A little shopping and road construction.

The perks of my job are many, the aggravating things of my job are few. Gratitude for my job is lacking most days which is a shameful state of my being.

After delivering in Charlotte, North Carolina on Monday then make the return trip to Massachusetts we stopped in Statesville, North Carolina to shop at the JR Tobacco Outlet store.


JR Tobacco Outlet is a store similar to TJMaxx, Ross, Kohl’s and other outlet stores that sell out of date fashions and stuff other stores can’t get rid of after a clearance sale.



Name brand nail polish in nearly every color imaginable.


Sorry for some fuzzy photos. I was afraid I’d get busted taking photos and be halled out by the armed security guards that prowl the place and check the bags on the way out.

It has been a long time since I’ve bought cosmetics so I don’t know if $4.00 is a bargain for this Almay product.


I do know that $8.95 for a bath sheet is a great price.


I’m not a lithe and slender woman. Regular bath towels leave as much of me exposed as they cover. I’m going to be doing another give away and am leaning toward a set of four of these bath sheets. I am a little reluctant because most women have a color scheme for their bathrooms and plain white might not be welcomed.

Bed sets I passed on that idea. Same reason, plus I don’t know what size of bed is standard. Joe and I have a king sized waterbed.



Kitchen wares of all kinds can be found at JR Tobacco.





JR’s website is all about the cigars they sell. In their stores, of which there are 3 located in Statesville, Burlington, and Selma, North Carolina is a humid cigar store.


Signs and plaques are sold throughout the store.




I found a 400 thread count set of king sized sheets for our bed and Joe bought some cigars. I’m not one to go shopping. Get in and out of a store as quickly as possible all the while having a nagging feeling I’ve forgotten something. That usually means stopping once again later down the road to buy what I forgot.

We will be going by JR’s once again in about three days delivering four more trucks to Charlotte then heading home.

Yesterday was an aggravating day. Accidents and road construction had traffic stopped off and on most of our trip back up toward Massachusetts.

One 25 mile stretch took us 3-1/2 hours to creep along. A line of vehicles in front of us as far as I could see and a line behind us. Crapazoid!



That blew our plans of picking up trucks around noon today.

Grumpy Gertrude is signing out. 😡


About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

9 responses to “A little shopping and road construction.

  • aspot2stamp

    Hi there
    I had never been a TJMaxx or Tuesday mornings til I had my crafty shopping spree and was surprised at what they had. I didn’t get anything except craft supplies but they had a pretty good selection. Found a Martha Stewart punch around the page set for 5.99 That was a good deal. I found some graphic 45 paper Which I’ve never had before it is so pretty and some real nice stamp sets ( good man card or page ones ) at Tuesday mornings for dirt cheap. Does this place have a crafty section? Gosh you can see what I think about 🙂
    Have some kiddie crafts to get set up Mister Levi loves to paint and Sierra wants to glue on some buttons the girls have sever things to put into their journals from school. Maybe I’ll make a card ?? I’ll have to let you know.

    Love ya bunches

    • Message In A Fold

      Sadly, no craft supplies….unless you count coloring books with no crayons anywhere in the store.

      You got some awesome deals during your spree. I absolutely love Graphic 45 papers. The paper weight is what I like best of all then next is the vintage designs.

      Hey, hey there. Looks like there will be some artistic expression happening at your joint. When you get your technical issues resolved I hope photos will be forth coming. When I think of you and your card making the one that sticks in my brain is the zebra drinking water. You totally blew me away with how you colored and shaded the zebra’s reflection in the water. Amazing!

      Love you my friend – Leslie

  • mjc1520

    Hello Leslie, I have been in JR Tobacco a couple of times but I didn’t see anything I really needed. My sisters say that I am the only one they know of that can go into a department store walk around and be out in 10 minutes. I am not one to go shopping unless the need is there. Too many people and the store is a little stuffy. Ughhh! I am not much on crafts, fumble fingers and can’t sit that long, piddling! Sorry! 🙂


    • Message In A Fold

      Look at this! You and I have more than the truck driving in common 😄

      I hate to be in crowded places. Stores packed full of stuff crowding the aisles, the noise of the audio system, babies crying or children screaming, shopping cart wielding people that go the wrong way or stop right in the aisle to block it off while they look at something, herds of young girls spread out taking up all the pathways. And this is not even during the Christmas sprees either!

      Shopping is pure torture! Not an enjoyable experience to me. Get in, go directly where I need to go, plonk it in the cart or tuck it under my arms then quickly maneuver the obstacle course to check out and immediately bale out. Whew! Shopping can be hazardous!


  • gardenpinks

    We have TKMaxx here (not TJ) and it is a nightmare to find anything – think of a jumble sale in a huge department store!! So I have only ever gone into that shop once!! Someone said that TKMaxx had papier mache body torsos very cheap so sent Jill into the branch close to her and she couldn’t find any so that was a waste of time.
    I rarely go shopping or window shopping in these big stores as I have no need (or money!) but when it comes to a craft shop then that is totally different 🙂 Spend ages dawdling around, seeing what is interesting and come out with something that cost a couple of pounds 🙂
    Like you I love bath sheets, a bath towel only covers a small portion of me LOL I can feel quite slim wrapped up in a bath sheet but towelling is so expensive, our bath towels and hand towels are becoming a little threadbare so will need to replace those sometime in the future. Although I went to a large store with Jill not so long ago and we saw hand towels reduced to £1 each (almost 3$US) and I snapped up several of those, they were good quality too and dark enough not to show the dirt 😀

    Oh what a right royal PITB with that traffic jam and usually nothing to show what caused it except too much traffic trying to go through a bottle neck. There is an area not too far from us that is renowned for its traffic jams however if you need to get south of the country it is a necessary route and the only way to avoid the worst of the traffic is either very early morning or very late at night!! Even worse being stuck in a traffic jam like that with fractious children!

    Love and great hugs
    Lynn xxx

    • Message In A Fold

      Geez Louise! Get me in a Michael’s or a Hobby Lobby and the time slips away so fast. I can spend hours in a craft store, and have done so.

      The population around the original 13 Colonies of the US (and a very small land mass portion of the US) is more than the rest of the other 35 states combined. Boston, Massachusetts has more people packed into one city/town than the entire state if California.

      That is why the traffic delays are so bad here. Fantastically beautiful the northeast is but I’m ready to get away from the crowds.

      Oh, and the people up here are just as fantastic as their landscape.

      Love you – Leslie

  • gardenpinks

    Must add a PS here – what is it about kitchenware that attracts us? Spend as little time in the kitchen as possible but like looking at the new ranges of kitchenware! Work that one out 🙂
    Lynn xxx

  • mjc1520

    Shopping is also tiring and I get bored very easily! When my sisters ask me to go with them, I drive my car because they do not know when to quit!

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