First snow storm of the season in Arizona and New Mexico

Joe was discharged from the hospital in Chandler, Arizona last night around 7 pm. We found a Comfort Inn just 4 miles from the hospital to hole up for the night.

Joe slept fairly well without the nurses pestering him for blood pressure and temperature checks every two to four hours. His bladder, however, was relentless. Every two hours he was up stumbling his way to the bathroom.

He awoke to no pain and ready to head for home. First, a stop by Jaime’s work to get our trailer before we left town. The temperature was just a little on the chilly side. Not cold enough for long pants and coats or light jackets.

When we were about 10 miles from Flagstaff, Arizona on I-17 the air was pretty nippy and there was snow on the ground off the highway.


Arriving in Flagstaff I saw the mountain that looks down on the city was covered in a blanket of snow.


The roads were clear all of our trip until we were east of Winslow, Arizona. Snow began falling in pellets. The road in front of us began to look like a bean bag chair was emptying its styrofoam beads everywhere.

Gallup, New Mexico was where the snow began sticking to the roadway. From mile post 30 to 75 the road surface was black ice. Big trucks were creeping along at 15 miles an hour. Brave, or lunatic, car drivers were speeding past in the left lane leaving all of us in their rear view mirror. That is until the roadway was blocked by an accident. There were 10 accidents with cars, pickups, and tractor trailers overturned in the shoulder ditches or the center medians. Crazy, insane.

Joe drove from Gallup to Grants, New Mexico. A distance of 65 miles on the ice and snow covered road. Snow plows were out scraping and sanding the roads. The last eight miles into Grants the road cleared and we arrived safely to our hotel. Me half terrified and stiff muscled from the tight hold I had on the grab bar of the door. Joe was a bit tired from the drive and the little bit of stress he felt. I was way passed stressed. Probably in the climbing the walls range.

The first snow of the season. It is beautiful and covers everything it touches.


Enjoy your weekend everyone.



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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

2 responses to “First snow storm of the season in Arizona and New Mexico

  • gardenpinks

    Please leave the snow there Leslie. We don’t want it here at all!! Although parts of the country did have some snow a few ays ago. I hate snow and ice; I hate being cold too. Is it usual for there to be snow in Arizona and New Mexico?
    Was Joe’s operation keyhole surgery? Why I ask is that surgery for appendicitis usually entails cutting through the stomach wall which is extremely painful and takes a while to get over so I can only imagine he had keyhole surgery.
    Love and hugs

    • Message In A Fold

      Indeed, Joe had “Keyhole” surgery. They have an unprounacable name for it. Laparoscopy or something like that. Tongue twister of a word.

      The eastern side of Arizona – Ftom Flagstaff to the New Mexico border do have snow. The lower lying areas don’t get hit quite so bad. New Mexico’s western edge from the Arizona border to Albuquerque do get snow and ice. Usually the worst are from Gallup to Grants, sometimes as far in as Albuquerque, 140 miles from the Arizona/New Mexico border.

      It is cold today. Me, as usual, unprepared. Shorts and short sleeve blouse with a fleece hoody jacket.

      I too abhor the cold. And the hot. And the wet. And the dry. I’m a flaming whiner 🙂

      I know you guys have the thermal wear out and have done so for a number of weeks. Hope your winter is kind to you this year.

      Love you – Leslie

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