Nostalgia. A longing for things of the past.

I have been remembering my days of living in Colorado.

The cool morning air. The sweet sound of turtle doves cooing from a tree somewhere close. A cloudless sky of blue. The Rocky Mountains forming a border in the background.


The sight of a rabbit in the grass near the doorstep of my daughter’s house.


Gentle and fragrant breezes stirring the cool air. Even in the height of summer the evenings cool off to temper the days harsh heat.

In Oklahoma it is muggy. The spring is rife with destructive tornadoes. Another round of the nasty business has ripped through Oklahoma City, Moore, and Norman. Our home has sustained minimum damage this time from 100 mph straight winds that have torn the skirting of our mobile home and sent it under the house or to far flung destinations.

Windows and doors are opened in Colorado to allow the sweet smelling air to infiltrate each room of a house.

Leaving the windows and doors open in Oklahoma only makes the house feel muggy and sweltering as the day lengthens.

Colorado winters can be severe one day and mild the next. Nearer the Rocky Mountains the harsh winters can be compared to the northern states of Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

My youth was spent in many different Colorado towns. I moved to Arizona in my early 20’s and was sure I had been taken directly to hell. Late spring, all of summer, and early fall in Arizona the heat is unmerciful. Air conditioning is a necessity, not a luxury. The smell of the earth after a soaking rain is not fragrant.

In my mid 20’s I spent a fall and winter in Gorem, New Hampshire. That was an experience I will never forget. The sulphur smell from the paper mill hung in the air and burned my nose. That winter was the coldest I had been in my life. The engine oil in cars froze to a molasses sludge. Cars and pickup trucks had to come equipped with an electric engine block heater. Those vehicles without this necessary “accessory” were dead until the minus temperatures warmed enough or the car owner heated charcoal briquettes in a pie tin then set it under the oil pan of the vehicle until it warmed the oil enough to start and run.

I’m not stalwart enough to live in the frozen north. Nor in the super heated southwest.

In my late 30’s I lived in Utah. A climate similar to Colorado with mountainous vistas and salt cedar trees everywhere.

A soaking rain in Oklahoma is almost as fragrant as Colorado but comes in third. Rain drenched Utah comes in second.

The wet earth of Colorado has a fragrance that is unmatched anywhere else that I have lived. I miss that smell. Cottonwood trees, pine and other evergreens fill the air.

The traffic…well that is another story all together.

What are the nostalgic thoughts running amok in your brain? Are they simply fond memories or a temptress goading you to make a drastic change in your life?

I think the tornadoes at home are in league with my nostalgia. Pushing me closer to packing up and moving far way.


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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

2 responses to “Nostalgia. A longing for things of the past.

  • pati

    People so often say, sure wish i could go back in time and do this or that. Relive this or that moment, nope, not me. Growing up is what made me,me. But would i EVER relive any of it? Not a chance, mine was not a great growing up. Some people were kind, but generally not, some smells bring some good memories some not so good. I am glad of the time i live in and who i am (now). Everyone smells something or hears something that brings a smile to our lips, thats good. Keep smiling folks.

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