Parting doesn’t have to be “Sweet Sorrow”.

I had a path through my living room.  An obstacle course to be exact.  Storage bins piled one atop the other, cloth grocery bags stuffed amongst the bins, luggage and totes crammed into any available space.  Trying to ignore the mountain of a mess while doing my paperwork was hard to do.  Concentration on my primary task was hard to do with the nagging boxes and bins behind me.  See for yourself the mess that I had.

Storage bins that reached out and scratched Joe and I as we traversed this room.

Storage bins

Luggage and totes is all I could see from my chair.


Tucked between the storage bins are totes….


More totes and cloth grocery bags….

More totes

Cloth grocery bags and more totes….

Cloth grocery bags and totes

Cloth grocery bags and large trash bags……

Cloth grocery bags and large trash bag

Storage bins and more totes….

More storage bins and totes

Multiple sizes of storage bins, along with totes…..

Storage bins in multiple sizes

More cloth grocery bags along with tools….

Another tote and tools

A storage bin that has exploded, or so it seems.Jam packed storage bin

Getting to the printer paper to run my financials was a chore since it was totally buried beneath this horrid mess.

Box of printer paper

Each of these bins and bags are filled with necessary items for our life out on the road and a whole lot of UNnecessary items.  In too much of a hurry to put tools and equipment away in the proper bins while on the road, stuff was crammed into which ever bin or bag was the closest.  Most times it was something that would be left home on our next “visit” and just chucked into the nearest bin or bag.  I had my work cut out for me and I didn’t want any part of the job.

I located my kitchen timer and set a goal for myself.  How many bins and bags could I empty in 15 minutes?   I had to play a game with myself to get the ball rolling.

Timer set for 15 minutes

Before I set the time I had to find a space on the floor for three MORE bags.  These bags are instrumental in getting this project underway.  The “KEEP” bag is just that.  Things I need to keep will be put in this bag.

Keep bag

While the sorting is underway I will need a bag for items that will go in the “GIVE AWAY” bag.  These items will go to the Goodwill, Salvation Army, or our local Rescue Mission.  The recipient would be decided later based on how far from home I wanted to travel to get this stuff out of our house.

Give Away bag

The third bag is “TOSS”.  That is where the things to be thrown away would end up.

Toss bag

Let’s get this started and over with.  Crapazoid!  This will be the first storage bin since it is the closest to me.  Reach over and get the timer started then open the lid to the box.  Let’s see what we have in here, shall we?

The first box of the many

Oh, goody.  Another box!  And it looks like a plastic bag that could hold some trash in it.  How about just closing the lid back up and forgetting this project for now.  Nope, have to get this done.  I can’t stand seeing this mess any longer.

Goody, another box

I’ll start with the shopping bag.  Oh, there are the scrubs I was looking for!

And a shopping bag

My scrubs….

My scrubs

Joe’s scrubs.  These scrubs were purchased in late spring or early summer.  Our old ones were torn in places and stained with grease so badly we were an awful sight to see while we worked.  People probably thought we were penniless in our torn and stained work clothes.

Joe's scrubs

The storage bin, within the storage bin, holds the R134A air conditioning fluid and the hoses used to refill the A/C reservoir on the trucks we deliver.  With the temperatures cooling down for us while we were out in October and early November we didn’t need to keep this box handy.  So, it just got chucked into the first available bin.

Air conditioner fluid for the trucks

Heat Wraps are in this bin along with the A/C fluid.  I’ll be keeping all of these items so they will be transferred to the KEEP bag.

Open this box

Oh, look.  Another shopping bag.  Hidden beneath the A/C box and the Heat Wraps.  What could be in there?

More shopping bags and stuff

Sensational!  Trash!  That is what is in that shopping bag.  Well both of these items will get chucked into the TOSS bag.

Goody, a bag of trash

Okay, do I keep this or do I give this away?  A quick look at the timer to see how much time I have to decide on this item.  I better keep it.  I never know when Joe will go and do something to himself yet again.

Knee support

Joe told me he had recently purchased two Truck Stop Guides.  Well, here is one of them.  This will go in the KEEP bag.

Truck stop guide

Hmmm, this looks interesting.  A pouch.  Just what I need….another storage device.  Wonder what the heck is in there?

