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Tractor trailer stuck in the sand on California 58 near Barstow.

Do you have a really embarrassing event in your life, witnessed by co-workers or friends, that you will never be allowed to live down? I have a few of them that is for sure.

Joe, Jim, and I were nearing the end of California 58 which intersects with I-15 near Barstow, California yesterday. We were well passed the half way point between Santa Nella, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. Three hours more of driving and our journey to deliver would be finished.


The road ahead was blocked. Blocked by a truck driver that attempted to make a U-Turn on a heavily traveled two-lane road.


A steady stream of cars, pickups and tractor trailers came toward us as they drove behind the trailer of the stuck truck.


Looking at my watch, which indicated 1:30 in the afternoon (11:30 in the morning local time), I figured our deliver time of 4:30 (2:30 local time) was going to be seriously delayed.

My attention to the steady stream of oncoming traffic was momentarily diverted by two men inspecting the entrenched rear axles of the stuck truck. There was a show going on. Arms raised and waving in the air by one man in frustration. The other man’s arms outstretched, palms up, in a supplicant manner. I could tell by the two men’s gestures the way of that conversation. One accusatory, the other pleading.

I’ve been in that situation more than once in my life and driving career. Not to say I’ve blocked an entire road but I’ve done my share of stupid things.

Joe found an opening in the traffic flow and took advantage of it. Jim and I followed.


Several 9-1-1 calls were made to report the mishap and request traffic control at the scene. A wrecker would be needed to pull the deeply entrenched truck out of the sand.


Feelings were the only serious damage in this event. At least at the point where I left the two men to their task of trying to correct the problem.

Our delivery was delayed by only 10 minutes and it was someone else in the hot seat instead of me this time.

I bet you have a story or two of something you have done that will be told and retold until the end of time.