!!  Usually I hit the Clearance Rack at Stampin’ Up! to see if there are things I would like to  have before I go to the main site for the rest of my order.  I made a video about some of my purchases from Stampin’ Up! and it is here.  You might want to check out the Clearance Rack and see if there are things you might need to add to your stash.

I got some rub ons, and a packet of eyelets.  I also ordered some paper that I want to play around with when I get home this fall.  The paper has a clear embossed print on one side and plain on the back.  Glimmer mist, daubers, sponges, and what ever other mayhem I want to do to it.  I can hardly wait.

This will be my last post from home for a while.  Get back to work today and get our trucks delivered to Charlotte.  Don’t know where we will be going after that but I’ll let you know of my whereabouts as soon as I know.

A friend of mine, Janice Walker, sent me a link to a YouTube video with Gene Simmons of KISS.  It is a tribute to our military and is really an awesome video.  Here’s the link to it – Gene Simmons Military Tribute.  Totally AWESOME!!!

Happy 4th of July to all my US friends and family.

Blogs I Want To Pass On

I’ve been trying to keep up with a couple blogs.  If anyone else has a blog then let me know and I’ll read it as I can and share it with others.

Desponia (I’m sure I’ve botched her name) of desponaki1 – one of my subscribers and winner of one of the last give away sponsored by Maureen and her generous donations.

Desponia is from Greece and her blog is written in Greek with a grey area translated into English.  While she and I have corresponded through YouTube messages I’ve learned a bit about her.  She lives on an island which requires a boat or ship ride to anywhere she wants to go off the island.  Her boyfriend is gone for long periods in his job.  I think he is a Captain on a ship, or something equally as important and time home with Desponia is not very often.

We might have to gang up on her and get her to share the work she does on YouTube.  A box Desponia has created is in her blog.  Beautiful box it is.  Lace, vintage picture, beautiful papers, a butterfly, and some flowers.  She gives “Blog Candy” every now and then.  Some of it is crocheted flowers she has made herself.

In one of her posts she has taken pictures of silk worms she has in a box and feeds them.  They were beginning to create a cocoon when I saw her blog last and as of last night I saw the cocoons are beginning to open and the silk worms are becoming butterflies.

Here is a link to Desponia’s blog.  Remember, the English translation is lower in her posts in grey boxes.  One time I told  her that when I don’t understand something I say “It’s all Greek to me”.  She said they have a similar saying only it is “It’s all Chinese to me”.  How funny that is.

Nancy Nickle of Nicklenook1 has a blog that I check out every  now and again when I have the time.

Nancy lives way up north in Saskatchewan, Canada.  She and her husband celebrated their 25th Anniversary.  Yay Nancy.  That is a long time to hang with someone.  Wait…I’m going on 20 years this August and it seems not quite that long.  Makes a difference when you are married to the right person.  Ask me I know!

Nancy does Scripture Challenges and is in the midst of making 6×6 pages for her challenges.  They are quite beautiful.  Who would have ever thought that bible verses could come alive!  Nancy has an awesome way of interpreting her spin on the verses that speak to her.  She gives a list of the products she has used at the bottom of each picture she has attached to her blog.

She has been really busy lately.  Company coming and going, she lost her Father a few years back and just recently lost her Father-In-Law early this year.  Nancy’s husband has had the daunting task of getting his Father’s farm ready for auction.  That must have been an emotional chore.  To handle things his Father used and taught him how they work.  Remembering his Father working with tools or equipment, each thing would have a smell or memory attached.  How do you let some things go?  How do you choose?

Nancy has seen her two daughters graduate from school recently and been busy with those preparations.  One time these little girls were in her arms now they are grown and no longer fit in laps.  I know that feeling very well.  Pride in the adults they have become, fearful of the choices they make and the hurts before them, desperately wanting to make their paths in life easier but knowing full well you can’t and the children would resent the interference.

You can check out Nancy’s blog here.  After you see her couple of Scripture Challenges, scroll down and see the two page layout she created by making Converse High Top sneakers.  I tell you, that girl has got a lot of talent going on here.  We’ll have to work on getting her to put up a YouTube video on some of her outstanding stuff also.

Feeling pressured girls?  Well don’t.  I’m just glad that we can see the things you create.

I’ve got to check on FRAPMGP – Indira.  She lives in the Dominican Republic and has a couple of young children.  She sent me a link to her blog but I had such difficulty in trying to access it that I’m afraid I may have not got the address right.  So Indira, if you are still out there then send me a link to your blog and I’ll try it again.

