Delivering the trucks in Douglas, Georgia.

I knew, from the map, the last 100 miles of our journey would be off the interstate. Travel through small towns on State Roads has more to offer than endless miles of pavement (Tarmac) and highway exits.

Bigger cities have all the shopping and dining establishments this city girl is used to seeing. Lots of “Blue Collar” and “White Collar” businesses.

You get off the interstate and venture into rural areas is where you will find the farmers and ranchers. The hard working people that are often thought of as hicks because they don’t have a Starbucks in their towns.

Joe, having dealt with farmers most of his adult life as a crop duster, says “This is where the REAL people live. The people who smell of rich soil and hard work.”

As a city girl I enjoy seeing what the rural areas have to offer in the sights of crops being planted, growing, then harvested. Would I choose to live far away from a Starbucks? No, sorry, I don’t think so.

I choose the “anonymity” of the bigger cities over the rural towns. I know, I know. “Girl! If you want to me anonymous then why the BLOG?!”.

Alright, I’m sure you are fed up with my drivel and want to move on. So I will.

Georgia has trees. Man do they ever have trees!


A year or two ago I wrote about the logging that is done in the south and where trees have been cut and cleared new trees are planted in the cleared areas. These trees are “new growth”.



Once off the interstate and on state roads the vista doesn’t change much.


Mother Nature and her power is seen in rural areas. Homes that once held families, barking dogs, and laughing children at play have all but become swallowed up by the surrounding trees.




Gas stations that once were the hub of commerce and gossip are now stand empty and forlorn.


Schools, that at one time, held the voices of many children reciting ABC’s, running feet in the hallways as children moved about to their appointed classrooms now stand mute.


The further we travelled toward Douglas, Georgia….


The more I saw of how children leaving rural areas for bigger towns have left a mark on their home towns. Corporate farms have taken over the land to grow crops. One crop, I can’t rightly say is corporate or privately owned is a field of tobacco. Joe and I both had to ask what was growing in the field because neither of us recognized it.



I have a confession to make. Through my “Bossy Knickers” half remembered written directions handed over to Joe….I was instrumental in getting us sort of lost. I told Joe to turn left at the only stoplight in Broxton, Georgia. This didn’t even phase Joe. He got us to where we needed to be while I was sure we were going to be eaten by all the trees.






To my relief, Joe said “Don’t worry Baby Doll, we are nearly there”. Ya right! I said.


And then we were, thankfully, THERE!


Joe had a pretty good Father’s Day. Hearing from most of our kids. He even got to save a “Damsel in distress” 😀

Hope your Monday is a good one. Enjoy your day and don’t forget to give away a smile to all who pass you today. They might need one 🙂



About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

6 responses to “Delivering the trucks in Douglas, Georgia.

  • Maureen Mathis

    Boy, I would have FREAKED once I reached that dirt road banked by trees, just dreading the tongue lashing that I was sure would follow such a misstep! How in the heck can you turn around in those woods if you decided it was finally time to try another route. I am so thankful that people like you have GPS systems now to help guide you as you are blazing new trails!

    Oh, and I love your comment about loving anonymity, yet venturing into the blogging world! You are such a blessing to those of us who are not as brave as you are. Lead on, woman of strength!

    • Message In A Fold

      I’m still waiting for the tongue lashing. So far it has only been Joe laughing at me. And of course reminding me that HE got us out and in the right track.

      As for having to back out or make a U-Turn. Yep, I was right there with you FREAKING OUT. 😀

      Now you’ve made me get all teared up. Thank you, my much loved Friend, for your words of praise. I appreciate you very much.

      Love you – Leslie

  • Pati Mishler

    Yep!! I was just reading about you wanting anonymity, and YET!! YOU choose to write a BLOG!! Telling about ALL your travels and such, lol, well, heck fire gal, I am NOT hollering at you, lol, lol, i am having another lmbo time, you doing one thing and saying another, lol. I can just see Joe, he is telling you, ya right, I GOT US WHERE WE NEEDED TO BE, ha ha ha!! Well, you jest keep on doing whatcha doing, we all are enjoying it. Love you sis.

  • gardenpinks

    Ah yes Leslie but conundrum’s are good because we are the enigmas of the world…no one is quite sure what they are going to get 🙂 Embrace being a conundrum 😀
    Now I would have been quite at home travelling along those farm tracks/rural roads amongst the trees, I would have had to stop so I could check out the trees, see what they were. Beautiful 🙂
    Yep I could even identify tobacco…many years ago we once grew some as an experiment. The plants grew well but we didn’t do the drying part well at all and it all went pear shaped. There was a movement here some time ago of growing your own baccy and you could send it away to be cured…for a price! I’ve also seen documentaries about the tobacco auctions in America – now that would be an experience 🙂
    Great stuff Leslie and you can relax now!

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  • gardenpinks

    PS It is sad seeing so many abandoned buildings where there were once thriving communities and generations of people but each new generation wanting more until the community has gone or new roads being built which takes the business away. Bet so many of those buildings have stories to tell.
    Lynn x

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