A case of Vertigo and an ambulance ride

Our morning started well. We left Brinkley, Arkansas moving west on I-40. Took the Little Rock Bypass on I-440 to continue west on I-30.

Joe wanted to stop at McDonalds in Bryant for breakfast, which we did, then get back on I-30 heading for Texas.

We passed through Arkadelphia when Joe called to tell me he needed to pull off the road for a nature call. About 2 miles back from the blue ball on the map is where we stopped.


He was taking too long for the nature call and I began to worry. I got out of my truck and walked the shoulder up to his front truck.

Before I could ask “Are you alright?” I saw Joe was anything but alright. Draped over the rear frame of the truck with a widening puddle of breakfast on the ground, sweat pouring down his face, and trembling as if he were about to fall down. I was alarmed. More especially when the retching worsened as he raised his head to ask for Kleenex.

About 4 minutes of that was enough. I called 911 for an ambulance to take Joe to a hospital. There was no way he was going to be fit to drive. This kind of thing happened last summer when we were moving Wal-Mart trucks from Opelousas, Louisiana to Tunica, Mississippi. That little bout totally wiped him out.

Now this is an unauthorized shot. Joe doesn’t know I took it. The Deputy Sheriff in the way back caught me and I dare say thoughts went through his head something like “What the heck is wrong with that woman?!”


The ambulance drivers deftly maneuvered their gurney over the sloped grassy shoulder getting Joe to the vehicle.

Meanwhile, without my knowledge a State Trooper, the Deputy Sheriff, and the ambulance guys were handling the logistics of what to do with me and our trucks.

The plan they worked out was first to get Joe in for treatment. The Deputy would drive down the two miles to a truck stop awaiting my arrival. He would then take me back to get my set of trucks and get them parked at the truck stop.

I drove Joe’s set up and backed into a parking spot. The Deputy drove over to where I parked and gave me a ride back to my trucks. I got to ride in the back of the police car.

Thoughts ran through my head as I sat back there. Behind a thick plexiglass plate and steel divider I wondered about the types of people that had a similar trip as I but to a very different destination. Were they scared, angry, embarrassed, or too drunk to know or care?

I heard the Deputy radio his location, the mile marker, and the vehicle mileage. Man, I thought, they don’t show that on the police television dramas. Almost made me feel sorry for the Deputy. I felt like he was being babysat and had to tell Mom and Dad where he was and where he was going.

I later learned it is standard practice when a female is being transported. Even on a “Courtesy” run. Should I be offended? Oh well, it’s his job and I won’t be in the car for long.

An Arkansas State Trooper had remained behind to watch over my trucks. I didn’t even know he was back there.

The Deputy being my Knight In Shining Armor and the State Trooper had been working out how to get me to the hospital. I told them I could take my front truck off and go to Joe if there were ample parking for me to do that. A check with the hospital about parking availability and I was on my way.

After getting my trucks to the truck stop my anxiety level went up a notch. What do I do now?! Joe always does this for me.

Getting a grip on myself I went about the process of doing it. Running an electric line to my hydraulic cylinder, raise the back truck enough for slack on the yoke chains, remove the yoke chains then let the truck fully on the ground.

That accomplished it was just a few more minutes to get the supporting jack under my boom, pull the 5th wheel handle, make sure all the lines had been disconnected (don’t need to drive off and tear the airlines off).

All told I had almost 45 minutes from the time the ambulance arrived for Joe and my arrival at the hospital. I nearly lost all my composure when I got sight of Joe. He must have read my face and wanted to ease my fears a little.


The Dr. pronounced Joe’s condition as Vertigo. An anti nausea medicine was delivered through the IV. Joe’s color of pasty white was changing to a good pink. A further drug was administered orally to combat the Vertigo and Joe was released into my care a couple hours later.

Joe is resting in the hotel room. Instructions from the Dr. of no more driving today are being taken seriously.


Text messages were sent to all our kids from the time I arrived at the hospital then after we got in the hotel room.

Our daughter, Heidi Jo called and I spoke to her. Minutes later our daughter, Carissa, called and I relayed the same information. Carissa having the same sense of humor I have said “If Dad wanted to take a nap all he had to was ask.”. She cracked me up!!!

Thankfully that 4 hours of drama and adrenaline are over. All that is needed is do my daily paperwork of logs and mileage documentation, check e-mails, read blogs I need to catch up on, and answer text messages as I listen to my husband lightly snore.

Tomorrow is soon enough to field apologies from Joe and try to quell the guilt he will have of getting us behind in our schedule.

I need to find a store that sells greeting cards. I need to send Thank You’s to the Deputy, State Trooper, and the two ambulance drivers who moved the earth for me today.

Truly, my life is blessed daily by strangers, friends, and family. Doesn’t hurt to toss in a brief bit of drama now and again so I have something to write about 😀


About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

12 responses to “A case of Vertigo and an ambulance ride

  • Pati Mishler

    WHAHOOO!! Sis, i am SOOOO glad that you and Joe are alright, and i am so VERY glad that those officers were there to help you in your time of need. Hope Joe gets to feeling better quicker, TAKE IT EASY JOE!! Love you both.

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Sis 🙂

      My poor Honey Bunny :-(. At least it was a minor event and nothing more than that. He is doing a lot better. He’s not quite so shaky now and he says he feels like new. He’s sleeping again. He really needs it.

      I’ll pass your message on to him. Joe will appreciate your sweet words.