A storage pouch Joe bought

A lone pair of glasses.  Joe’s reading glasses to be exact.  I’ll keep the glasses and put the pouch in the GIVE AWAY bag.  If the lone pair of glasses is all Joe had in the bag then I am going to assume this fantastic idea didn’t work for him.

A lone pair of glasses is all

Batteries, Double A’s that we constantly need.  Audio books that help make the miles go faster.  Fat lot of good they are doing us at the bottom of this bin.  I think I see the other Truck Stop Guide down there.  And it looks like office supplies as well.  These will all go in the KEEP bag.

Audio books

Printer paper.  How long has THAT been in there?  Quite a while I can tell you.  The printer paper will go in the KEEP bag.

Printer paper and batteries

Looks like a can of soup is in here.  That had to have been Joe’s purchase.  Tomato soup gives me heartburn so I don’t eat it.

Tomato soup

Expired OCTOBER OF 2011!  Definitely going in the TOSS bag.

Long expired

Notebook dividers with pockets.  Why do we have those in here?  These must be Joe’s so they will go in the KEEP bag.

Notebook dividers with pockets

This Expanding Folder will go in the KEEP bag as well.  Joe may have had some idea for these but has since forgotten….since they are at the bottom of the bin.

An expanding folder

Blank DVD’s?!  What the heck are these for?  This goes in the KEEP bag for Joe to decided what he wants to do with them.

Blank DVD's

I have put the office supplies in a box.  There are more storage bins to go through and I’m sure I’ll find more.  A quick look at the timer and I still have 10 MINUTES LEFT!  Crapazoid.  I guess I’ll go on to the next box.

Box designated for office supplies

One down!  That wasn’t so bad.  Maybe.

Kinda it was.  Maybe even sorta, kinda, bad.  😀

One box down and on to the next

Total time to go through those bins, bags, boxes, and totes?  47 minutes.  Not even an hour!  Man does it ever feel good to see the FLOOR once again.  The storage bins were repacked, with Joe’s help, and everything was put in order.  Like with like.  Tools went in one storage box, equipment in another, and so on until we had the KEEP bag empty.  Joe put some items in the GIVE AWAY bag.  All the boxes we need on the road have been put back in the pickup and are out of the house.  Yippy Skippy!

Mess finally sorted out

Dust?  Nope not gonna mess with it today.  I’m done.  I completed the project I set for myself, reached my goal of getting the floor cleared and that is enough.  Dust will be dealt with the next day.



Setting a small goal is the biggest thing you can do for yourself.  You will be setting yourself up for SUCCESS instead of failure by just choosing one thing to do.  If you have small children that need to have an eye kept on them you will be less stressed when you take the pressure off yourself.

The other bonus is you will have evidence of your accomplishment.  That will add to your feeling of a job well done.  The rest of the stuff…..leave it alone.  You can get to it later.  Your feeling good about yourself is the main idea of doing the major jobs in small chunks.  Trust me….your family will thank you for it.  Being kind to yourself, I mean.  Because you will be kind toward them as well 😀



About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

4 responses to “Parting doesn’t have to be “Sweet Sorrow”.

  • Jann Gray

    Awesome! Great tips – I have a project I need to tackle – and this gives me a good foundation for success as I approach it! Thanks!

    Merry Christmas to you and Joe…love you two!


    • Message In A Fold

      Merry Christmas, my dear friend, to you, Royce, and Weston.

      I’m very glad that you have found inspiration from my embarrassment. The task is not fun, the process lacks the pure joy of creativity, but the results are totally worth it. Baby steps and 15 minutes at a time is the key.

      Jann, I wish to thank you for blessing my life with your friendship. God smiled upon me when he put you in my life.

      Love you – Leslie

  • gardenpinks

    Hooray space and more carpet to clean 🙂 Well done for getting on with the job, sorting it and clearing it away now you can go and play! Happy Christmas
    Love and hugs to you both
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you, Lynn, for your fabulous support 😀 Indeed, FLOOR SPACE! Such an unsightly mess and it drove me bonkers.

      Happy Christmas to you, my dear friend. I hope you and Rod are enjoying the day and that Santa’s visit to your home thrilled you with glee 😀 We are getting “sneet” which is a combination of snow and sleet. The ground is covered in little white balls so I guess we are having a “White Christmas” here in Oklahoma 😀

      Love you my friend.

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