McAllen, Texas and USA Logistics trucks

Trucks and trailers are going to auction in Fort Worth, Texas.




Some of the trucks are parked three rows deep while there are two rows deep of trailers.

USA Logistics Carriers had to close their doors. According to a person getting the trucks in reasonable running shape, there are 26 banks involved in the sale of these trucks and trailers.

Everything is going to auction in an effort to pay off the bank notes. This company – USA Logistics – quit the maintenance program on their trucks long ago. There are so many issues the “Ready” staff have to deal with. Dead batteries are one of the problems. Tires have to be replaced on some of these trucks just to make the nearly 500 mile trip to the auction site. Water leaks from hoses jerked out of the APU things that heat and cool the trucks while stopped for the night and shut down. Instrument clusters either don’t work because of electrical problems or are missing all together because of having been scavenged for parts. Glad I don’t have that job.

These poor trucks are in really sad shape. Sadder than that are the jobs lost. Mechanics, office workers, drivers. So many people have had to find work elsewhere in this time of an economic crunch.

Joe has gotten back into the swing of working. Thursday was a busy and strenuous day for him. We are taking three trucks. Joe two with the trailer and my one bobtail. It would be too much for Joe to do my boom as well as his trailer and I don’t need him giving himself added reasons to do harm.



Midway through hooking up Joe’s trailer the neck strap of his work apron broke off. My Mr. Fix-It took care of it in the hotel room.



When the needle was difficult to get through the fabric he used his idea of a thimble 😀


Once the apron was fixed, Joe’s trucks hooked up, and out the security gate we drove all day long with stops for fuel.

Bad eating day. Breakfast was a Subway 6″ club on Honey Oat bread. We split a foot long at 9:30 am. Lunch was a convenience cup of cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple, and jicama chunks at 1 pm. Dinner was at 10:30 pm at Posados Cafe for some yummy tamales and beans.

Dinner was after we unhooked at Texas Motor Speedway at the auction site. Then drive about 25 miles to the hotel where we both flopped in exhaustion.

This morning I walked 1-1/4 miles around the three hotel properties here in Burleson, Texas. Took me 27 minutes to walk that mile. Lynn, you should feel like an Olympic athlete by now. Three miles in the time it took me to go one!

Joe…you should have seen him GO! He walked to the hotel office to check out. His knees were hurting pretty bad. On the way out of the office he carried two small cups of orange juice. One for the MiraLax and one for just because. Hurting knees and two cups of orange juice in hand my Joe walked around the hotel for a lap total of 1/2 a mile. I’m so proud of him!!

Everyone have an awesome day.



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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

8 responses to “McAllen, Texas and USA Logistics trucks

  • aspot2stamp

    It’s so nice to hear that things are going so well with the two of you. It is so sad to think of all the people whose cjobs and lives have had to change from places closing down their business’. You go GIRL I need to start walking but am just plain lazy by the time I wont have to drag the masses with me guess I should look at it like the extra benifit from carrying Levi and or dragging him LOL 🙂 Plus Wowza Lynn !! You are so much more motivated than me. I love you all.
    Big hugz

    • Message In A Fold

      The desire to walk daily is fleeting. The night before I say “I’m walking tomorrow morning!”. Morning comes and I say “I have to get dressed. I don’t think today will be it.”. Once I get going and commit to walking out the hotel room then it is done.

      It is sad a lot of people were/are out of work. Joe and I have work because of things like this, not just trucking companies selling old trucks for new ones.

      Hope you are enjoying cool mornings and evenings. Have the rains finally quit?

      Love you – Leslie

  • gardenpinks

    Haven’t done a three miler walk for a long time and I only did thenn out of need not because I wanted to! It is an effort to be motivated even when know how good it is for us. My sister walks miles for fun:) after a month off with illness it is bound to take its toll. Just take it easy.
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      It is more of getting the gumption to just do the walking. 11 years of not doing anything extra has become a habit that is difficult to break.

      I’m glad you don’t have to walk the three miles (six actually) any longer. Maybe soon your sister’s enthusiasm for walking will make its way to me, by osmosis, and I’ll pop out of bed and go.

      Joe is getting better. When we left home this time 3/10 of a mile was all he could do before the quaking started. The 1/2 mile yesterday was awesome, plus a good part of the way around the hotel was uphill.

      You have any new garden pictures or butterflies? How are your plants doing?

      Love you – Leslie

  • Pati Mishler

    Oh sounds like you are both doing awesome!! Walking? Hmmm, not exactly what i want to do,lol. I do an awfully lot of walking around the HOSPITAL!! lol, lol, hanging onto my housekeeping cart!! lol,

    Cant you just see that??? lol, lol, And that is exactly what it looks like also, i push the cart, ALLLLLLLLLL over the hospital, oh, sometimes i pull it also.

    So i can just tell what a difficult thing it is to be walking, n walking, n walking.

    Les and I did the walking thing before bed when we were with Joe, joe would go do his thing, and we would walk around the complex, 4 or 5 times around the building.

    I am so glad you are both doing GREAT!! One step at a time, oooops, didnt mean the pun.

    Love you both, P

    • Message In A Fold

      Just for the heck of it, either download the Free Pedometer to your phone or purchase one the next time you are at Walmart. Is there a pharmacy in your town? Ask if they will order one for you.

      If you use your phone bring your charger with you 😦

      You probably walk the recommended 10,000 steps per day just at your job! 😀

      You are “punny” 😀

      Love you Sis

  • Pati Mishler

    Lmbo, lol, 😀 i think i WILL look up les’s pedometer, he uses his here and there, now i am curious to see how much i walk.

    Lol, contagious isnt it? 😀

    • Message In A Fold

      Sorry for the delay in answering your comments – both of them. Crazy bit of business we’ve had recently. At least the trucks kept going once they started and we were able to make the deliveries 😀 – even if they were junk.

      I’d be interested to know what you find out using Les’ pedometer while you are at work.

      Love you Sis

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