      Love you Sis

  • aspot2stamp

    Oh my….. So happy to hear that Joe is feeling better and you were both able to have the officers and medics there to help you so wuick in your time of need. Those men and women dont get the praise and kudos they deserve. My Mom had a severe attack of vertigo and that was one of the scariest times for both of us. Tell Joe to take it easy Things have a way of working out and his health and well being (yours too ) is far more important.
    Thank you for keeping us all in the loop while youre out on the highways and byways across the country. I will keep you both in prayer. I was able to video some of the maccaroni challenge and will try to get it edited this will be my first try at getting several up and posted. I have been having fits getting comments up to your posts I will explain in the video. gotta love all the new updates 🙂

    I wont keep you long take care of Joe and yourself as well there are lots of us around blog land who love you both.

    Have a good nights rest
    Much love and biggest of hugs,

    • Message In A Fold

      Thank you Shelly for your kind words for Joe. Yikes, having gone through this with your Mom I concur it was totally frightening.

      Super cool! You have done the macaroni challenge and made a video. You will succeed in getting it uploaded to YouTube. I have faith in your mastery of the recalcitrant computer gremlins 🙂

      Hope you and your family are doing well. The wind was gusting and blowing so hard while we traveled near you on the interstate last Friday or Saturday (I forget which) and I thought of you and your family fighting the stiff winds around your home. Hope all is well with you.

      I’ll pass your message on to Joe.

      Love you – Leslie

  • aspot2stamp

    We are plugging along around here 🙂
    Yikes the winds last weekend were aweful we had everything all secures so we didn’t haave to chase anything down. Sunday night we had the wind gusts some sleet and lots of rain. We havew a sky light ovet our big tub and a exaust fan along with the one in the small bathroom. With the winds coming from the south west it sounded like a war zone. The kids and Brian slept through it but it kept me awake I was happy to not have the small ones back so I was able to nap after I got the kids off to school. I have a long day ahead with many appointments You know the feeling 🙂 I did get my videos uploaded but there is a colored line along the bottom the entire video???? Gonna work on it again tonight oh yeah I got ahold of some actual macaroni so I played last night too. Will give you the updates later.
    Been wondering about Lynn She’s been absent for a bit have you heard from her lately?

    Off to get small kids rearranging my kitchen cabinets 🙂

    Love ya

    • Message In A Fold

      I’m going to check out your video today while we deadhead back to Nashville. I’m glad you got it figured out. I knew you would 😀

      I tell you, Santa and his eight tiny reindeer don’t make near the clatter as high winds do messing about with roof vents. I know what you mean about a war zone.

      Cool! I’m looking forward to your macaroni experiment!

      Hope you got some rest before the little ones returned to your care.

      Lynn has been commenting on my foolishness. Rod wrote a post to their Mount Cottage blog and Lynn was tasked with getting it posted. Quite an awesome article on fossils they have in their own back yard.

      Take care my friend.

      Love you – Leslie

      • aspot2stamp

        I havent been getting notices about Lynns posts ??? Maybe more to do with the stupid update things with my windows??? I will need to get things checked out sounds very interesting, Rods post. We love looking for indian beads when we go out on our nature hikes but to have all that around you all the time would be way cool. If you cant get to the videos I am going to try to reupload them today.

      • Message In A Fold

        I saw one of your videos. The Tagratelli (sp) one. That was fun to watch.

        What do you do with the beads when you find them? I can’t imagine finding things that small in the dirt. There must be a lot of them in your area if you guys go hunting for them.

        Hope you have better success with your computer tussle 🙂 and your migraine leaves. I’ll keep you in my prayers over your tooth extraction .

        Love you – Leslie

      • aspot2stamp

        The kids have strung them on cording ,yarn , string if they are hollow if not we have an icecream bucket full og thrm along with other rocks,sticks ect that were found on our treasure hunts. I will need to have Brian dig them out of the shed to show you all what they look like. I think they are some sort of segmented plant but never really researched what they are really. we also have a few other fossil finds in there. I also have this thing for sand and shells…… I have sand from several beaches the kids and we have been to along with shells around our big tub. What do I do with the sand you may ask….. keep it in zip bags in a icecream bucket along with the other treasures…… Weird I know I am but hey thats just me 🙂

        Off to get my tooth out in about 15 min.
        talk to you all later.

        Love you both

      • Message In A Fold

        I think pictures of your treasured finds would be awesome. I, for one, have only seen the Native American beads on garments. Belts, bands, shoes, and some clothing in museums. It would be cool to see them in their different varieties loose.

        I know other people that keep beach sand so you are not alone in that.

        Hope all went well at the dentist for you.

        Love you – Leslie

  • gardenpinks

    Poor Joe and what a scare for you too Leslie. It is a horrible feeling, that vertigo and it arrives so quickly without warning. Thank heavens for the cavalry coming to your rescue and helping you out and well done you for coping with it all and unhitching your truck on your lonesome.

    Did you feel like a ‘bad guy’ riding in the back of a police car?? LOL

    Hope Joe is soon fit and well again. I suffered from a similar thing – it wasn’t vertigo but everything spun around or at least felt like it. Even lying in bed the room spun around and around and I thought I was going to fall out of bed. (No booze involved 🙂 ) It turned out to be some hairs in my ears that help wth balance, etc, apparently some of the ends which are like crystals break off and rattle around causing the dizziness and nausea. I was booked for physiotherapy where I lay on a couch, the physiotherapist held my head still while I turned over onto my side and then she slowly turned my head in the same direction (Thank God!!!!!!) and I stood up and all was fine! That quick. I’d been feelng so ill for a couple of weeks or so and in minutes I was cured 🙂

    Take care both of you 🙂
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      Wowzers! I had no idea that tiny crystals could set one off to being dizzy. I’m so glad you had someone with the magic touch and cured you of that misery.

      My ride in the back of the police car was strange to say the least. I didn’t quite know what I was supposed to feel so I just rode and watched the scenery pass.

      Joe is doing well now and I thank you for your concern and well wishes. He had me worried for a while but he is back to his old self now.

      Love you – Leslie

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