10,091 miles for July and everything was to be delivered “yesterday”!

July 2013 has got to be the craziest month in my history of doing Drive-Away. Many of the loads this month were only two trucks assigned to Joe.

Normally trips like these would leave me free to take pictures of the routes we travel to fill my blog posts with tidbits of information. Not this month.

Our dispatcher knew we had to be in Colorado from July 8th to the 13th for our daughter’s wedding. He worked us around to be sort of close to Colorado. Once the wedding was over he made up for the time we lost from work after that.

July started off with four trucks out of Fort Worth, Texas going to Pendleton, Oregon.


July 2nd through the 6th was spent delivering the Pendleton, Oregon trucks. After delivering them we had to team up on the deadhead driving to Salt Lake City, Utah for a rental car to be used in Colorado.


Our pickup and trailer were left in the long term parking lot of the Salt Lake City airport. With trepidation we left our equipment in a public area and worried several days over the safety of our stuff.

The rental car was used to get us from Salt Lake City, Utah to Highlands Ranch, Colorado.


We arrived a day late. The first two days at Loreli and Chad’s home were spent getting the final pieces ready for the wedding. The programs created and printed off and creating the table seating placards.

Would you believe I didn’t take one photo of anything?! I think I just lost my mind.

Once the wedding was over we went back the way we came to Salt Lake City to return the car and get our pickup and trailer. Thankfully everything was still there when we got to the airport and out of long term parking.

The next set of trucks was out of Hyrum, Utah going to St. Augustine, Florida. Only two this trip. I was going to take pictures along the way. That ended almost as soon as we found the lead truck did “Zero to 60” in five MILES!

We got told we were “Number 1” on numerous occasions by being flipped off for going so slow on a two lane twisting road out of Utah heading for Wyoming.


This trip from Utah to Florida was going to be longer than we thought.


August 15th through the 20th for the Utah to Florida trucks was done by Joe and I switching off driving seven hours each per day. It was uncommon to end the day before midnight at a hotel during this trip. Leaving again by 6 am to continue on to Florida made for long and tiring days. These trucks don’t have mattresses in the sleepers so we napped in the passenger seat as we could.

The trucks were supposed to be delivered on Friday the 14th. That wasn’t going to happen no matter how much we tried.

Once we finally delivered the trucks we had to get to Orlando before noon that same day – Saturday.

A short trip to Orlando we arrived merely minutes before noon. The people at the dealership were really great. They helped us get the trucks off the property and waited until I had the inspection forms ready to sign before they locked up for the weekend.


The four trucks from Orlando were going to auction in Tunica, Mississippi. We headed north with them about 100 miles and found a hotel to fall down in….while the sun was still out.


We over slept Sunday morning. This caused us to be behind schedule for delivering in Tunica on Monday morning. We did deliver Tuesday afternoon late. The auction was scheduled for Thursday so we just squeaked in.

Once delivered we had to deadhead to Charlotte, North Carolina for two trucks. This was going to be another trip driving like we were on fire to deliver.


Oak Park, Michigan was our destination for the two trucks.


Oak Park is near Detroit. All the recent financial troubles there were reflected in Oak Park. Detroit filing for bankruptcy showed as far away as Oak Park. Closed businesses, people on the street corners hustling for money from passing travelers.

Once again we were to deliver before noon on Friday. We arrived just after 2 pm. Next it was off to Marshfield, Wisconsin for three trucks going to Wilmer, Texas.


We did get to be home in our own bed two nights ago. Home long enough to do laundry and sleep a few hours before delivering.


After delivering in Texas Tuesday afternoon we deadheaded to Tunica, Mississippi for two trucks once again.


August will begin with a 700 mile run to Jacksonville, Florida.


July has been crazy with work and I have had very little time to keep up with this blog, emails from family and friends were answered many days after I received them. Text messages have gone unanswered, even my birthday wishes from friends and family went unanswered while we drove one mile after another.

Joe has doctor appointments in August. I am hoping to get a week off to rest and zone out at my computer catching up on YouTube videos I have missed out on. Maybe even sleep in past 6 a few mornings :-).

One can always hope 😀


About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

2 responses to “10,091 miles for July and everything was to be delivered “yesterday”!

  • gardenpinks

    What a mad crazy world you have been existing in during the month of July Leslie. Hope August is a much calmer month for you both. I cannot believe you didn’t photos of the weddings preparations and of the couple!! You who normally has a amera attached to you as if it is an extension 😀 I bet you couldn’t believe you had some down time:)
    Hope you are able to have a week at home to catch up on life, that will be good for both of you.
    Thank you so much for your lovely message to me about the birth of Elliot. Liam and Dylan love him to bits and spent the first few days just sat staring at him 🙂 Dylan is constantly smothering Elliot in kisses, even kisses the baby’s toes 😀 Anyway I have just made a taggy blanket for Elliot so will be putting that up on my blog soon with a photo of Elliot so keep watching out for the email notification. Will probably be after the weekend as we have a busy one coming up!
    Love and huge hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you for reminding me of Dylan – not Daniel. I knew it began with a D 😉

      That is the cutest thing! Kisses all over the new brother. Literally from head to toe 😀

      Of course you have to get your cuddles and kisses in as well. I am happy for all of you.

      Indeed, July is over and we got through it safely and legally. I’m too lazy to work that hard!

      Love you – Leslie

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