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Harris Ranch – Coalinga, California

On Interstate 5, south of Sacramento, California the rolling hills are brown from the dried up grasses on one side of the highway while the other is lush green orchards.


Nearly 200 miles south of Tracy, California sits an oasis at the junction of I-5 and CA 198. Harris Ranch is that oasis. For travelers in need of cold drinks or coffee to continue their travels the convenience store has all that. Fill your gas tank while there, as well. There are diesel pumps for the big trucks and ample parking for tractor trailers.

To the east of the convenience store is a massive building that is worth exploring. A huge dining area is on one end, next to that is a very masculine sports bar serving adult beverages of beer, wine, and mixed drinks. The sports bar also serves from the dining menu.

Next comes the general store, which you see first upon entering the tall and heavy doors. Home decor and collectible items abound as you stroll around. A cold case is filled with the famous Harris Ranch aged beef. Giant rib eyes, t-bones, sirloins, and roasting meats are there for you to choose. The price per pound will set you back several dollars but Harris Ranch has quite a number of loyal and satisfied customers.

Check out the Yelp app for Harris Ranch near Coalinga, CA to see the reviews and photos. I would link it here but I am having difficulty figuring it out using my phone on this blog entry :/

As a special treat we took Jim there for lunch. This is a place where the prices are a bit over budget on the menu items but so well worth the splurge. You might have to budget your time as well. Who knew out in the middle of NOWHERE wait times for a table can be as much as 30 minutes?!

After lunch we went into the general store and stood in line at the bakery counter waiting our turn. At $4.00 US fresh fruit tarts beckon you. A chocolate covered eclair called out Jim’s name while these two hollered at me.


If you want to learn more about Harris Ranch you can check out their website. Harris Ranch also has lodging if you need a place to stay for the night or weekend. I don’t know what their room rates are but I imagine they are well out of a truck driver’s budget.

I hope you all have enjoyed your long Memorial weekend. I wish to leave this post with a big THANK YOU for our military men and women – active or retired – for volunteering to put themselves in harms way as they serve our country and keep our homeland free and safe.