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Tell tale signs of an automatic transmission in a big truck

Cab extenders, or air fairings, are located at the rear of the truck cab on each side. The fairings are for fuel economy. Allowing the truck to “slice” through the air cleanly with no place for “drag”. The fairings direct the air flow in a stream to the rear of the trailer when one is attached.

The fairings extend from the roof to the bottom of the cab in a two piece unit.


Just to refresh your memory on automatic transmission levers in big trucks. these trucks have an “Auto Shift” transmission that is started in gear using the clutch.


Demonstrated with enthusiasm by Joe 🙂


Here is the tell tale sign.


Someone got their crank the wheel on and got with the program.


The cost to replace the bent air fairings start at $600 each and goes up depending on any damage transferred to the rear of the cab.

We are in Cedar Rapids, Iowa tonight. We arrived just at closing time so we will hook up tomorrow morning. Once on the road we will be going right through Danville, Illinois. Shelly lives near Danville. I have talked with her and we are trying to set a time to meet. I’m looking forward to that.

Oh before I totally space out a fantastic experience I have to tell you about a business that topped the chart on “Above and Beyond Service”.

Oxboro Eye Clinic in Bloomington, Minnesota.


One of the nose pads on my glasses broke off a few days ago. We had to stop at FedEx Kinko’s to make photocopies and right next door is an eyeglass store and clinic.

I went in dressed in my road weary attire with a grease spotted fleece jacket. I was warmly greeted by all behind the counter. My glasses were whisked off to the back room to be fixed while I waited at a service table.

After placing my day book on a chair I went to a wall displaying a vast assortment of frames. I tried a few on. Did you know the “cat’s eye frames” from the 1950’s are back in style?!

My glasses were fixed up with new pads on both sides of the nose piece and they did not charge me. I’m learning how to accept gifts gracefully.

I tweeted about the clinic and having a great experience there.

Wait, it doesn’t stop there. Joe and I were 55 miles from Bloomington when he was called about a day book being left behind. Handing me his headset I talked with the woman *shame faced I don’t remember her name*.

This wonderful woman took my day book next door to FedEx and began the process of getting my book to me tomorrow morning. She was given our number, I mean I am the one that left it behind.

Blessings happen often and in a myriad of ways :-). The world would have you think people are awful and out to get you. The majority of people are considerate and kind. Joe and I are continually blessed by people all over.

Today’s event proves this out. We could have been making a trip back 55 miles for my mistake and had several people in very bad moods. Joe and I would be two of them.

So special Kudos go out to Oxboro Eye Clinic in Bloomington, Minnesota.