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Rain in the desert

First thing I need to thank all of you for the birthday wishes of yesterday.

Lynn from the UK, Indira from the Dominican Republic, Shar from New Zealand, Shelly from Illinois, Maureen from Texas, my kids in Colorado, my girls in Arizona who sang to me, my Joe who also sang to me several times, and a man polishing the chrome grill of his truck at a truck stop yesterday morning after he extended his polishing cloths and compound and I told him I got a pass on work because it was my birthday. Thank you all, each and every one of you.

We delivered the last of the Wal-Mart trucks to Las Vegas yesterday. So glad that is finally finished. Joe figured the miles we drove, delivering plus all the deadheading from home and the back and forth. 15,785 miles. I’m almost afraid to take a financial look at what we have done this month.

After delivering we drove over 300 miles to Arizona to see our girls and to get ready for the Swift trucks we will be moving to Las Vegas before we can finally head for home.

Rain met us near Kingman, Arizona. A welcome cooling rain.


The sky was heavy with clouds. Windshield wipers clapped noisily during heavy rains then whispered as we drove out of it. 200 miles of downpour and sprinkles. Made the air smell good.

At first glance, the desert looks as though there is nothing but dry dead weeds.


Look closer and the statuesque Saguaro stands as sentinels pointing to the sky. Drawing your attention from the ground.


Mesquite trees, in many varieties, are seen in abundance as they reach outward and upward dancing in the rain and breezes.


The Ocotillo (O-ka-tea-yo) with their groups of spikes hide in and around the Mesquite and wild sagebrush.


Someone not familiar with the desert plant life would think this place inhospitable and dead. For as far as the eye can see the desert looks empty and foreboding. The summer heat does nothing to dispel that notion either.


An unfamiliar traveller need only look closer to see the beauty hidden here. Keep your vehicle from overheating and you will, eventually, get to civilization.

Have a fantastic Sunday everyone. I’m going to spend the day with our daughters and get some much needed rest.



Strawberry Man and I need your input!

We stopped for the final time (this month anyway) at Murray Family Farms for a huge flat of strawberries Carissa requested. The delicious aroma filling the cab of Joe’s truck is pure torture for him. Two feet away and he is so tempted to begin digging in and scarfing them down. He is restraining himself valiantly 🙂

Now to the unrest in our little bit of heaven.

Tell us what your view of hotel spare rolls of bathroom paper and a box of Kleenex are. There for the taking or leave them in the room?

JOE: He says the hotel expects people to take these items.

ME: I say they are provided for the guest’s convenience and not to aid in the stockpile of the “guest’s” home.

What do you think. Joe suggested this post and has given me permission to blab this division in our thinking.

Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.


Last load out of Red Bluff

Our last deadhead to Red Bluff, California was yesterday. On the way up Joe stopped several times so I could take pictures. He took a picture of me as I stood in a nut orchard taking pictures.


I have tons of photos and video of this month long “California Adventure” and NONE of it is of Disneyland.

Joe took these photos also of plaques at Pea Soup Andersen’s last week that make me smile.


And this one speaks directly to me.


What are we doing after Las Vegas you might ask? Well I’ll tell you.

First we are driving to the Phoenix area to spend the weekend with our Arizona kids. Monday we will begin another trek of six trucks out of the Swift yard going to Las Vegas finishing up on Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Then we will be heading home.

The month of August we are taking off!!! No driving for me except to the craft stores 🙂

I have so much paperwork to get started on and I will get caught up on it while I’m home. No more cramming it all in at the end of the year for me!!

Maybe a visit to is in order while in Phoenix this weekend. Sounds like an excellent idea to me.

This iPhone addiction has got Joe making wise cracks. I was in the bathroom this morning when my phone dinged an alert for a text message. Joe called out “Your dealer is here”.

Okay it is time to get this final circus show on the road. Next stop – Barstow.

Did you know…?

Following behind a flatbed truck filled with hay bales smells good enough to stay behind it? That is until Someone calls on the radio asking where you are and to get your butt up there.


Following behind a truck loaded with onions has the opposite effect.


A lot of hotels have gone to motion sensor light switches. Rude awakening for this woman that can find the toilet just fine in the wee hours of the morning.


The clothes hangers in hotels are excellent for drying a piece of hand washed clothing over the air conditioner. This is Joe’s idea and I give him full credit. I’m so lucky to be married to a genius.


A water bottle with a filter and cold stick COULD be a fantastic travel item if it worked. We bought one. Sucked and sucked on the “straw” and only got air. $12.99 was too much to pay for a half working contraption. Love’s did take it back and refund our money.


Now you know everything that is worth knowing….or not 🙂

Go have an excellent day.


