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An open letter to Little America Hotel and Travel Center, Little America, Wyoming

General Manager
Little America Hotel and Travel Center
Little America, Wyoming

Dear Sir:

I wish to inform you of our recent dining experience in your restaurant in Little America, Wyoming.

We stopped in on Saturday, June 9, 2012 around 5:00 p.m. CDT. Nate was our server and his job performance would have made you proud.

My husband enjoys a good bowl of French Onion soup and a good BLT sandwich when he can get them. My husband asked Nate if the bacon could be cooked soft instead of the normal crispy that is frequently done in all restaurants.

Nate asked us to wait a moment while he consulted with the chef. Upon Nate’s return my husband was assured his bacon would be cooked to his satisfaction, which it was. My husband also enjoyed his bowl of French Onion soup as well. Something he has not enjoyed for the past five (5) years at your establishment.

This may seem a trivial matter to you but to us it is most fortunate. Because, you see, my husband told me in February of this year that we were never going back to any of the Little America’s again. His breakfast server had to be hunted down first for flatware upon food service, later it was for a coffee refill, and finally for the ticket. The food was cold when it was placed in front of him and my husband was not pleased with his experience.

Your establishments in Flagstaff, Arizona, Cheyenne and Little America, Wyoming have been a disappointment over the past five years. Each year it seems the food quality and service declines to the point of driving people away.

My husband has made each of the above mentioned properties stopping points in his travels for the past 42 years. For me it has only been 11.

I am writing you to let you know the change of management, cooking staff, and wait staff has been noticed by us and it is likely we will return again as we travel through Wyoming.

I am also letting you know that we have stopped going to your Flagstaff property over the past three years because the food and service quality has been truly unbearable.

As truck drivers we are mostly stuck with fast food or hot dogs in our travels. When we find a place that serves good food and the service is great we tend to pick our stopping places accordingly.

We look forward to stopping again in Little America, Wyoming. This letter is to let you know that we appreciate the changes being made.


Leslie Bockenstette