I have finally caught up on my blog reading….

And filled your email boxes with responses.  Please forgive me for crashing your inbox.

Over the past two weeks I have had the energy only to use my Four Square App to indicate where I was each day.

Having copious amounts of sinus drainage – deluge to be exact – accompanied by fits of coughing that sometimes brought stars in my vision and seemed to strangle the breath out of me was very difficult to deal with.  Driving a truck while tending to these physical ails was down right frightening at times.  Most especially when I coughed so much and could not breathe or when I had stars floating in  my vision and a feeling of light headedness  during a bout of coughing.

I lost my voice and my temper several times.  Not wanting to talk to anyone, even Joe over our little radios, because that would bring on a coughing fit was not fun.  Least of all for Joe.  He was trying his best to let me know he was still with me even though he was in a separate truck and a quarter of a mile in front.  I got really testy with him wanting to just jabber.

Being achy, feverish, filling my plastic shopping bags with used Kleenex, and trying to drink fluids other than coffee during the day all the while wishing I were in a bed somewhere sleeping off the cold didn’t help much.  At night in the hotel rooms I kept Joe awake with my hacking and coughing then sitting up at the bedside gasping for air.  All I wanted was to be home and left alone in my misery.

We arrived home Monday afternoon.  A few errands had to be run before I could hole up at home.  I am happy to say the snot factory has subsided.  The coughing has quieted some.  I still have some bouts throughout the day and into the night.  I’m tired and feel really washed out.  The light headedness has subsided as has the seeing stars when I cough.  That was totally frightening.  All I could imagine was telling the police officer and our dispatch office that I passed out from coughing and that was the cause of the accident.  That was so terrifying to me and added to my testiness.

These are the blogs I read daily and try to leave comments on.  Unfortunately, these are the blogs that I have inundated with comments in my endeavor to catch up on what has been going on with them.

