Indiana Toll Road on Interstate 80 is leased to foreign investors. 

When I first started driving in 2001 the toll booths on Interstate 80 in Indiana were manned by actual people. 

A person to hand you a ticket upon entering the road at entry points, and someone to take the money and give change at the exit points. 

All that changed. The Indiana I-80 Toll Road is now owned by foreign investors from Spain and Australia. You can read the July 11,2011 article in Transport Topics here

The 14 toll plazas on I-80 in Indiana, each having at least 10 booths for east and west traffic, were manned 24/7.  The people that manned the booths had families to feed, bills to pay, and earned a decent income. 

The Governor of Indiana saw an opportunity to put 3.8 BILLION dollars in the state funds for a 75 year lease of the interstate out of Indiana’s hands. 

All those workers have been placed elsewhere in state jobs or have been terminated. Replaced by automated ticket machines and credit card or cash machines to pay the tolls. 

Road construction is in full swing now that winter is over. The toll booths are manned once again. 

Our wonderful politicians – at every rabbit hole – think it is okay for America to be sold to the highest bidder. Infuriates the HE Double Hockey Sticks out of me. 

I think it may be time to bring the guillotines from the French Revolution back. Congressmen saying $174,000 a year is not enough money to live on and demand raises. I say “Off with their heads”!



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