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Single axle sleeper trucks. Never heard of such a thing!

Joe stopped by home last night with his trucks.

First set of trucks for 2014

First set of trucks for 2014

The first trip for 2014 began on January 8th with Joe leaving home and deadheading 1433 miles to Northeast, Maryland to get these trucks.  That day was one long and frustrating day for him.  Traveling from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Russellville, Arkansas took him almost 12 hours to go 269 miles.  This is usually a five hour drive.

Rain, ice, snow, road construction, wrecks, jack knifed trucks and trailers.  Poor Joe had so much distress that first day out he was beginning to wonder if he had just lost his mind.  The roads were in such bad condition with ice he quickly abandoned the idea of turning around and coming back home.

Our friend, Jim From, had some problems with his personal vehicle.  He was going to meet up with Joe in Joplin, Missouri.  That plan immediately went in the dumper.  Jim had some friends of his drive him to a truck stop in West Memphis, Arkansas where he would await Joe’s arrival and the two would continue from there.

The plan for the first day was to pick up Jim around 3:00 in the afternoon then continue east a few more hours before stopping for the night.  The weather changed all those plans for both of the guys.  Jim  had to get a hotel room close to the truck stop while Joe hoped and prayed he would not be spending the night on the side of the road waiting for the traffic to inch along.

At 8:00 p.m. Joe had informed Jim it would be the next day before they would meet up.  The safest solution was for Joe to make it to Russellville, Arkansas and stay the night in a hotel.  Get off the roads and hope for better weather the next day.  The last 20 miles to Russellville creeped along at a maddeningly slow pace.  Joe finally arrived at the hotel at 10:30 that night.  He was so tired and worn out by the stress of that long and unending day.

Joe and Jim did get together the next day.  The weather cleared.  The roads were dry.  Traffic moved right along and the two of them were under a time constraint.  The man whom they were to meet in Maryland was not too keen on having his Saturday tied up with my guys.  Joe was able to talk to the man and get plans made that would only keep him away from his family for an hour on the upcoming Saturday.

Trucks were signed for and released Saturday.  The weather reports were of snow for the day along with cold winds and low temperatures.  What actually happened was a cold rain that alternated between misty sprinkles and a down pour.  My two guys finished moving the trucks from the lot where they met the man and to a nearby truck stop.  There Joe and Jim got the boom set up totally hooked up and the trailer was half done.  Cold, wet, and tired the guys decided the best thing for them was to get a hotel room for the night and finish the hook up on Sunday.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday the two drove from Northeast, Maryland to our home here in Oklahoma where they would spend the night before continuing their trip to California.  I made dinner for the two last night.  Joe got Jim settled in a nearby hotel.  A breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon for the two were my contribution to the start of their day of traveling.

Jim frequently asks me if I want my job back.  My response to him is “Not just NO.  But HELL No!”  So the two are off cross country today.

This is Jim’s set of trucks.  He is using my boom.

Jim's set of trucks

Jim’s set of trucks

These two guys are not quite half way in their trip across the US.  Hopefully they will have good weather and be safe in their travels.

If I had not seen these trucks myself I would not have believed there were single axle Condo Sleeper trucks on the roads.