GrannyCon alert level Orange!

My youngest daughter, Carissa, and her husband, Jaime, are having twins. She is due the end of June, first couple weeks of July at the latest.


Their story has been a hard one for this mom’s heart. Carissa has struggled with PCOS – PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome – most of her life.

Carissa and Jaime have been married for 7 years. These two have had to deal with family members and our comments that seem to twist the knife through their guts.

When are you two having kids? What are you waiting for? When will I be a grandma or grandpa? Have you thought of adopting? Your sister and sister-in-law are having babies, when are you going to start catching up?

In my attempt to help I did research into PCOS to see what I could do to get things happening. All I accomplished was sending my daughter into a torrent of tears and anguish. In one tearful phone conversation, both of us bawling, my daughter told me about her feelings of being inadequate and not a full woman. She also told me of her fears of Jaime not wanting her any longer because she could not have a baby.

That conversation nearly destroyed me. The last thing I ever wanted or meant to do was hurt her. I promised her I would never bring the subject up again and I did not.

This truck driving job has one perk. Hours and hours of being alone. No one to talk to. I use the miles and time in prayer. Often distracted by traffic, road construction, stops for fuel and food, route exits and entrances, and occasional interruptions from Joe over the radio. The interruptions make me forget where I was in my thoughts.

For Carissa I asked that she know she is perfect as a woman, wife, and daughter even if she never has a child. For her to be assured in Jaime’s love for her was not going to change if they have children or not. I asked for counsel on my tongue when I talked with Carissa. I kept my promise to not ask about babies.

A couple years ago Carissa called me with exciting news. She was pregnant. Her excitement was contagious and could not be contained. I celebrated with her. Then came another tearful call on the day of her miscarriage.

Once again I went to prayer for Carissa as I drove. Last December she called to tell me she was pregnant again. This time her excitement was tempered by memories of the last time. Her voice trembled as she spoke in a near whisper. Almost as if she would jinx it all by speaking aloud. The news was then openly shared with family at Christmas. Everyone was happy for this special couple.

In January, during one of my check in calls, Carissa told me they were having TWINS. She was ecstatic and I can’t say that I blame her for being over joyed.

She has been blessed with an easy pregnancy. Right now she is being monitored for the early signs of Preeclampsia. An extremely serious complication that can have fatal results. Back to prayer.

A couple at Carissa and Jaime’s church have a photography business. To document this twin blessing a photo shoot was set up. If you live in the Phoenix Metro area and would like to have your own photo shoot check out – FuturePhotoGroup – on Facebook. They have taken some totally awesome photos.



We have one more week of moving trucks from Tracy, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. If all stays normal I won’t be making a mad dash to Phoenix before the week is done. When the last delivery is made, and after some much needed sleep, I’m going to find the mega scrapbook store in Las Vegas. I’m going to see if they have something I can’t live without 😀

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.



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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

4 responses to “GrannyCon alert level Orange!

  • healthfulsave

    Love you blog headline 😃. Wonderful news. You are a wise momma for asking for guidance during this trying period in your daughter’s life. What wonderful scrapbook ing you shall do!

    • Message In A Fold

      I’ve warned them that the “mom-arazzi” is coming with camera in tow 😀 I was rewarded with a loud groan :/ what’s up with that?

      Thanks for liking my post title, and for your comment. I appreciate you being out there.


  • gardenpinks

    Poor Carissa going through all that awful trauma. Sorry Leslie but I just don’t understand why a couple are ever put through all that pressure of starting a family from wannabe grandparents, aunts, etc. Dear friends of ours made the decision before they got married they didn’t want children – were they respected for that decision? Were they heck! Luckily the maternal parents were happy for whatever the couple decided but even complete strangers made rude comments!!

    My theory is that we secretly envy the child free couple and put the pressure on so that they can suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous children along with the rest of us 😀

    Jaime and Carissa look so happy and I hope all goes smoothly for her at delivery time. Just tell her not to listen to the horror stories that some mums-to-be seem so pleased to pass along about labour and delivery.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Lynn. Took me a while to get my thoughts straight. All I was thinking was for Carissa to experience the whole hearted live from a child. The gift she gave to me.

      Never meant to hurt her. As to the horror stories of labor and delivery…they are coming from everywhere and winding up on her Facebook page :/.

      Love you my friend – Leslie

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