Using Acrylic Paint And Rubber Stamps

Acrylic paint and rubber stamping

Okay, okay.  I’m no painter.  I prefer paper to be my “medium” more than paint.

Since this week is about making do with what we have at hand, and I have acrylic paint from my plaster Christmas ornament days, then I thought this would be a good time to show using the paint with rubber stamps.  See how I did this in today’s tutorial.

If you have thought about doing it before but have been reluctant because you might damage your rubber stamps, then let me put that concern to rest.

You will not damage the rubber stamp or the image.  Even if you leave the paint on the stamp for a week.  The dried acrylic will pop off and crumble when you use your fingers and apply pressure to the rubber.  There might be some paint that sticks in the grooves of the image.  With a bit of work with a toothbrush and water will clean the paint out of the grooves.  The only way to damage your stamp is to go at it with a sharp implement and dig away at the dried paint.

There might be a stain from the pigment used to color the paint on your stamp but that will not  harm it.  A bit of stamp cleaner and a good scrubbing will get most of the pigment stain off the stamp.

Bleach is more caustic than acrylic paint and people use a diluted solution of bleach and water with a stamp on colored card stock with really great results.  So acrylic paint isn’t going to harm your stamp.

Apply the acrylic paint to a background stamp and apply it to a scrapbook page or a card.  What are you waiting for?  Get your apron on, or some old clothes since acrylic paint will permanently stain your clothes, and do some experimentation.

Hey, it is only paper!!!  If you don’t want to mess up your good card stock or printed papers then use some newspapers, or notebook paper, or paper grocery bags.  Get your technique perfected before you actually go for the good paper.  The main thing is Go Have Fun!!!


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