Creative Mojo has no concern for time frames.

A project has been simmering in my husband’s brain for many months.  See, it is percolating now.

Joe, thinking about a project

Living in small spaces a person needs to consider “Vertical” storage.  The walls in our kitchen/dining room  have lots of space.  Joe is an Engineer.  He spent his early adult years working for an outfit in Kansas designing and building backhoes.  The photo below is one I got from the internet and am using only to demonstrate what a backhoe is.

Joe knows the tensile strength of metals.  He knows the bearing weight of metal and wood.  He knows how to calculate for the center of gravity in his designs.  He know how to…..well you get the picture.  He is one smart man and math is no challenge for him.  Me on the other hand…..math is not my strongest point.

Alright, back to the blathering at hand.  Joe has had an idea floating around in his head to build some shelves for me that will run along two walls in our kitchen/dining room.  Joe, being an artistic visionary, can see his design in his head.  He can, he says, see the project and turn it around in his head to find the flaws or how to tweak the project to make it better.

Now my Joe has one problem.  ME!  While translating what he sees in his head, to paint a verbal picture for me to understand what his goal is, he floods me with the details.  I’m with him for the first 10 seconds and then I get lost in the content.  Once I’m lost his words to me are “blah, blah, blah, hang properly, blah, blah, blah, support with metal legs, blah, blah, blah, pots and pans can be hung because, blah, blah, blah”.

I’m a visual person.  Show me, don’t tell me.  Draw me a picture and then blah blah blah all you want.  I’ll be able to follow along then.

Okay, after Joe had spent the better part of a day getting his “Man Tools” organized in our hallway and finding gems he forgot he had my dining room has been taken over.  Get out of the way or you’ll get stepped on in this creative spurt of Mojo.

Joe's creation under way

This huge piece of wood will, eventually, become a storage shelf that will go on the wall above our freezer – the white appliance to the right of the table.  He has a motley grouping of tools laid out, within easy reach, while working on this project.  This is a “jig”.  It is supposed to enable him to weld, or tack weld, the square metal tubing that will become the shelf.  He keeps telling me he will turn this all over and do the welding.  I’m lost.  Turning this all over…..there will be a plank of wood hiding the metal tubing.  It’s Joe’s thing and I’ll just let him run with it.

He has used several of the wooden blocks from the stash when I removed the rubber stamps from the blocks.  These are supports of some kind for his jig.

Wooden blocks used in a jig

The square metal tubing will be tack welded to the metal angel pieces and…..blah blah blah.

Square tubing to be tack welded

The weather is cold, drizzly, some snow showers on occasion, there is a breeze making the air colder.  Let me see if I can remember some of the other things Joe has said as to why this has taken up residence on our dining room table and we will be having guests for dinner to celebrate the New Year in about six hours.

The last bit I do remember is he will be bringing in his acetylene torch to tack weld the pieces.  Seriously?!  Bringing fire into a mobile home?!  Not just fire but a BLOW TORCH!

Building at a halt

At least let me get the ham in the oven before you set our house on fire.

Happy New Year to everyone.  Maybe I’ll be posting from the road starting tomorrow 😉




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