The Great Smokie Mountains. 

We picked up our trucks in Concord, North Carolina yesterday and this morning. These poor old trucks have been rode hard.  A couple of them have one million miles on the odometers. 

We went through the Great Smokey Mountains today. I-26 and I-40 in North Carolina and I-40 through a bit of Tennessee. Beautiful country. 

They are called the Smokies because of the cloud cover and ground fog that tends to happen in these densely forested areas with high humidity. Similar to our recent travels through West Virginia yesterday morning.  These photos are from West Virginia. 

In North Carolina and Tennessee the twisting and winding roads scare the bejeebers out of me the first time I drove them. 

My mouth so dry the mucus membrane of my cheeks stuck to my teeth. Breathing through my mouth for 70 minutes on a ride through hell dried the roof of my mouth, my tongue, and my esophagus.  So dry I could not even work a tiny bit of spittle to get my cheeks off my teeth. 

My hands clenched so tightly to the steering wheel I did not dare let loose even for a refreshing sip of water.

Joe, calling to me over the CB radios we used to use, checking on my progress through the nightmare eventually brought this kind and sweet soul out from the depths of my carefully controlled emotions. 

Had to borrow that one from Facebook. 

Several more trips through that beautiful country I have grown accustomed to the turns and steep grades. Enough so I could take a few pictures.  

If you are thinking of a trip this summer with your family, consider the Great Smokey Mountains. 



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