  • Garden Pinks – My friend Lynn, from the UK, has been in the throes of Red Tape.  She and her husband are selling their home and getting ready to “Keep, Toss, and Give Away” 37 years of living in a home they refurbished.  Please go check out her other blog – Stanley Mount Cottage – to read about all the work they did to make a long neglected building into a home.  You want an adventure, you’ll find one just reading her blog.
  • The Nickel Nook – My friend Nancy, from Canada, has a style of her own in crafting.  I love seeing her work and reading how she gets her ideas.  She is totally funny and has a writing style that is always upbeat.  For anyone that wonders how to incorporate their religious beliefs into their crafting Nancy does it very well, and beautifully I might add.  Nancy takes part in challenges, quite a number of them, which make me wonder if she ever goes to bed 😀
  • Tracy’s Treasures – My friend Tracy, from Canada, is a Copic Queen 😀  She makes the cutest cards and colors them up.  She makes the most fantastic mini albums as well and I love reading her blog because she shows the creative side of her talents and gives snippets of her daily life as well.  She makes me laugh.  Mostly she makes me totally green with envy as I look at her cards and often say to myself “I want to be like her when I grow up”.  That is a bit too late because I am far older than she is….but one can always hope 😀
  • The Pioneer Woman – This blog will take up your entire day….it does mine anyway.  There is so much to learn at Ree’s blog.  She is a wife of a cattle rancher, home schools her four children, cooks some good looking food AND now has a show of her own on the Food Network.  Seriously, you have to check out her blog and see the diversity of her work.  No paper crafting at her site but there is a lot of other stuff that is worth looking through.  And her sense of humor keeps me coming back.
  • Crafting Glass – I love this blog mainly because Julia writes with a bent sense of humor that I find enjoyable.  She writes about her struggle with her chronic illnesses and those in her family but she keeps on going and doing.  Anyone that can watch several hours at a time of the horror show “Hoarders” and continue to be sane must have a strong constitution.  Julia Christine always has some kind of inspirational bit in her blog entries.  Either in her daily life or videos she shares.
  • Bucket List Publications – For such a young woman she has done things that this old broad is too fearful to do.  She jumps out of airplanes, bungee jumps, rides in acrobatic airplanes, swims with sharks, and all kinds of things that I cringe at.  However, she is getting into my head and maybe….just maybe…..one day I will get control of my fear of the ocean and go on a cruise with Joe.  Maybe!  If there is something you would like to do…do you have a Bucket List?….check out this website to see how it can come true.
  • Texanas Kitchen – If you want to nearly pee yourself laughing this is a blog to visit.  The best part is there are recipes at the end of her blog post that make you (well me) want to get in the kitchen and start banging pots and pans around.  I love the style of writing in this blog.
  • The Frugal Crafter – This blog is chock full of crafty goodness.  All kinds of crafty goodness.  Not just cards or scrapbook layouts but tons of stuff.  I love reading this blog to see what she comes up with.  There is usually a video that goes along with some of her crafting and she has some ingenious ideas.  There are tools she comes across that I’ve never heard of before and she demonstrates how to use them.
  • Min Has Something To Say – When I first came upon this blog I was unsure of what the content was about.  Let me tell you, this young woman is conquering a major daily battle and it is truly something to read.  Mindy is on a weight loss campaign and she is nothing short of amazing.  Starting out at over 600 pounds she has lost well over 200 pounds in a couple years and continues to push through every day.  I must admit to feeling quite ashamed of myself for looking out the door of the hotel rooms in the mornings and grimacing at walking around the grounds for 30 minutes or so in my effort to lose about 70 pounds.  This girl has a daily regimen she sticks to and I can barely stick to my piddly little 30 minutes.
  • What You Make It – My friend Jann, from Tennessee, always has some kind of inspiring project she shares.  I love going to her blog to see what she has created.  Her cards are beautiful and her videos are really fun to watch.  Jann breaks down the techniques and the process of making her pieces into very easy to understand steps in her videos.  I love her funny quips and sense of humor that come through as she works away.  Want to know how to make a “Splat”?  Just watch one of her videos and she will show you how to do it and you’ll laugh out loud and be totally ready to run to your craft stash and give it a try.
  • A Spot 2 Stamp – My friend Shelly, from Illinois, is a stay at home Mom and grandmother.  She has a self titled “Soap Opera Life” that is chock full of real life  happenings that most people evade talking about.  Shelly’s blog is her way of reaching out to her friends in a conversational way to let us know she is still around and trying to find time to craft.  Shelly and her husband, Brian, have children of their own that are grown and out of the house.  They also have three young children at home that came into their lives as Foster Children as babies then later adopted by Shelly and Brian.  These children have some special needs but to hear Shelly talk about her kids they are normal and the love of her life.
  • Belle Grove Plantation – This blog is about a couple who are turning a historical home into a Bed and Breakfast.  There is history in this blog, and written in a way that makes history interesting instead of boring.  Most of the players are from the Civil War Era and the lineage of who owned the house from the day it was built and occupied by the first residents to the current times sometimes reads like Genesis in the Bible with all the “begats”.  This is an interesting blog and I like reading it because many of the businesses in Virginia I have driven past and the towns I know because of the highways we have traveled.
  • The Crippled Cricut – Tina has some really awesome layouts she has created.  Her blog posts are very short but the photos of her completed work are so worth a look.  Tina is going to kill me because I think I’ve just about blown up her computer catching up on all of her posts.  Go take a look at her work.  Not many people have left comments on her posts, which is a shame, but I’m hoping she will get other viewers of her blog.
  • Crafty Homemade – My friend, Indira, is from the Dominican Republic.  In my opinion, Indira is the Cricut Diva!  She makes the cutest cards using her Cricut machine.  She doesn’t post often on her blog, I think she does more on Facebook, but her cards are totally worth a look.  Indira makes me want to drag out my Cricut machine and figure out how to work it.  I think you will enjoy the things she makes for her family and friends.

Okay, so now you know where I have been the last couple days.  Catching up on my friend’s blogs and reading up on everything I have missed out on over the last few weeks and months.  Each blog I love to read is written by someone that either has a wicked sense of humor that makes me laugh or they leave me inspired by their creativity.  Mostly it is because of the things that each one is passionate about and they give me a glimpse into life outside of the highways I always seem to travel and the unending driving of trucks.

