Another GideonArc creation!

As a wedding gift for Loreli and Chad a handcrafted decorative wine holder was created by Carissa and Jaime of GideonArc.


A special, personalized, label was made by Carissa to commemorate the event.


Jaime did his usual spectacular steel bending and welding to create the spiral rod which holds the wine bottle and this entire holder and foot plate.


Carissa dictated the placement of the metal leaves and grape pieces.



Through Carissa’s design inspiration and Jaime’s knowledge of metal working these two make a fantastic team.

Keep watch on the GideonArc Etsy site for this item to become available.

This handcrafted wine and candle holder can be a very useful item in your home.

Picture this…..

A romantic dinner for two. The lights off, or dimmed low. The candle atop the holder lit giving off its soft light at a table set with favorite foods. A glass of wine poured from the bottle waiting in the holder. Each of the two diners have thoughts running through their heads of the intimacy yet to come.


A stormy night with lightning flashing and thunder rolling. The power goes out and you are left in the dark. Blackness envelopes you. Feeling your way, without stubbing your toes or banging shins, you make your way to this candle holder and light it. Once lit you can get a glass and enjoy a bit of wine to calm your nerves until the power comes back on.

If you wish to have a special label on your wine bottle let GideonArc know when you place your order.

Did I tell you that I am one proud momma? Well I am 😀


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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

3 responses to “Another GideonArc creation!

  • gardenpinks

    A fabulous wedding present that is unique. Hope the wedding went well and everyone had great fun. So sorry not to have visited before now or post a reply to your comment on my blog but there were mitigating circumstances – a grandchild was due any day and he finally arrived in a rush this morning (Sat 13th July) at 7 am weighing in at 9lbs 15 ozs!!! Mother and baby are both well and are now home, in fact mum drove me back home with her thee sons and hubby in the vehicle 🙂 So I have had a kiss and cuddle with my latest grandson who commemerated the event by puking on me 😀 It was thought he was going to arrive on mum’s birthday – 11th July but decided to wait for his own day 🙂 His name is Elliot and his bigger brothers think he is fab!!!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog post 🙂
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  • pati

    Awesome!! Beautiful work!! You sis, have a right to be so proud!!! 🙂

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