La Posada, Meteor Crater, grand Canyon tours

Are you planning a vacation excursion through Arizona this summer? Here are three places to visit. All are rich in history.


In the 1930’s one of a very few women architects was commissioned to design a destination hotel at a rail line hub of the Santa Fe Railroad.

Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter was the architect of the La Posada and was instrumental in getting her finest design built in Winslow, Arizona.

You can read about the history of the La Posada here.

We learned of this historic landmark from our pizza delivery person while staying at the Best Value Inn of Winslow. The La Posada has been restored to her former beauty.

Meteor Crater

Thousands of years ago a meteor came crashing to earth and left a giant scorched hole in the ground.


You can read about Meteor Crater here.

Grand Canyon

Williams, Arizona – a few miles west of Flagstaff – is home to the Grand Canyon Train. If you would like to leave the driving and be an actual tourist this is the way to go.

You can read about the Grand Canyon Railway here.

I forgot about the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff!


Our daughter, Carissa, has been to the Lowell Observatory with her husband. Carissa says it is the best thing she’s ever taken part in. This facility is said to be the home of the Discovery Channel.

You can read about the Lowell Observatory here.

As you drive through Arizona be on the look out for crumbling old buildings.



Find “Jabba the Hut” in rock formations.


Mostly you will see vast desert with open ranges of scrub brush.




Nearing Flagstaff you will see, and smell the pine trees. Simply divine.


In the heat of summer make sure to have your antifreeze checked and your air conditioning ready for the hot, hot weather.

We are now off to Phoenix for our next set of trucks. Have a great weekend. We will be with our daughters part of the time.



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2 responses to “La Posada, Meteor Crater, grand Canyon tours

  • gardenpinks

    Have a great weekend and shopping trip.
    Thanks for the history trip, fascinating as always 🙂
    When I saw that sign post for deer it reminded me of the one who trashed Joe’s back truck! Hope neither of you have a close encounter of the deer kind again.
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      I found the photos I took of the damage done by the deer long ago. Next time I’m home I’ll have to get them into my blog.

      Joe has a Dr. appointment on the 21st of May. I’ll do it then.

      Glad you enjoyed the “History Tour” 🙂

      Love you – Leslie

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