I’m tired, and feeling a bit feverish now.  I think I will head back to bed.  I did have some ideas of making some Christmas cards while I’m home for a few days but my body is about to throw me on the floor if I don’t give it time to heal properly.  My sprained foot is letting me know it is not happy with me either.  Joe tenderly wrapped it in an Ace Bandage so the shooting pains have subsided at the sprain and are now just a constant ache.

So “Ta-Ta” for now.  Maybe tomorrow I will feel like getting into my craft room and making something.  Until then I hope you all enjoy your day.



About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

7 responses to “I have finally caught up on my blog reading….

  • Jann Gray

    So glad you are feeling better! Keep resting…

    Ok…so glad you shared a link to all of your favorite blogs…I have several new ones to explore thanks to you! I loved reading your descriptions and then popping over for a quick look…it will take me a while to work all the way through – but I am determined to do it – because not only have you peaked my interest…these bloggers have captured my curiosity and I simply have to go back and read more! I probably will not get to them all ’til the weekend…but it is a definite “must do!”

    Thank you for your kind words…you are always so gracious to me! Who knew that people needed to learn how to SPLAT!?!?!?!?! Who would have thought that anyone would have experimented with various ways to accomplish a splat and would then share the results of that experiment!?!?!?! Seriously?!?

    I also want to take this moment to tell you that I enjoy reading your blog for lots of reasons. I always want to know where you and Joe are and what you are up to…but I also know that as you all are on your treks, I am going to get a GREAT tour guide! I consider you, my own personal Frommers or Lonely Planet guide book – I have a whole drop down category of travel locations filled with web bookmarks linked to your blog posts!

    I also am always especially happy when I hear that you are home for a few days, because I know that means you are headed into your craft room and I am going to have some fresh inspiration!

    Ok…I better run for now…but I will be back to check out some more of your friends soon!

    Hugs to you! Love you sweet friend!


    • Message In A Fold

      Who knew that people needed to learn how to SPLAT!?!?!?!?! Who would have thought that anyone would have experimented with various ways to accomplish a splat and would then share the results of that experiment!?!?!?! Seriously?!? YES, Seriously!! You have so many amazing techniques and I totally admire your gift and your talent. But I have to say, my all time favorite rewind and watch over and over was that “Splat” technique you did with the sponge topped bottles of ink or acrylic paints. I don’t remember which it was you did….that means I have to go watch it again 😀 The effect you got was just amazingly cool!!

      Thank you, Jann. I am really sorry for not responding to your previous comments. This cold/flu thing has all but knocked me out.

      I’m glad you like reading my blog. It just amazes me that people stop by to read about my crazy life and stay long enough for the “Drama Queen” show almost daily 😀 Some days I have to remind myself just exactly how blessed my life is. Most everyone I know travels no more than 50 miles from their home in a year, some don’t go more than 15 miles away from home in a lifetime.

      The blogs I read, I kind of stumbled upon them. Not looking for anything in particular and they all just appeared. Truthfully, there are no “coincidences” in life – my opinion only. Each blog I read, the person behind it, is a powerful person in their own way. Their life struggles don’t stop them from achieving. Like your blog, there is something stimulating and enticing. Mostly you all bring laughter to my life, which is something I cherish. I also learn a lot from you and the others.

      Jann, you will never know what your friendship has meant to me, and does mean to me. Getting to know you these past few years (can you believe it?!) has enriched my life. Joe and I will be in Nashville next week to get trucks going to Las Vegas. I would love to be able to spend a few hours with you and Royce….if you will be home that is. We will be in Nashville on Wednesday in the afternoon. Let me know one way or the other.

