Calling all knitters and crocheters. I need your help!

My sister, Pati, has found some free time on her hands. One of her long standing wishes has been to learn how to knit or crochet.

Pati has worked hard all her life, sometimes two jobs. We are both in our 50’s and a tad set in our ways.

I desperately need your help. Pati is facing a fear. She is on the precipice of having a dream fulfilled only to be held back by fear. Fear of not being “Good enough”. She has found a kind soul who has offered to teach her how to knit but now Pati is making excuses and is turning her back on the dream.

Please leave a message to Pati in the comments section of this post. Tell her of your own struggle with knitting or crocheting when you started. What was the first thing you made. Also tell her what kept you going to do the next piece.

I am NOT asking for donations of needles and yarn. Only a small bit of your time.

As in all families, the one most in need of support and encouragement thinks that one family member who sticks their nose in is full of doo doo and they don’t know or understand what is really going on.

Pati needs to know that someone else has gone through what she is facing. A dream within reach but too afraid to step into the dream.

She will be ready to kill me but I am not afraid. Besides I live too far away from her to be quaking in my boots.

I wish to thank you all in advance for sharing your encouragement. It is my firm belief that people are willing to help someone out, even through the Internet and friendships develop in amazing ways. Please help my sister over this hurdle.



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8 responses to “Calling all knitters and crocheters. I need your help!

  • Nancy

    Hello, my friend! Hello to my friend Pati, as well!
    I live too far away too…up here in Canada! lol So I’m not afraid either! I’m always happy to share my ramblings about crafty things, as you all know! 🙂 Great timing too, as I just happened to log in. Even greater timing since I only had two new emails and the subject line of this one jumped right out at me. I ask for allowances in advance if I don’t make much sense because I’m very tired and I’m hungry! Supper is on and smells yummy but it’s rather distracting! lol
    I knit and I crochet. I find crocheting much easier than knitting…perhaps because I’ve been doing it longer. There seems to be a freedom in crocheting that I don’t have with knitting. You can kind of go where you want with your work as far as the design and movement and even the materials. I actually taught myself to crochet from a book when I was in grade 5. I didn’t know anyone who crocheted and I wanted to make some clothes for my dolls. I made a doll blanket first. My second piece was a jacket for my doll complete with sleeves and a yoke. I was so excited!! I got all the neighborhood kids together and started a crochet club on my front lawn! haha It just continued from there to making EVERYTHING!! To this day, as soon as the snow falls I get the urge to make a new afghan! 🙂
    I can’t remember when I first learned to knit. It was sometime after the crocheting. I’ve always really enjoyed it too! I started with scarves. These days with all the fabulous yarns and fibers available, you can make incredible scarves with the simplest of knitting skills. There’s something very relaxing about the rhythmic movement of the needles! I’ve knit sweaters and afghans and beautiful baby sets. It’s fun to use very simple stitches to make lace designs. I am by no means an “experienced” knitter although I have done loads of knitting. I have never gotten into the more advanced or “fancy” designs of knitting.
    So my summary is this:
    Both knitting and crocheting are wonderful skills to have. You can make UMPTEEN different items, so many with a minimum of expense. They are both crafts that are very easily transported with you wherever you go! You can make beautiful gift items for friends and family…even as an absolute beginner…again with very low cost involved. They are both very relaxing hobbies that can be done while watching tv or listening to music. There are hundreds of youtube videos that are fabulous teaching guides, and blogs too. Most of the yarn companies now offer hundreds of FREE patterns for just about anything you can think of to make!
    You can do it, Pati! Try both of them and see which one you like better. I don’t see a down side! I’d be happy to answer any questions…anytime!
    I hope I didn’t ramble too much! lol I do like to talk about crafty things! 🙂
    Oh…my supper bell just went! I’m a happy girl!
    Thanks for letting me fill up your page, Leslie!
    Love and Prayers,
    Nancy 🙂

  • gardenpinks

    I believe that if you want to do something strongly enough you will NOT talk yourself out of it 🙂 You are not proving anything to anyone but seeking to learn something new. I learnt to crochet via Youtube!! You are an intelligent person Pati so it won’t take you long to pick up basic knitting and basic crocheting. I have to admit that I don’t knit very much as I find it very boring but I do crochet although not very well but it is something I enjoy doing. I bought a very good book from Amazon which shows all the different crochet stitches so once I mastered the basics I am trying out some of the other stitches by crocheting up squares which, hopefully one day, I will make into a blanket 🙂
    As Nancy said knitting and crocheting are perfect for when you are sitting quietly watching television or listening to the radio or music and if you are a passenger in a car or train or whatever crochet or knitting is so portable.

