You are going to run out of blinker fluid!

My husband, Joe, is a very patient man. Especially when he has to deal with me and my Bossy Knicker self.

When I’m not driving and in control of the vehicle…..I guess I have to be in control of something. Come to think of it I still can’t help myself even when I am driving.

Here is a list of things I say.

Number 1 – Turn your blinker off.
When passing a vehicle Joe does use his turn signals. To indicate his changing lanes to begin the pass and also for the return after passing. He seems unable to hear the continuous ticking noise once the passing maneuver is completed. Maybe he just waits to see how long it will be before I blurt out “Turn your blinker off”.

As I follow along, behind Joe, in our Drive-Away job his lightbar is what I see.


These trucks don’t have self canceling turn signals. What that means is the signal doesn’t go off by itself as we complete a turn.

One of these two outside lights will continue to blink after a turn, or after entering or exiting a highway.


I have three standard smart a$$ remarks.

1-It is getting slick back here. You are losing blinker fluid.

2-Are you really going into the ditch (or the median)?

3-Do we have enough money for more blinker fluid?

Hey – if he didn’t want me to drive him crazy from behind he should not have given me a hand held radio to talk to him. Am I right? 😀

Number 2 – Take this exit. Crap it was the next exit.
I don’t think this one requires further edification. I can, and do, get us lost from time to time.

Number 3 – Will you slow down?
There are times he has a lead foot. He will be in front of me for about 10 miles at an average speed of 62. Then he is no longer there. I see him about a mile and a half way up in front.

Number 4 – The pedal is on the right! Gas on it!
I know when Joe is on the cell phone. He will going along at about 62 mph and I’m watching traffic or looking at the landscape. Thinking about photos for my next blog post. I notice Joe is getting closer and closer. I have to slow down. Our speed has dropped to 50 mph. At some point Joe has disengaged the cruise control and has forgotten to turn it back on during his yak fest.

I have two smart a$$ remarks for this instance.

1-Beep. Beep.

2-The pedal is on the right. Use it.

Jim has been forced to listen to me as he is trapped in our pickup during the deadhead back up to Tracy. I wonder if he thinks such things as “Boy, will I be glad to get in a truck by myself where I don’t have to hear her”.

The end is in sight. 16 of the 44 trucks remain and we are hoping to be finished a week from this coming Sunday.

I have a topic for a future blog post – if I remember to bring my phone. It will deal with hooking up to a trailer and that process. I thought those of you not familiar with the trucking industry might like to know how a truck and trailer get connected.

Here’s hoping you all enjoy the upcoming weekend. The weather is great for swimming pools, beaches, backyard cookouts, or hiking in the wilderness. However you spend your weekend I hope you enjoy it.


About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

5 responses to “You are going to run out of blinker fluid!

  • Joe

    It’s usually not the next exit. It’s more likely, no, no, not this one. Which will be the correct one. What’s said is “Oh, oh, drat, it was that one. We will have to go back. Sometimes back can be real pain in the rear. Miles and miles and tolls.
    This from the number two.

  • gardenpinks

    LOL Joe, I hear ya 🙂
    Not being a driver I would never dream of being a back seat driver however our one son-in-law is a frightening driver, I do not feel confident with him in the driver’s seat! No he isn’t a speed merchant but tends to weave around the road as he admires the scenery or goes into a daydream and then there are the frequent times I swear he hasn’t seen the red light or how close he is to the car in front and then I do press my foot through the floorboards in a vain attempt to apply the brakes for him 😀

    We are hoping we will see sunshine this weekend instead of endless rain and very cool days – the great British weather 🙂
    Love and hugs and take care
    Lynn xxxx

    • Message In A Fold

      Yikes. It seems the kind offer of a ride is met with a bit of trepidation and much anxiety. Probably even thoughts of saying a few Hail Mary’s until you get out of the vehicle 😀

      Sorry you have had cold and wet weather of late. I hope it does warm up and you have glorious sunshine.

      Love you – Leslie

  • Carissa

    This is hilarious mom!! “Are you really going I to the ditch?” That’s my favorite!!! Lol!!

    • Message In A Fold

      Hello there my sweet daughter. It is nice to see a comment from you :D. Poor Dad, he can’t catch a break with me can he :/

      I love you Little Mommy. I can’t wait to spend a month with you and Jaime when your girls are born.

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