      Love you my dear friend – Leslie

  • gardenpinks

    I know exactly how you are feeling Leslie as Rod has travelled the same route only he didn’t have to go out driving trucks. He has had the worst head cold and hacking cough I’ve ever known him to have. Lke you he has gone through tissues at a high rate, his sinuses have bunged up and then unplugged themselves and he has been suffering for almost 10 days now – either shivering or over heating. Do hope that this nasty flu/heavy cold leaves you both very soon. Rest as much as you can Leslie and never mind doing anything else.
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      Lynn, you are the best! I’m really sorry to hear that Rod has had this dreaded stuff. I can honestly say that I did not infect him 😀 I hope you have escaped this malady. Having the both of you coughing and blowing your noses would be awful.

      I stopped by Shelly’s blog a couple days ago and saw that you have been numbered among the living and are an actual person 😀 What a trial you have had to endure getting proper identification to sell your home. I also see that you are getting the wheels in motion to go house hunting. I hope you enjoy that process and can keep the homes you have viewed separate in your head. I’ve done that once, long ago, and ended up getting the houses mixed up in my head.

      I’m so excited for the both of you!

      I hope all that needs to be done will go like a breeze. Sorting, purging, and the resultant bonfire will be a time to celebrate is my wish for you. Packing your home and getting moved out will take quite a bit of time and lots of effort. You two will be dead tired by the time you get fully out. Just hope you are both tired and not dead from it all. Have your daughters been by to lay claim to the plants they want from your massive gardens? I really think that is awesome. Having a piece of their Mom and Dad with them to look at daily in the plants that grow in their gardens.

      Here’s hoping that Rod is now on the mend and is feeling better and that you are looking forward to this huge change in your life.

      Love you my friend – Leslie

      • gardenpinks

        Leslie you say the loveliest things 🙂
        Ruth and Jill have been taking various plants for some months now, I think their gardens are well filled. So many plants that we have bring back memories of friends and relatives so these have found new homes with the girls as have two staddle stones – these were used in the old days of farming to build corn (wheat) ricks on and are carved from stone. They look like stone mushrooms with their domed caps which protected the corn from rats – here is a link -http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://www.english-garden-antiques.co.uk/staddlestones/stone-staddle-stones-s.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.english-garden-antiques.co.uk/staddlestones.html&h=200&w=300&sz=16&tbnid=i7fyUrCWeWyxHM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=135&zoom=1&usg=__FhFvFDW-v_C-YTV45iiIC3b4iec=&docid=SVEwEgUhPIlB6M&hl=en&sa=X&ei=Jd-BUK-LGsWi0QXgyIDYBA&ved=0CEoQ9QEwBg&dur=67
        Anyway these two staddle stones came to us via my late sister-in-law who had them from her father who rescued them the local farmyard that was being demolished for development. So these stones have sentimental value but also monetary value and we thought the girls would appreciate them..

        I have started packing already 🙂 Could not believe how much glassware we had accumulated; why did we think we needed that many glasses???? Most of the pictures have been taken down, cleaned and wrapped and packed away. A huge start has been made on the outside sheds and we have had two glorious bonfires with another one tomorrow and that one will be shared with grandchildren and fireworks!! A little early for Guy Fawkes but the kiddies don’t know that 🙂
        We are off to Cornwall on Monday and return Thursday and hope we find something we like in that time 🙂

        Rod’s head cold is easing now but the cough is still awful, poor chap has been really hit sideways by this. Perhaps the sea air next week will blow it all away.

        Love and hugs
        Lynn xxx

  • Indira

    I`m happy you`re much better. I think that cold is around the world. 🙂
    My kids have it. Last week, my daughter have to stay four days at home, she got fever and a lot of cough. She`s better now. But since Sunday, my boy got it and he`s still at home. I hope I don`t get it. I really like your blog selection, really fun read them. Thanks for include me. I think you give me some motivation to start posting again. 🙂

    • Message In A Fold

      My poor friend, Indira. I certainly hope you don’t get this dreaded cold/flu. You have your hands full with your wee ones being miserable with this crud as it is.

      Truly, I love reading your blog and seeing what you create with our Cricut. Girlfriend, you are amazing and I would be a terrible person to leave you out of the list of the blogs I read. I hope you get some traffic and other people seeing what you do and go away being amazed 😀

      Love you – Leslie

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