    Go on Pati give it a go, what have you got to lose??? Don’t talk yourself out of it.
    On the subject of caning produce why don’t you try bottling fruits first, this isn’t such a big investment but is wonderful to do and you end up with lots of jars of preserved fruit for the winter months. Once upon a time I used to bottle gooseberries, strawberries, raspberries and plums; I bought Kilner jars (not sure what the equivalent is called in the US but they are jars/bottles that have a rubber seal under the glass lid and come in various sizes). I used the oven/cooker to bottle the fruit – line the oven shelf with either newspaper or a wooden board and pack the fruit tightly into the jars. Can’t remember the temperatures or times required now but there are plenty of books around on the subject and lots of advice online.

    Most important of all have fun!

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  • aspot2stamp

    Although I dont crochet much any more it is something my Mom tought me in elementary school. Although I prefer paper crafting but thats just me. Now knitting I’ve never tried but do have the needles and yarn to give it a whirl. My Mom crochets amazing bed spreads I will need to put a photo up of the one she made for my bed. When I was little she always sat on the couch in the evenings and worked on her projects. Like Lynn my sister sister learned lots from books but learned the basics from Mom but has taught herself some really lovely stitches over the years. ( even made a bikini once and the kids have scarves and she made and always did baby blankets). Give it a try and dont be upsset if the first trys are less than perfect we all have to start somewhere and tend to be more critical of our personal work. Who knows maybe you will be one of the ones who start great and just get more amazing as you go along. I remmber my first greeting cards Yikes!!!! is all I can say. but the people I made the cards for thought they were beautiful and that helped boost my confidence to keep going. Now I just to clear my schedule ande get my rear end to the craft area lol 🙂 All this talk of crafting has made me want to get busy with my inks and papers and stamps. Let us know how you’re doing and I hope you give it a try.
    Take care Hugz,

  • Jann Gray

    Hey Pati!

    I totally can relate to having wanted to learn how to knit MOST of my life – and being a bit nervous before I actually tried it.

    When I was young I saw both my Mom and my Dad knitting. I know…you would think there were people coming out of the woodwork to teach me how to knit…but I guess neither of my parents thought I would like it so they didn’t ever teach me. I made it well into my adult life…and it was always in the back of my mind that I wanted to learn…but by the time I found someone who was willing to teach me – I began to get a bit nervous…the more I THOUGHT about it – it looked complicated…and I wondered if my brain was really able to learn something COMPLICATED. When we were kids we kind of were in the HABIT of learning…but when we get busy with life – we change our learning styles…and it isn’t as NATURAL for us to go after acquiring a new skill.

    I am so glad that I did…at first my hands felt incredibly awkward…having to think through every move…but very quickly my hands began to find the patterns of knitting very rhythmic and happening automatically. Just like anything we do repetitively – it gets easier…and getting past my nervousness with knitting has freed me up to try LOTS of other crafty things in my adult life…I know you will too! Today – I love all kinds of crafty things…but at the first hint of fall, my fingers itch for a ball of wool and some knitting needles…and it is kind of like “riding a bicycle,” my fingers remember the patterns and move the needles without my brain needing to concentrate much!

    Hope you have a BLAST learning to knit and/or crochet! You have inspired me to try my hand at crocheting…I have only tried doing a few flowers – but I want to learn a bit more! I’ll let you know how my new adventure goes and would love to hear what you decide to try for your first project!


  • Pati Mishler

    OMGOSH!! How very sweet of everyone, thanks sis, kisses to you for this. You all have MADE MY DAY!! This is all so touching, yes, Jann, this is EXACTLY how i feel, and felt all this time.

    Such encouraging words from all of you, this has given me strength of heart to ( truge ) on and find those knitting needles.

    I dont know which one i will like better, but, i do intend on finding out.

    SIS!! You are the best!!:-D You called on your troops to encourage me on my quest, this has really touched my heart, very grateful to you all.

    Will keep you all up on how i do, again, 🙂 thanks troops 🙂

  • Anita

    I don’t knit or crochet. Wish I knew how to do both. I have a tablecloth my grandmother crocheted, and I still have my favorite sweater she knit for me when I was around 6 y.o It’s navy blue with the whte snow-flake-like design. How I loved that sweater! I love looking at and touching these two things. I’m wondering if you have someone special, Pati, that you would like to gift with something made from the heart. Like my grandmother did for me. I’m getting close to 60 now. These things still bring me comfort and warmth. Share yourself with someone you can gift that that comfort and warmth!

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