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Being retired. Nowhere to go and nothing to do.

At this exact moment, my home is quiet.  There is no one here but me.  I have no where to go.  I don’t have anything to do.  Ahhhhh, sheer bliss.

Usually this time of year my butt is planted in front of my computer.  I have had file folders at my feet, work desk piled to overflowing with files, the printer spitting out one print out after another.   Receipts and papers of all of our trips during the last year would be gone through, one at a time, and entered into the QuickBooks program for the business and the Quicken program for the personal.

I have finished with all of that.  Last week, in fact.  Now I await the arrival of 1099 Forms in the mail.  Once they all arrive I can take my printed documents to our accountant and I will officially be done with the tax stuff.

Joe has left for Maryland.  He will pick up Jim From on his way and the two of them will be getting trucks going to California.  So far, things are not looking too good for Joe.  He is less than 200 miles from home and stuck in traffic in Arkansas.  Cold rain falling around him, which will soon turn to ice.  The salt and sand trucks are having difficulty treating the roads due to the back up of vehicles.  Jim is waiting at a truck stop about another 175 miles away from Joe.  These two guys will have a few stories for their memoirs about this auspicious day.

All I can say is I’m glad I’m home in my comfy house and not beside Joe waiting for the traffic to begin moving.  Another thing I’m thankful for is not hearing… more time…..”Are you hungry?”  “What’s there to eat?”  “What’s for supper?”  “Are you going to eat any breakfast?”  “I’m hungry. What’s for lunch?”  “Do you want to watch some television?”

As I look at my day planner for this week, I find the open boxes to be quite daunting.  Besides a brief visit to our attorney today there is nothing else to do this week.

Empty day planner

Empty day planner

I have a brother-in-law having a birthday this week.  I need to make a card for him and get it mailed.  Other than that, there is nothing for me to do.

I am a person that requires structure.  Left to my own devices I get myself into a depression that is extremely difficult to work my way out of.  I have had structure of one form or another most of my life.  School as a child and young adult, many different jobs from the age of 15 to my now nearly 60 years.  There was always something to do and somewhere to be.  Having to be the “Master” of my life is a challenge I am not totally prepared for.

The place to start is in my kitchen.  This week’s Zone at is the kitchen.  I’m several days behind in the tasks.  The “mantra” at Flylady is “You are NEVER BEHIND.  You can always jump right in.”  The thing to do is create a list.  A list of all the tasks involved in cleaning my kitchen.


Kitchen list

Kitchen list

My youngest daughter has a birthday next week.  I am in the process of making her birthday present and I need to get that finished and mailed off to her.

Do you have a life that is so busy you can’t turn around or you’ll meet yourself around the corner?  Do you have things in your life that you have been wanting to get done but don’t know where to start…let alone have the time to do them?  Do you have way too many things to do and most of them get left undone?

While I’m home the rest of this winter I have plans.  Quite lofty plans.  I don’t know if I will get them completed or even started.  One of them is a major undertaking.  I have YouTube videos on both of my channels that need to be deleted.  Those videos that proclaim my affiliation with Stampin’ Up!.  They HAVE to be removed.  I have about 200 of them and the thought of taking on this challenge is enough to make me want to go crawl under the covers and not come out for anything.

I would like to pass on a website I found that has a FREE planner for the month of January 2014.  I think it is a teaser to get  you to purchase their planner but it looks like it will be  helpful.  The website is “Productive Flourishing” and I have printed the Monthly Action Planner.

Monthly Action Planner

Monthly Action Planner

What do you use to keep your life in working order?  Leave me a link to websites you find helpful.  Have any ideas you want to share?

An update on Joe and his travels for the day.  In three hours he has traversed 40 miles on I-40 in Arkansas.  Wrecks abound on the highway from the icy slick roads.  He is moving, slowly, but he is moving on the  slick and hazardous roads.  Joe is making his way to a hotel a little over 20 miles before he can safely stop.  Bad weather for man and beast :/