A Literary Masterpiece Binds the World Under One Sun

This blog post has hit me upside the head today. I have to take a closer look at my character and see that I am failing :/


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5 responses to “A Literary Masterpiece Binds the World Under One Sun

  • Maureen Mathis

    What a great piece! I just sent it to my son; he needed some encouragement right now! Thanks for knowing just what we needed to hear!

    This version seems to be missing a line…..the one about teaching people how to see FACES in barns and the value in THAT!

    I love you so much!

    • Message In A Fold

      Awwww, I’m sorry that your son is having a difficult time right now. This blog post so resonated with me this morning and I just had to share it. Hope it helps him in a good way. Kind of made me sit up and take notice.

      Barns. Love those structures :D. Sadly we are headed to places with no barns this trip. New Mexico.

      I love you my friend. You always make me happy to be hanging around in this crazy world.


  • gardenpinks

    This poem regularly hits the number one spot in a list of poems and Rudyard Kipling, a Brit, regularly comes at the top of the hit parade as Great Victorian Poet. He was born in India, sent home (to England) to be educated and went back to India to work as a journalist where the majority of his poetry was written. He wrote about the ‘underdogs’, the common soldiers and civil servants, and extracted the Michael (took the p**s as we would say) out of the upper classes, officers and their wives.

    Several years ago I found on the internet, a large printed copy of this poem and had it framed for Rod’s birthday. As true today as it was when Rudyard Kipling wrote it.
    So glad you enjoyed it.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      A little on my education….this was the first time I had read anything written by Rudyard Kipling. This poem is astounding and so appropriate for today. Sadly, the school board deemed classic literature unnecessary for the throng of teens in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

      At least I will not have missed out on this treasure 😀

      Love you my friend – Leslie

      • gardenpinks

        If you are interested Rudyard Kipling wrote several books and some short stories too including slightly ghosty type stories; obviously the most famous book was The Jungle Book with several stories in it not just about Mowgli. He also wrote one about a boy named Kim and the book is entitled Kim.

        Love and hugs
        Lynn xx

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