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While in Las Vegas….see the sights.

My two guys have moved the last of the trucks from Phoenix, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada.  They have been told to “hang out” for a while until more work can be found for them in California or Arizona.

The trucks they have been moving have super long frames.  Swift Transportation had been using them for some specialized flat bed trailers.

Phoenix to Las Vegas trucks

Phoenix to Las Vegas trucks

Super long frames

Super long frames

The two guys decided to go downtown Las Vegas to see what they have been missing out on.  Mostly they drove passed the casinos.  Their destination was to see the actual pawn shop that has garnered so much acclaim on the History Channel’s Pawn Stars reality television show.

History Channel's Pawn Stars

History Channel’s Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars Las Vegas, Nevada

Pawn Stars Las Vegas, Nevada

The text message I received, accompanying these photos, was ” What a bummer!”.  If there is one thing that will make my Joe cringe is to see tools in a pawn shop.  I can hear the disappointment in his voice as it bangs around in my head.  “Someone sold the very tools they need to feed their family”.

Jim was not very impressed by the pawn shop either.  Both of these guys have lived a hard working life.  If there is one thing either one of them will tell you is to hold on to your tools.  Sell anything else but keep your tools.  They might be the only thing you have to put food on the table using your skills.

Joe often tells me that pawn shops are a repository of broken dreams.

There is a valid reason for pawn shops to be in business.  One of them is to get a few dollars from the inherited bounty of STUFF one would have to deal with after aging parents have been relocated to nursing homes or they have died and will never need the things of their life again.  Something that meant everything to the parents becomes an albatross the kids have to deal with and don’t want in their homes.

The other side of the pawn shop business in Las Vegas is the fairly ready cash for the gambler that knows this would be the day they win the million dollar jackpot.  The gambler trades a personal object for cash.  Funding another few hours, or a day, at the casino betting on the big win.

Sadly, the only winners in this type of a transaction are the pawn shop owners.  That is a business that is run with one thought in mind.  Buy low and sell high.  Profit margins are considered before the transaction is completed.  You can be sure the pawn shop will make out on the deal if the pawn holder doesn’t came back for the item(s).

If you will be traveling to Las Vegas you might like to drop in at the Pawn Stars shop.  Just to get your picture taken at the famous reality television landmark.  Who knows.  You might just find a steal of a deal inside the shop.  At least you can go back home and tell all your friends and family that you have been inside the famous shop.  Be the talk of your little part of the world.