Breaking News…..I’ve retired from truck driving.

A few months back I had declared this to be my last year of being a truck driver.  December was going to be the last month I drove.  Guess I can take down the countdown timer from this blog now 😀

When I made that declaration, out of a fit of frustration, I had many thoughts about swallowing my words and getting back to work after the first of the year.  Especially when I thought of Joe being out all by himself and possibly  getting hurt.  Joe is quite capable of taking care of himself, he doesn’t need a babysitter.  The larger concern was not being with him.  We have, after all, been joined at the hip (so to speak) for 23 years.  Living and working together 24/7 all of these years – except for one year.  The previous years I stayed home getting the bookkeeping done for tax time which left him on the road and me home.  I knew I would be back with him in a few short months.

This is different.  I’ve sort of chopped the strings between us.

Through many prayers and lamentations over the situation….I think God got sick of hearing me whine.

An old friend has popped back up in our lives.  Mr. Jim From.  He bought one of Joe’s trailers in about 2006 and did his share of being a Drive-Away driver.  He retired several years ago and we lost touch with him.  Lo and behold he somehow found my blog and got in touch.  Now it is like he never left us 😀

Joe and Jim have been plotting and scheming together over the past couple of weeks on a daily basis.  Jim has been making doctor appointments for his general health physical and will have his DOT Physical done today.  Armed with the proper papers and wallet card he will then submit his application to Dependable Transport for acceptance and getting signed on.

Joe has been in contact with Dependable Transport, in regards to Jim, and the outcome is likely to be favorable for adding Jim to the team of Contract Drivers.

There is much work to be done on our trailer.  The hydraulic brakes Joe had installed earlier this year have been problematic.  There is a problem with axle seals leaking.  This is one aspect that needs to be fixed while we are home.  Also our pickup needs to have a thorough going over by our much favored mechanic.  He, our mechanic, has the onus of fixing and/or finding the problems made by the Ford Dealership in Arkansas.

I have given myself the task of cleaning out the pickup and the bed.  Getting all the crap out that doesn’t need to be in there any longer.  Washing and scrubbing out the sweat stained seats, dust encrusted dash and console, washing the windows, and getting the floors vacuumed.  As with my home, this sort of cleaning only gets done once a year.

Joe and Jim will be going out around the first of October.  Between now and then I will be getting my piles of mail and work documents in order.  Sort through and begin the process of bookkeeping that has been piling up this year.  That is going to take a solid month of daily input to get caught up.  Once that is completed then it will be time for me to look for a job locally.

Never fear.  There is much Foolishness and Mayhem to keep this blog going.  Tomorrow I will start with this poor Peterbilt truck.


This truck has a nasty surprise inside.

Later Gators.



About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

12 responses to “Breaking News…..I’ve retired from truck driving.

  • gardenpinks

    Well that is exciting news Leslie. My fingers are well and truly crossed for you all and I hope you do find work locally, a dream come true for you so that you leave home in the morning and come back to it later that day.
    Good luck with the cleaning!!
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  • Nancy

    WOOHOO for you, my friend! I pray that all will fall in place as it should! I finally found your last email and a response will be on it’s way very soon!
    Love and prayers,
    Nancy 🙂

  • Maureen Mathis

    Yay! Working in your hometown will allow you to have a steady stream of income, as well as healthy interaction with the outside world, which although it’s HEALTHY, will most definitely require a bit of time in the craft room to recover from! I really like how that sounds! Congratulations on making the decision; I know that it was not made hastily. And Joe will miss having you around, no doubt, but he’ll also know that you’re doing what’s best for you, and that’s more important to him, I know. Yay! So you’re home already?! How has Hugh taken the news that he’s been let go of his responsibilities? Hopefully, fairly well, now that he realizes that maybe you’ll have him over for dinner every once in a while. I’m sure he’d rather a friendly neighbor around, anyway!

    • Message In A Fold

      Unless Joe has talked with Hugh, he’s in the dark. We will be letting him know in the next couple of days. Right now it is doing emergency errands, like getting food, the rest of the time is spent decompressing and napping.

      I’m hoping I can find a local job and be able to keep it. Self employed people are notorious for not playing well with others :/

      Love you my friend

  • tina

    awesome girlfriend!!!! the first step is the hardest. the rest will fall into place
    love ya tina

  • Pati

    ALLLRIGHT SIS!! Now you can stay at home and work during the day, and come home at night. Or how ever you decide to do it, congrats. You have wanted this for along time, ok, here it is. Now let us know where you find your work ok? Life is SOOOOO much better when you don’t LIVE ON THE ROAD!! No it is not for me. I know you will find something you will enjoy doing, and bring in a steady paycheck while your doing it. Awesome girl, keep us up on what is going on. Love you sis. and joe.

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