Peterbilt drivers get no respect.

There is a common remark about Peterbilt drivers. It is said that you can’t see the driver because they sit on the floor.

If you happen to see a Peterbilt you can judge for yourself. This is, generally, what one looks like.


I am finding the overhanging visor attached to the roof impedes much of my view.


Driving this truck is not too bad. I have to stop well back at traffic lights to see the change. I didn’t get stopped in time at one light and had to pull myself up over the steering wheel, duck my head and crane my neck just to see the dang light. All the while I had one foot on the clutch and the other on the brake. When that light turned I did a running hop – moving forward while the truck is bouncing up and down – to get through the light.

Not enough gas and too much clutch causes the hopping. I sometimes can make a truck act like it has those hydraulic shock things raising the front end and lowering it with a bang – several times in a row. Not a pretty sight and definitely not professional looking either.

I’m finding taking photos are a challenge with that stinkin’ visor.


Knowing where the good stuff is helps. I can prepare ;-). This is a Hampton Inn hotel at Green River, Wyoming on Interstate 80 – just on the opposite side of the tunnel in the previous shot.


Making full use of the driver side door window also helps. These photos were taken after I crossed the state line into Idaho from Wyoming on US-30.



We will be delivering these trucks tomorrow, Saturday, then heading to Logan, Utah for two trucks going to Saint Augustine, Florida.

But FIRST, we have a wedding in Colorado to attend. We will be renting a car somewhere in Salt Lake City to drive to Colorado and back before the Florida trip begins.

That should be some blog fodder. Riding on a skateboard after these big trucks.



About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

4 responses to “Peterbilt drivers get no respect.

  • Shelly

    Hey there!! Sorry for the lax comments been keeping busy with the kiddos 🙂 We have been doing some crafting and I have photos but cant operate the editing software for this Nikon camera and my Kodak software wont work with the photo files ( A real bummer 😦 ) We will be out camping for several days and I’ve been up to my eyeballs getting this all ready. A bit rusty since we haven’t gone for several years and I need to see what we have and get it all stowed away I will try to get some stuff posted on my blog, feels like forever since I did anything with it. Keep safe and enjoy your wedding.

    Much love to you and Joe

    We remember this tunnel The kids thought it was a big deal going through the mountain on our way to California last September.

    • Message In A Fold

      Camping! Sounds like fun! Hope you get your photo editing problems solved.

      Shelly I’m so happy to hear you are in a better place emotionally. Joe and I were going to drop in on you last week but dispatch changed our mind. I sure would have been up for a bit of chit chat and a hug or two with you. :-(.

      I remember that trip to California and the sadness that precipitated it – Brian’s dad in the hospital.

      Love you – Leslie

  • gardenpinks

    Almost like riding in a tank with such limited vision. That was not a good detail to add at all to the truck. Hope the delivery went smoothly and that you are now on your way to Colorado 🙂
    We are awaiting news that the baby is finally ready to make its appearance, my bag is packed and the phone is by the bedside as I shall be needed for babysiting duties when our daughter has to go into hospital. Hope it isn’t a 4am call out 🙂
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

    • Message In A Fold

      Oooooh! Congratulations on the pending new arrival! If the call out doesn’t come at 4 am it will come when you have a dodgey bit of baking happening. Something that needs careful monitoring :-). Always happens to me that way.

      Love you – Leslie

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