The big flap in the current news about gay marriage. My opinion on the matter.

On my most recent trip from Van Buren, Arkansas to Oak Park, Michigan over the last few days the radio stations have been falling all over themselves to report on the recent passing of legislation to allow “Same Sex Marriage”.

From all the coverage this has garnered you’d think this event would be considered earth moving.

I’m not bashing the gays. Don’t get all excited. I believe that people have the right to live their lives in a manner that allows them to be happy and fulfilled in this life.

The divorce rate of gays will eventually reach the norms of statistics for heterosexual marriages. Let’s face it, people are people no matter what. Love in any combination is fraught with pitfalls. Staying married to the same person for decades is a challenge all on its own.

Take Joe and I for example. Who would have ever thought we would be looking at 23 years together this August? I didn’t! I mean, truthfully….six months with the same man was like a prison sentence of life with no possibility of parole. So it boggles my mind that this guy still loves me after all these years and it stupefies me that he can still make my heart go pitty pat at the drop of a hat. I am very fortunate.

So all this excitement and clamor over same sex marriage is beyond me. These marriages are no different from traditional marriages. Infidelity, spousal abuse, and growing out of touch with your spouse are not just common place to traditional marriages. These things will be challenges for same sex marriages, too. As I said before – people are people.

The thing that I don’t understand is all the hoopla!

This event, in the scheme of historical events, is a blip on the map of historical human rights movements. That is my opinion anyway.

The gays have been struggling to be acknowledged and accepted for a mere 30 or so years.

Consider the 100 PLUS year struggle women had to go through in the US and UK to be known as more than chattel or a man’s property! Don’t believe me? Take a look at this historical timeline of the women’s movement.

Black men were acknowledged and given the right to be legally known as having value long before women finally had that right. Women were the activists to bring about that change in our history during their battle to be known as EQUALS.

Don’t get the wrong idea here. I’m no “bra burning” man basher nor am I a gay basher.

I am a woman who thinks that as far as “gonads” and intestinal fortitude goes the human rights movement has progressed BECAUSE of women.

I’ll get off my soap box now.



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2 responses to “The big flap in the current news about gay marriage. My opinion on the matter.

  • gardenpinks

    And long may the female gender live 🙂 Because where would the human race be without us? What is so annoying though is that we, women, had equal rights in the 5th, 6th and 7th centuries we could be judges, divorce equally without loss of status or finance, etc the along came religion in the shape and form of Roman Catholicism and women were denigrated and placed lower than dogs and horses.
    We have had the same sex marriage thing here and it has caused huge controversy because (a) it was brought in without the government having put it on the agenda and (b) it is unfair. Unfair to women that is. When Civil Partnerships came into being the same status was not given to heterosexual relationships; so if a couple lived together for some years there are no laws to safeguard the women and children from that relationship. The male could end the relationship and leave the woman and children with no financial safety, no roof over their heads and no regard to what both had put into the home or relationship yet a Civil Partnership protected one homosexual from a break down in the relationship. Even should one homosexual partner die the other partner was protected from loss of the other’s pension rights, inheritance and home. This was never given to a heterosexual relationship.

    In the case of same sex marriage then although I am no gay basher I am against this. I am also against homosexuals adopting children. If men or women decide they don’t want relationships with the opposite sex then they should forego the mariage and children. I don’t think it is healthy for children to be brought up thinking homsexuality is normal – it isn’t. Acceptable but not normal. And before I am accused of being against homosexuals and blasted for it please be aware that my brother is homosexual – I accept his preferences but still don’t think it is normal 🙂 Just stop for a moment and think of this – if we all became homosexual then the human race would become extinct within a generation!

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

    • Message In A Fold

      You always have a way of teaching something new. I didn’t know there were women judges long ago. Figures the Catholic Church would have to go and mess everything up.

      I must admit that I also have some difficulty with the issue of same sex households raising children. I guess the proof of it all will show in the next decade.

      Now if the males of our species would grow some balls and just man up and kill the pedophiles of this world and put them out of our children’s misery. Think they might be too soft hearted to do such a thing though.

      Love you – Leslie

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