The fiendish beauty of Kudzu

I have posted photos previously, last year and before that, showing trees covered by Kudzu. The strange shapes it often takes once it has totally enveloped an area.

Kudzu’s ever expanding reach is accomplished through the thick vines.


If it could talk we would probably hear how beautiful the Kudzu would make a nearby plant. Saying something like “Let me dress you with my lush leaves. You will look so plump and vibrantly healthy”.


Being offered the temptation of stunning beauty of course anyone would love to look better.


Only too late does the plant realize the price of vanity is a costly one. Kudzu’s tendril vines wrap around the branches of the plant. Reshaping the plants structure by the strangle hold of the Kudzu.


I’m no good at story telling, at least not this kind. Thought you would like to see how Kudzu thrives in the south by having close up views of it instead of the blasting down the highway shots across the medians.

Here are some pretty yellow flowers with maroon-like centers dancing in the light breeze not far from the devilish temptation of the Kudzu.


Happy Mother’s Day (tomorrow) to all of you mothers out there. Hope you enjoy your weekend.




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4 responses to “The fiendish beauty of Kudzu

  • gardenpinks

    Bah humbug! I did leave a comment for this one!!!
    I have read lots about this pernicious weed kudzu and how it soon takes over waste ground. I suppose it could be controlled if someone was determined enough. We have a few pernicious weeds in the UK and they do need grit and determination to control them. Two of the most rampant weeds are both intoduced species…brought into the country during the Victorian times when plant hunting was at its peak, these two plants either escaped from their adopted home or were spread about by people who didn’t know the plants. One is the rhododendron and is causing a great deal of problems in wooded areas and threatening to suffocate indigenous species; it grows at quite a rate and has to be dug up and burnt to control its spread.
    The other one is Japanese Knotweed.. this has lovely heart shaped leaves and white flowers but boy oh boy does it grow and wreak havoc??! It grows to a height of around 7 feet tall and rapidly spreads by underground runners, it will even lift up tarmacked roads. It is the very devil to control.

    Love the cheerful little flower in your other photos …can’t remember the name of that flower but I think it is sometimes known as blanket weed.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn x

    • Message In A Fold

      So the US is not the only place that has plant life that overtakes native flora. Chalk this up to “If they only knew what they were doing”!

      That Japanese Knotweed sounds to be one powerful plant! I wonder if it has been inspiration for some of the horror and sci-fi movies featuring thick vines that entwine unsuspecting people and swallow them up.

      Last year, or the year before, you posted about the thorny weeds you dealt with on your property and the resulting mess of scratches, cuts, and all manner of mutilation getting them cleared. Hope they have stayed gone for your sake. Reading your comments to Shelly you guys have had a lot of rain lately, more than normal for this time of year. Hope you are seeing clear skies soon and warmer days.

      Love you – Leslie

      • gardenpinks

        I’m chasing you around your blog 😀
        Yes those blackberry entanglements have stayed under control I am pleased to say, as soon as a leaf showed I showered it with weedkiller!
        Yes we have had a wet one this time, since the beginning of April when droughts were declared and hosepipe bans introduced down came the rain and it has forgotten it is supposed to stop. It has rained, hailed, blown gales and been colder than it should have been. Since the weekend we haven’t had quite so much rain but the wind has been cold although today was sunny with blue skies mainly the wind was still chilly. Now more rain has been forecast but snow has been forecast for the north of the country…snow in May!!!! I think someone has forgotten that it is supposed to be late spring/early summer!

        Love and hugs
        Lynn xxx

      • Message In A Fold

        My goodness you have had the whole gamut of weather in your part of the world! Snow in the north country to boot! Honestly, I’m glad to see all the rain. There have been so many parts of the world that has been dry for far too long. The rain is welcome, although a nuisance sometimes. I’m just a little worried about the summer temperatures after the extremely mild winter and wet spring.

        So glad to hear the blackberry entanglements are being kept at bay. You are more glad of it than I am since you are the one that gets bloody from scrapes and cuts. Here’s hoping Cornwall will be your new address before summer ends 😀

        Love you – Leslie

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