I have a richly blessed life

This month of July 2011 has been wonderful. And it ain’t over yet:-)

It started with seeing my Colorado kids and grandkids. Spending a few days with my family catching up on their lives, playing Bingo with my kids Mother was so much fun. Joe shakes his head in amazement when he watches his former wife and I laughing and carrying on like school girls.

We then continued traveling to Red Bluff, California to begin the month long process of moving 24 Wal-Mart trucks to auctions in Fontana, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.

The roads we have travelled back and forth on have been memorized, hotel clerks have become familiar with us and the check in process has been easier and peppered with pleasant conversations.

The people we deal with at Wal-Mart are friendly and helpful. We’ve been there enough this month the banter and conversation is as if we’ve always been there.

The crops and fields change before our eyes. Harvesting is taking place now. Trucks hauling hoppers filled with carrots, cantaloupe, and tomatoes. Evidence of the journey litters the roadside. Cantaloupe left on the shoulder of the road after being bounced out, a stray carrot or two on the road, red and bumpy patches on the shoulder from an exodus of tomatoes from a particularly rough patch of road.

Fields recently harvested are being churned up for the next planting. Citrus, fruit, and nut orchards are being tended with tractors clearing the growth of weeds and grass between the rows of trees. Grape arbors are heavy with fruit hanging low with the weight of ripening grapes.

We are nearly done with our work here. Today we are on our way to deliver three trucks of the final six to Las Vegas. We hope to be finished on Friday or Saturday morning.

Next we are off to Arizona to see our two girls there. Our California daughter has moved to Arizona, two treats at once. Best of all I will celebrate my birthday in Arizona with our girls.

Thankful for the life I lead? Most definitely!! Grateful for the strangers that become friends, and my spread out family. Today I hope I have “Made a joyful noise unto the Lord” for my truly blessed life which includes my online friends who bring encouragement, feed my crafting soul with all their creations, and let me know daily that I am loved.

Hope your life is as richly blessed as mine.


Tomatoes enroute

Seeds are planted, workers irrigate the fields, blooms open followed by a little green bulb that grows into a rich red orb. More workers pick and sort the ripe red tomatoes and the journey begins.


This load will arrive at a facility not far from where they are grown. Surely less than 100 miles to Sacramento or all that would be left in the hoppers will be slimy pulp and skin. The tomatoes already juiced by the bouncing and banging on the highway, and further baked in the 100 degree temperatures.

The next time I stand in the canned vegetable aisle of my local grocery store I will think of this load of tomatoes as I ponder the varieties of stewed tomatoes.

Whole, crushed, garlic and basil added, Italian, Mexican, diced, sauce, paste, and purée. Don’t forget the juices like V8, Clamato (yuck), just plain tomato juice.

Bloody Mary anyone?

Hello. My name is Leslie and I am an iPhone addict

My addiction began when the very first iPhone came out. I was a casual user. The Maps feature got us out of breakdown hell several times.

My casual use escalated about a month later when I found I could take pictures of my friends and family. Adding their awesome countenance to their contact information was exhilarating. The face of my friend or loved one would be prominently displayed for me to see when they called.

I became a more heavier user when I figured out how to use the email feature. The addiction turned the corner of getting away with me in tow when I successfully learned how to text message with the iPhone.

Those beginning days of euphoria in having instant information at my fingertips was heady indeed.

I had to have more. I had to increase my daily dose of “iPhone Crack” by adding applications. Now I have been very diligent at staying away from the hard core “iPhone Crack” in the games applications. The Solitaire game that came with the phone is only used while temporarily indisposed in the bathroom.

All my waking hours I either have my iPhone in my hand or it is close by. Never more than mere inches from me.



Lord have mercy upon my everlasting soul. Email was not enough for me. Text messaging was not enough either. An application for Facebook came out and I HAD to have it. Several months later I found WordPress had an application and I HAD to have that.

Most recently I have added the Twitter application. This has allowed me to keep abreast of new developments in my OTHER addiction – paper crafting. I have found out about new paper lines being released and have called Whole Lotta Scrap to place an early order.

It gets worse, folks. I have added FourSquare to my application lineup. You not only get to read the foolishness and mayhem in my daily life through my blog….you now get the privilege of knowing where I eat, shop, get diesel fuel, and sleep.

I am addicted to my iPhone Crack. Joe has changed his daily mantra of “Poor Momma” to “Poor Gramma Cracker”. I don’t use my iPhone to have conversations. I use it for our business mostly and only once in a while for family. Text messaging is how I connect with my family.

Frankly, I don’t want intervention. Be forewarned that should someone decide to take matters in their hands to pry the iPhone from mine…..well, let’s just say it won’t be pretty.

For the sake of honesty and full disclosure on this blog I am coming forward to speak openly of my iPhone Crack addiction.

Hope you all have a fantastic Sunday. Lynn, I hope your daughter’s wedding was even more wonderful than anyone could imagine. Hope to see photos soon.