I am today’s blog fodder.

Well folks. It is my turn to get banged up. Joe has had more than his share of medical emergencies so, I guess, a part of me wanted in on all the fun.

We drove only 280 miles yesterday from Spartanburg, SC to Mt. Vernon, Kentucky. The highways we traveled cut right through the Great Smoky Mountains. Driving speeds for trucks are 55 up and down the steep, winding roads.

Parking along a hurricane fence that separates an open field from the hotel property, in Mt. Vernon, KY, I got my things together to take into the room.

The asphalt driveway is fairly new. No ruts or grooves in the pavement. Looks and feels like the paving people got a really good compaction. Only thing they didn’t do was grade the pavement edge to meet the ground. There is a 3 inch drop off from the pavement to the dirt at the fence edge.

Slinging my work bags over to the passenger seat for later retrieval, I chucked my purse up my shoulder, opened the driver door and stepped out on the top step with my left foot. My right foot connected with the lower step in a good solid stance. Taking my left foot from the top step I found the pavement, placed my weight on my left foot to bring my right foot down.

Only problem was my left foot kept going further and further lower. My right foot is still on the lower step. My left ankle twisted completely to the outer edge and shooting pain ran up my leg, into my hip and lower back. A loud snap was heard in the process.

My danged purse twisted itself around my left shoulder like an anaconda snake preparing for dinner. That stupid purse would not budge. My right foot was still on the bottom step. My left foot and ankle are laying nearly flat in the pavement and dirt gap.

My arms are windmilling trying, ineffectually, to keep my balance. My right foot finally came off the step and now I’m falling into the hurricane fence (chain link fence). It wouldn’t have been bad except the angle I was sprawled in and that snake of a purse trying to cut my arm off at the shoulder.

A little cursing at the purse, swatting at the bottom of it while it now hung from my shoulder out in the open and I could break its death grip.

Twisting my body around to get a hand hold on the hurricane fence and the bottom step of the truck to stand upright was accomplished. However, standing on my left foot was exceedingly painful.

Waiting for the pain to subside enough to hobble around the front of the truck to the passenger side to get my bags was the next challenge.

Joe had been in his truck while my bit of foolishness was going on. I knew that I would not be able to go to the room then come back and find Joe then lead him onward.

I awaited his eventual arrival. That man is s-l-o-o-w-w-w. he noticed me near my truck, must have known there was something wrong because he called out “What’s the matter?”

Pain brings the mean part of me out.

I told him to get his a$$ in gear, come get the room key, go through the breezeway, turn left, open the first door on his left.

He shuffled over at a semi quick pace, took the keys, then disappeared.

Finally the pain abated so I could get my things out of the truck and hobble to the room.

Looking up I saw Joe lurking beside a parked car. Half hunched over trying to hide and watch. It was so funny to see but my foot hurt with each step I took.

Flashes of my friend’s, Lynn, story of breaking her foot on a Friday evening then waiting until the following Monday to see a doctor to get it set and in a cast. Lynn related the emergency rooms would be full with the drunks who hurt themselves. She told about her struggles with the stairs in her home, which were taken on her knees over the whole weekend. My thoughts were “I hope I haven’t broken my foot!”

I can move my toes, foot, and ankle. I can walk on it with no pain. I have feeling in all my toes and throughout my foot. I just have a walnut under my skin.


Joe is going bonkers. He is being a “Bossy Knickers” telling me to get the ice on it.


“Doctor” Loreli has been called and consulted. I told her to tell Joe to “Cool it, Dude”. Her advice was no more aspirin for me because the bleeding inside my foot could worsen. She prescribed Ibuprofen, which Joe diligently went in search of and returned with success.

Sore, still a little swollen, and now a bit stiff the ankle is fine to continue this trip.

I’m already trying to figure the best way to tackle pushing in the clutch on the truck I’m driving. That will have to wait until I actually get IN the truck.

Before I finally end my sad tale 🙂 I want to leave you with a photo of a section of rock wall in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Some portions of the rock walls “weep”. Water finds its way through the solid mass. In the photo it is the really dark brown area of the rock. In winter the water freezes and there are some amazing frozen water falls hanging from the rock face.


Enjoy your Thursday. Where has this week gone?!



About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

8 responses to “I am today’s blog fodder.

  • tina kuhlmann

    oh no! hope your fine. will say a little prayer.

  • Jann Gray

    Oh no!!!!!!! That just makes me cringe! Please let us know when you no longer have a walnut sitting on your ankle! Hugs…feel better!

  • gardenpinks

    Ouch Leslie! Hope it isn’t too painful and you manage to get along okay without doing any damage. It is soooo easy to hurt ourselves! Hmmm yes I get prickly when I’m hurting but more through frustration.
    Those rocky walls look beautiful and it always amazes me what flora can thrive in them.
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      Foot is getting better, thanks to all of my friends with their comments and offered prayers. It is all working 😀

      Someday, maybe. Just one slow trip down I-40 through South Carolina, North Carolina, and a little way into Tennessee. We’d be honked at, hand gestured that we were #1, and probably get a ticket for obstructing traffic.

      Oh we’ll, maybe several times up and down that stretch of winding road will do the trick.

      Love you – Leslie

  • Pati Mishler

    Oh my, i am so sorry you hurt yourself sis, hope you are doing better now. Just figures, sooner or later those cotton pickin big trucks get us, one way or another, (lol) giggle giggle. I am glad that you are doing better, did you hit that blasted truck for hurting you? lol Thats what i do,lol, when i get hurt from something, yes, even if its an object,lol, i haul off and hit it, somehow, it makes me feel better, lol.

    Of course, i dont hit anything HARD, because then i WILL REALLY hurt, and then i know, its was MY BLASTED fault, lol.

    You have taken some beautiful pics of fall, keep up the good work, i enjoy fall also, such beautiful colors EVERYWHERE!!

    Take care, love you both.

    • Message In A Fold

      Thanx Sis for the added threat of you stompin’ on the truck for me since I can’t do it. 😀

      Have you taken any pictures of your area coloring for Fall? Bet it is pretty there with the harvested fields lined with trees.

      Love you Sis

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