My Fitness Pal, a bit of police surveillance, and some assembly required.

We are leaving for Florida today.  Stopped by home to have the pickup looked at.  The trailer lights weren’t working properly and Joe couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  Those dunderheads in Albuquerque that broke into our pickup stole our Owner’s Manual for the Ford.  In it was a diagram for the fuses.  Those twits continue to haunt us.

This post has multiple issues I wish to share.  Some important, others just nonsense.

Myfitnesspal App for smartphones:

Talking with Carissa, who uses this App, I found out a couple things.  There is a BAR CODE READER in the App.  If  you are about to eat something and add it to your daily food diary, and there is a bar code on the product, you can scan it without having to do a search for the food item.  The scanner feature is at the top right on the screen.

My Fitness Pal

It looks like this…

Bar Code scanner

This “wholesome” product (NOT) I used as a demonstration.  Touch the bar code icon at the top right of the screen and your phone face will open a camera type view.  Hold the “square” over the bar code.  If the food item is in the program’s list it will pull it up right away.  This one was not listed.

Bar code scanner searching

There is also a really cool item in this App.  When you are cooking, using a recipe, you can use the “Recipe” feature of the App.  According to Carissa, you list all the ingredients that will be used to make the dish….you don’t need to include the instructions…and the App will give you the serving size, calories per serving, plus a list of all the nutrient info, i.e. Fats, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, and Sodium content in the serving.

Recipe feature of My Fitness Pal

Police Surveillance:

We had to find an Office Depot in McAllen, Texas.  In a shopping center parking lot Joe and I saw this strange contraption.  The red and blue lights were flashing.  I think I saw someone up in the little “house”.  I have no idea what kind of crimes are committed in shopping center parking lots in McAllen but there must be a lot of it because I counted seven of these in different shopping centers around the town.

Parking lot police surveillance unit

Sure wish there had been one of these hum-dingers in Albuquerque!

Some Assembly Required:

One of the trucks Joe towed was crammed to the gills with engine parts.  The cab was so full of stuff I had a difficult time getting the seatbelt tied to the steering wheel to keep the wheels centered in transit.

The passenger seat and foot well was crammed full of engine parts.

Passenger seat crammed full

The floor between the seats had lots of stuff jammed in there.

On the floor between the seats

The driver’s foot well was utilized, too.

Driver side foot well

We made three trips to McAllen for trucks and delivered them to Fort Worth.  Last week was one long week for the both of us.  We traveled over 3,000 miles and nearly wore ourselves out going back and forth.  Thankfully it wasn’t screaming hot down in the southern part of Texas where we picked up.

Our last night on the road was a hotel in Denton, Texas.  While Joe was checking us in, around midnight, I saw this tree at the portico.  There must be some sustained winds that blow around this area.  The tree is permanently bent from the wind’s force.  That night there was no wind, nor breeze, to speak of which made the tree even more noticeable in its shape.  Pretty tree it is.

Wind blown tree

The Florida adventure will begin in a few hours.  I’ll keep you posted on the trip and the events of our Family Reunion.  The kids and I have planned a surprise for Joe and I will fill you in on that after it happens.  He might decide to catch up on my blog and this secret is about to kill me.

Joe has been beside himself with worry about being able to get the trucks delivered in time, then having the money to make this trip, and he has called it off several times.  I don’t think I can stand any more of  his hijinks and still keep the secret!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.  Shelly, you and your family, I hope have traveled safely to California for the sad event of Brian’s father’s funeral.  Safe travels back home.  You remain in my thoughts and prayers.



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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

4 responses to “My Fitness Pal, a bit of police surveillance, and some assembly required.

  • Jann Gray

    I am a HUGE fan of the MFP App…especially the SCAN feature…and have used the recipe feature some too and found it to be very helpful. Mostly, I like that I can see where I am on the day….have I exercised enough to even out the eating…or on the RARE occasion that I don’t take in enough calories (that will also cause us to NOT lose weight), it says “hey – you need to eat a little more!” Never says, “hey, you need to exercise a little less!” LOL

    Hope you and Joe and the kiddos have a wonderful time…safe journey, fun surprises and delightful memories!

    Oh…and here in the Nashville area there has been a rash of teenager (girl) abductions from mall parking lots…so we have those little houses on lifts too….and it has seriously cut that stupid stuff down around here.

    Love you two…

    • Message In A Fold

      How cool to know someone else, besides Carissa, using the App that knows how to make it work. Now I have two people to go to when I have questions 😀

      Man! That is a horrid thing, kidnapping teen girls from shopping centers and malls. Hearing things like that momentarily reverts me back to “Pre-Joe”, i.e. “When God made men She was only joking”. Jail is too kind for people that do such things. Skinning them alive is fitting punishment to me.

      The girls have their spirits and lives shattered and families are devastated by the hands of purely evil and selfish people.

      Sorry about the rant.

      Love you my Friend – Leslie

  • gardenpinks

    Not too many years ago it seemed the world and his wife caried those huge paper orgainisers (Filofaxes) around with them everywhere. Their whole world was in those organisers now it is a phone full of Apps 🙂 I know one of our daughters would be lost – figuratively and literally lost! Her phone is a SatNav as well as her life 🙂 Emails, text messages, Facebook, camera and oh yes she makes calls on it too 😀
    Well if those strange contraptions with lttle houses on the top keep young girls/women safe from predators then bring in more contraptions.
    Could not believe how many spare parts were in that truck Leslie! You could have built a new engine there!! LOL

    Have a great time meeting up with your family
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      This crazy phone has become part of my life. There was a time I didn’t, and wouldn’t, have a phone in my house. Dang nuisance. Plus I answered phones all day and the last thing I wanted was one ringing when I got home.

      I’m all for those police surveillance contraptions being used to keep our children safe. “Big Brother” isn’t helping in that area so every bit helps.

      All those engine parts are from that one truck! Crazy isn’t it?!

      Love you – Leslie

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