I need to get at things for YouTube.  Unfortunately not crafting related but I have to dabble where I can for now.  I also need to get some pictures ready for my blog here that I’ve taken recently on our travels.  Get a bit of laundry done in between and some other chores.  Like they say “No rest for the weary”.  I fear that if I really did stop I’d just veg out and nothing would get done so I have to keep pushing along.

Whole Lotta Scrap

Yesterday I did my very first interview.  Whole Lotta Scrap is a “Scrapbook and More” store located in Norman, Oklahoma where I live.

I found this store in March when I was out on errands.  A business located in the same shopping center is Budget Box and Bag where I purchase all of my boxing and mailing supplies to send out my creations to family.  Getting ready to enter the store – Budget Box and Bag – I happened to look down the sidewalk and I saw a sign that raised my pulse rate.  “Scrapbook”.  What?!!!  A scrapbook store in my own back yard, well practically.  I had to stop in there and see what this store held.

Having a lot of projects to prepare for and think about Michaels and Hobby Lobby were on my errand list for the day.  I was going to check this new place out first.

Whole Lotta Scrap, Norman, Oklahoma

Upon entering the store I heard women laughing and talking.  At the back of the store there is a short wall, guess it is called a “knee wall” in the construction lingo.  Beyond that wall voices were heard and laughter rang out.  There were several people wandering the racks of papers and delectable embellishment items.  Some came from behind the wall, selected an item and scurried back.  Most of the fun was happening behind that wall and I just had to come further in the store.

A call of “Welcome” reached me as the person at the register helped a couple customers while greeting me.  That was not out of the norm in my ventures into the local businesses here in town.  Most places acknowledge your presence, if only fleetingly.

As I walked around the store and looked at the displays of paper, tools, embellishments, and what not, I had an experience like no other.  EVER!!!  At one display I saw packs of metal, like aluminum.  When I reached to investigate the thickness of the metal a woman stood next to me and began telling me the things I could do with the product.  She was so knowledgeable about it I asked if she were a Rep for the company.  No, she was there at a crop and a customer of the store.  The same thing happened as I looked at papers on display, another customer of the store at the crop gave me pointers and tips about the product I was eying.

These women zoomed around the store, gathered in knots to discuss a product, separated and either went back behind the wall or further out in the store.  The place was like a bee hive of activity.  Laughter rang out from every corner of the store.  Conversation was carried out in bursts over the displays, across aisles, and some shouts were sent to the back of the store.  It was around 11 in the morning while all this was going on.

When I left the store with my purchases I knew I’d be back again.  And I have.  Several times.  During my subsequent visits, at different times of the day, I was greeted again by many women and welcomed in.  Voices and laughter coming from behind the wall, offers of help or suggestions were given by the store customers.  I had no idea which of the women owned the store but I began to feel that this was a place to be.

Whole Lotta Scrap

Through my ventures to the store I did finally meet the owner.  A wonderful woman, also named Leslie, that has helped me in many ways.  She searched her store to find sewing related items for me to complete my “Quilting Mini” for a friend of mine.  Leslie’s staff has helped me to find products and papers for my granddaughters “Friend Mini” and my son-in-law’s “Bulletin and Wipe Off Boards”.

Through my YouTube videos I have gained many friends.  One such friend suggested that I try to hit the scrapbook stores in my journeys and do a video to let people know what is out there.  On one of my visits to Whole Lotta Scrap I asked Leslie if she would like to be interviewed for my YouTube Channel.  She agreed and this is the result of that visit.

Check these videos out to see for yourself what fun this place is.  Whole Lotta Scrap Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

While you are searching around, check out their website.  Sign up to be on their mailing list, get information about upcoming classes and new products arriving.  At this point, right now, the website does not process orders but it is in the works.  If you need a product and can’t find it at your local craft store, give Whole Lotta Scrap a call at 405-310-3400 and if they have it they will ship it to you.

Product line full collections they carry are – My Little Yellow Bicycle and Bo Bunny.  And don’t forget Creative Imagination.

Whole Lotta Scrap – 526 West Main Street, Norman, Oklahoma 73069.  Traveling to Norman and want to be in on the fun?  Take I-35 (North or South)  to Exit 109, the East Main exit.  Proceed east on Main Street to Flood.  One block further east of Flood on Main is a traffic light, turn into the shopping center on your right (south side of the street) and tell them “The Other Leslie Sent You”.