New experiences for these two old truck drivers.

We are moving trucks out of Phoenix, Arizona and taking them to Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the route we have always taken before.


This, often traveled route has several steep inclines and equally steep declines. Some trucks we pick up are reluctant to do the steep inclines and they overheat.

The other problem is a traffic light at the bottom of one of the really steep declines. That light is always red as we are hurtling down and mashing on the brakes.

Joe found a different route to travel between Phoenix and Las Vegas so we have to give it a try.


I have dubbed this road the “Hippy Dippy” road. It is a mild roller coaster ride 😀




This new road has its ups and downs but on a smaller scale. Much less wear and tear on the cooling system and the brakes.

The landscape is quite barren. There are road signs posted before each dip in the road that declare “Do not drive while flooded”.

Because the earth is hard packed from the baking sun, rain doesn’t have a chance to soak into the rock hard ground. The rain waters find the low spots and “wash out” to flood the road.



Scrub growth is abundant in this lonesome stretch of road.



The landscape changes over the course of this route. Saguaro cactus reach for the sky.


Joshua Trees show off their odd gnarled arms.


A misplaced grouping of palm trees stand in their scruffy majesty.


Six hours of this hippy dippy road and alien landscape does have a bit of interest. Solid rock has forced its way up to form startling ranges of deep brown granite like spires and interesting shapes against the sky.



Friday night, after delivering our first set of trucks, we stayed at the Railroad Pass Casino and Hotel in Henderson, Nevada. We found ourselves suddenly in the dark Saturday morning when the power went off in the hotel, followed by doors being knocked on down the hallway with calls of “Housekeeping” ringing out. When our door was knocked on I was informed by the housekeeper the hotel was being evacuated.

Joe and I scrambled around in our room throwing clothes on and cramming our belongings in bags and the suitcase in a hurry to get out.

Taking the fire escape, as directed we were met by a long line of firemen ascending the stairs. My hands were full so I missed a golden photo op 😦

Once outside, and hands free, I got busy. Fire trucks parked in the driveway.


Evacuees standing and milling around far from the hotel.


Restaurant chefs even further away from the milling crowds.


Several minutes later the firemen returned to their trucks and people were let back in to continue whatever they had been doing.


Joe and I left heading back to Phoenix on the Hippy Dippy road. We will be hooking up more trucks today going to Las Vegas. A visit with our daughters will be made this afternoon then leaving tomorrow to deliver.

If you head west and want to take an alternate route to Las Vegas I recommend the Hippy Dippy road.

Enjoy your Sunday. I continue to pray for those hit badly by Sandy. As if the storm wasn’t bad enough they will be facing drastically low temperatures in the coming days without electricity to keep warm. Poor souls, you are in my thoughts and prayers.



About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

2 responses to “New experiences for these two old truck drivers.

  • gardenpinks

    Love the hippy dippy road 🙂 That scenery is fascinating and such wonderfully different plants. Wonder how old that palm tree is, it does look old.
    Wow such excitement as being evacuated from the hotel 🙂 Good job you were dressed or soon were dressed. What was the cause?
    Although I do feel very sorry for the victims of the hurricane I was annoyed on behalf of the employees of the power companies who were being bemoaned so much. These poor people are working flat out to restore the power and they have been working in pretty awful conditions at times yet they have been vilified; it is their fault! Everyone was warned that it would take time to get the power up and running again and I know it is pretty miserable being without adequate light, heat and cooking facilities but please don’t chew up the employees.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      The hotel evacuation was due to someone smelling an electrical fire. I don’t know if there really was a fire or not. We left just as the fire trucks were leaving.

      Indeed, it was exciting. Hearing the feet pounding the stairs before us made me a little afraid of a stampeding herd but there was none.

      The desert is a place you have to really look for the prizes. It is so monotonous and can be extremely boring.

      Your comment about the linemen getting the electricity back on is right on the money. Those poor souls work around the clock until the job is done. The thanks they get is a whole lot of *itching and complaining. They do an amazing job.

      Love you – Leslie

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