Hanging it all up. The wires that is.

Getting my living room deep cleaned took an entire week to do.  In the past I would have done it all in a very long day and spent the rest of the week griping and complaining about no one appreciating the hard work I had done.

On this particular day I focused on the entertainment center and the other bookcase.  My  husband is a voracious reader of murder mystery, military mystery, and just about any kind of “Who Done It” there is.  He has a few authors that are his favorite and has collected most of their books.  Clive Cussler, Tom Clancy, Lee Child, Robert B. Parker, W.E.B Griffin, Brad Thor, Lawrence Block, Jonathan Kellerman, Dale Brown, and he is working on the collection now of John Sanford.  There are several more authors that I can’t think of right now.  My personal collection of books are Elizabeth George, Jean M. Auel, and J.K. Rowling‘s Harry Potter series.  I’m not much of a reader any longer since I get lost away from the “real world” with my crafting when I need to get out of my head.

The top of the entertainment center has a coating of dust on everything.  With my vacuum and my step stool I got up there and took everything off.  Made a decision what was to be put back up, given away, or stored somewhere else in the house.  I used the vacuum to get all the accumulated dust  sucked up.  I also used the vacuum on the items removed.  Most things then got a good wiping with a dust cloth.

Once again, I set my goal for four hours and had my timer set for 15 minute intervals.  During each of the 15 minutes I hopped from one shelf to another.  Removing books or items on one shelf, vacuuming when necessary and dusting what needed it.  When the timer went off I started on a different shelf.  If I didn’t finish one shelf during the previous 15 minutes I left it to work on later.

This allowed me time to decided where I wanted to put things.  Sort through the books to find duplicates and start getting the books in author order.

The entertainment center

The other bookcase was a bit difficult to get to because the Christmas tree (left up from last year) was in the way.  Breaking up the work into 15 minute intervals and hopping from one section of this mess to another made my job easier in the long run.  The books on this, sort of, hidden bookcase were all removed and cleaned.  Once the piece of furniture was cleaned and free of STUFF I had to move it out of the way to access the walls for vacuuming and cleaning the floor.

I can’t believe it, but, this entertainment center and the two bookcases have been Joe’s for years.  They have been with US for 22 years and he had them before he met me.  They are a bit tattered in places but they do their intended job.

The other bookcase

Back, once again, to the entertainment center and working on the lower shelves in the same way.  Good grief this thing was dusty!

Rest of the entertainment center Having the bookcase out of the way made it easier for Joe to get at the rat’s nest of wires on the floor.  Some of the wires are so delicate that I was always fearful of tearing or breaking one while moving the heavy furniture around.

The rat's nest of wires

The first to be dealt with is the thick satellite cable that comes in from the outside through a hole in the wall.  Joe is a great handyman and always has the necessary tools to do the work I need done.  The telephone wire that has found a place to rest on the Christmas tree has been a sore point with  me for many years.  Why the satellite dish needs to be connected to a telephone line is beyond me.

Getting the wires hung

We purchased this wire hanging kit from IKEA almost five years ago.  Finally getting some use out of this set.

Kit from IKEA

The satellite wire and the speaker wires are run under the chair rail along the wall and up off the floor.  This might be a little thing to one person but to me this is a major thing.  Takes worry off my mind about those fragile wires.

Satellite and speaker wires hung

Rounding the corner with the speaker wire is made possible by those nifty wire hook, clamp, doo dad, thingys.  You’ll see them up close and in action down further.

Rounding the corner

This is the wire hanging doo dad for the satellite cable.  This which-a-ma-call-it is included in the set from IKEA.

Large wire clip

The smaller wires are held fast with these little who’s its.

Small wire clip

The little wire doo dads also were used to get that flaming telephone wire up off the Christmas tree and finally out of sight.  The unsightly caulk spots on all of my walls makes me crazy.  The spots are clean 🙂 and we will live with them  until I get up the gumption, and ambition, to paint the walls.  THAT won’t be happening anytime soon so you will just have to deal with my caulk spots if they bother you.

Along the ceiling


While the telephone wire ran along the ceiling the speaker wires ran just under the chair rail along the outer wall.

Along the chair rail

Having those books and shelves cleaned, the wires hung, and the walls done in this area was a lot of work but so rewarding.  I did end up going over my four hour goal by 30 minutes because of getting the wires hung and the floor cleaned where the bookcase was moved to and filled with books.

Cleaned and moved


  1. Setting small goals makes the process easier to handle.
  2. Wishing you had updated furniture when you can’t afford to purchase new won’t take care of your cleaning problem.
  3. After doing all this hard work make sure to give yourself the praise you need for doing a fantastic job.
  4. Whether you realize it or not, others are watching you and are enjoying the transformation as well.
  5. Stay your course and see this through.  You will begin to find the joy in your home once again.

A word of caution here is needed as well.  Once your family members see what you are doing they WILL get on board.  You will be asked to help them with a project in a different part of the house.  IT IS OKAY to tell them “No”.  You are working on your project and will help them when you can or when you get to that part of the house.

For goodness sake.  DON’T go and ruin the happiness you have growing in your heart by taking on more than you are willing to do right now.  If your family member(s) gets bent out of shape, well…..”they will get glad in the same pants they got mad in”.  In other words, they will get over it.

Remember this.  YOU are only one person and can only do as much as you are physically capable of before you crash and burn.  Or do further harm to your body that hurts and rebels now.

Take a few minutes to read these “Fly-Baby Testimonials” that are on the Flylady website, if you haven’t already read them.  They will give your poor beleaguered heart a boost and make this cleaning process easier to face.  Be kind to yourself and the rest will fall in place.




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