Huntsville, Alabama. Birthplace of space flight.

Color me with red paint and call me “Clueless”!

I thought, wrongly, our US Space Exploration was centered in Cape Canaveral, Florida with a hub in Houston, Texas.

Driving through Huntsville, Alabama yesterday and viewing a space rocket projecting itself over the trees near Interstate 59 I had to investigate this further.

Did you know our nation’s journey to space began in Huntsville? Well, I certainly did not.

Marshall Space Flight Center has a huge complex to go see. You can read all about the beginning of our space exploration by clicking the link above to Marshall Space Flight Center.

I was driving at the time, Joe was discussing all the world’s ills with our neighbor via cell phone and I had to interrupt the conversation by excitedly waving my hand with occasional pointing jabs out the windshield. Dutifully Joe obliged me to get these shots.




Planning an educational summer vacation? Make one of your stops in Huntsville, Alabama. As a bonus you will get to see Kudzu covered trees at no extra charge 😀


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2 responses to “Huntsville, Alabama. Birthplace of space flight.

  • gardenpinks

    Now I would pay to see the plants or, better still, go and see that botanical garden that was signposted at exit 15 but pay to see about space exploration??? No way Jose. To my mind it is a total waste of money all this space exploration; here we are screwing up our own planet and want to do the same to other planets. We don’t know enough about our planet so stop all this spending vast fortunes trying to find out about other planets. Oh there may be life on the other planets?? Yes and I bet they are hiding from us 🙂
    Thank you for the photos Leslie 🙂
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      You have me cracking up :-). Indeed, there is a lot wrong with the people of this earth.

      Now, I’m not sure by your comment if you are for or against the space program. Sorry, couldn’t help myself 😀

      You would be fantastic as a touring gardener . Comparing plant stories between countries might prove interesting 😉

      Love you – Leslie

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