RapidHook CLAMP-IT for Singles Drive-Away

Joe has designed and built a PROTOTYPE of a hitch to be used in Drive-Away for “Singles”.  Moving one truck with your personal vehicle towed behind.

DISCLAIMER:  If you choose to build one of  your own from the photos provided in this blog post, do so at your own risk.  There have been changes made to the Prototype that are not disclosed in this announcement.

RapidHook CLAMP-IT Hitch

RapidHook CLAMP-IT Hitch

During the design phase Joe went to every type of Class 8 truck frame, other classes of truck frames, Cab & Chasis frames, and the occasional oddballs, available to him at the various dealerships located in the Oklahoma City Metro area to make sure his CLAMP-IT Hitch would work on any truck a driver would be moving.  Joe found a few truck frames that the hitch could not be installed on.  He does not know how to differentiate which model these odd truck frames were from the standard frames.  These odd frames may have been a “special order” item.



The Prototype is being used by Jim From to tow his van behind the truck he is moving.

Prototype in use

Prototype in use

The hitch part of the design is inserted through the bottom of the clamping mechanism and extends down below the frame.  Adjustments can be made, on the fly, for the necessary access under all types of rear light fixtures.

Adjustable hitch

Adjustable hitch

Hitch attached to tow vehicle

Hitched attached to tow vehicle

DOT compliant safety chain locks are a part of the hitch.

Safety chain attachment points

Safety chain attachment points

Joe is currently in the design phase of creating a RapidHook CLAMP-IT Hitch for light weight vehicles such as Jeeps, cars, and light weight pick up trucks. The new one should work on most of the “oddball frames” that he looked at in the design phase of the larger hitch.

Design phase for lighter weight vehicles

Design phase for lighter weight vehicles

If you are interested in having a RapidHook CLAMP-IT Hitch built for you, please contact Joe at his email address:


Price of the hitch is yet to be determined.  Each hitch will be built and constructed to Joe’s specifications and none are ready for immediate purchase at this time.  Contact Joe and make arrangements with him to have your RapidHook CLAMP-IT Hitch built.



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