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California’s Third Lane law for semi truck traffic.

To my knowledge, California is the only state that enforces the law of no tractor trailer vehicles being in the far left lane of a multi lane highway.


Most truck traffic is in the far right lane except for passing. There are signs hung from overhead structures indicating an additional lane for truck traffic.


These signs are posted before a confluence of other highway interchanges. Where a driver can exit from one highway then merge onto a different one to continue the designated route.

In the greater Los Angeles area the highways can have as many as eight travel lanes in each direction. Exits to streets, state roads, and interstate highways are well marked. Generally, the three far left lanes are for thru traffic not exiting. The third lane law is still in effect, even on the roads with way too many lanes to keep track of.

Okay, this has been my attempt at keeping this blog entertaining and informative. I need a nap…..or two.

I can’t believe it is already Thursday. Have a wonderful day today, dear readers.



Count Down Begins

Today begins the close down phase of my work from home.

Last minute projects are gathered. Some are in a holding pattern while needed supplies are waiting for delivery.

A week from today I will, once again, be back on the highways moving trucks. Starting point is unknown right now and I’m not going to be too concerned until Thursday or Friday when dispatch orders are finalized and I have all the necessary paperwork filed and/or filled out.

Until then it is shuttling my husband from mechanical shops for front end alignment and other necessary upkeep and repairs on equipment that gets a lot of use and heaps of abuse. Have to take care of the work horses and keep them running well.

Doctor appointments for my husband will be all day tomorrow. Chech ups on his prostate cancer and his blood pressure.

A couple more midnight sessions and I should have projects mailed by Thursday at the latest.

Thoughts of what supplies to bring along for any free minutes I might have. How do I choose what to put in the bin? Selecting will be the hardest part. Punches? Which ones? Paper? How much?

I’ll post what I’ve decided to take and any thoughts on what I’ll be making. A book or scrapbook pages.

Want to know what is happening? I’ll post here as I can.

Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday. Celebrate your Mom.