Tornadoes at home thunder storms in Missouri

8:30 last night Joe got a call from Hugh and I got a call from Heather. We received news about an F2 tornado that came within a mile of our homes. All was well then, another tornado was predicted to go through again at 2 am.

Coffee and the Weather Channel are the first order of the day.


We will be traveling through rain and thunder storms today. May get a bit damp during delivery this afternoon.

Snow is predicted from California through Colorado. Parts of Arizona and New Mexico also will have snow. Crazy weather.

This morning I had trouble remembering my sequence of loading up and heading out. Joe had to unlock the back truck more than once for me to put stuff away. One final time to open the back so I could get my coffee cup.

After the third time of Joe unlocking the back I flippantly said “Aren’t you glad I’m back with you?”. Without a pause Joe shot back “Of course” then “You hear me b****in?”. He never gets riled up about anything. After a couple minutes Joe asked “Are you b****in??” and my response was “Of course, all the time.”.

I’m very thankful for my husband. My opposite in nearly every way to keep me in some sort of balance 😀

Here we go. Into the rain. Get these trucks delivered this afternoon then deadhead to Nashville, Tennessee.


I’ll be sending tweets throughout the day and checking in through Four Square. You all stay safe, dry, and enjoy the weekend.


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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

4 responses to “Tornadoes at home thunder storms in Missouri

  • gardenpinks

    As you say crazy weather conditions – it just can’t make up its mind what to do! At the moment it is dry, sunny with a chilly breeze and frost at nights for us. Scotland and Ireland are enjoying slightly warmer conditions at the moment.
    Those tornadoes must be pretty worrying for you but then even if you were at home there would be nothing you could do. Hope you didn’t get too wet today.
    We had thunderstorms a couple of days ago 🙂

    Yes I did find the owl embossing folder – it is a small folder to do just a panel but he is a cute owl. Thank you so much xx

    Just be careful out there!

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      Do any of your spring flowers come up and survive the overnight frosts? Getting a welcoming rain during the day then a light freeze at night, not being a gardener myself, I just wonder if the cold is hard on the plants.

      Not being home through a tornado is just as bad as being home through one. There is the constant worry of losing everything and everyone I know.

      I’m looking forward to posts you make about your garden this year.

      The plants you will be taking with you when your home sells and what you do with them in your new home’s garden.

      Have you done any playing with the box of goodies you won? So much stuff to play with 😀

      Enjoy you day.

      Love you – Leslie

      • gardenpinks

        The spring flowers are very tough cookies and will withstand some night frosts, even the daffodils and snowdrops this year flowered earlier than usual then when they were in full flow we had very hard frosts and even some snow that caused all the flowers to wilt but as soon as it passed up came their heads again and you would never have guessed they had suffered from the cold 🙂
        The only flowers to suffer during frosty conditions is the plum and pear blossom; if the frost is severe then it will wither the flowers before they have chance to be pollinated and hence no crop of fruit. Fingers crossed there are plenty of blossoms to come out and not too many frosts!

        The tender plants haven’t gone out into the garden yet – those are all snugged up in fleece covers from late afternoon and uncovered during the rest of the day in the glass house although at the moment I only have geraniums in the glasshouse and those I have raised for a friend.

        At the moment there are several shrubs of the most gorgeously scented flowers and during the warm sunny spells the scent these shrubs give off is heady.
        Rod is talking about making a video for you so you can pretend you are walking around our garden 🙂 I must hunt out the video camera.

        I have a very long list of all the plants I want to take with me and our daughters are also pointing out plants they would like. Jill has already had several rose bushes 🙂 Ruth isn’t in a rush for the plants just yet as they have just agreed a price for their home and their new home needs some work doing to it before they move in but it has a very big garden – well relative to what she is about to leave behind. She is looking forward to growing vegetables now that she will have more space.

        Jill is a very happy bunny tonight – she and Darren went to their usual auto grass race meeting and she came 3rd in her first heat, 1st in her second heat and 1st in the final 😀 Very pleased with herself. Darren always does very well in his races 🙂

        Yes I have played with a few things out of my box of goodies but I have had quite a lot of crafty things on my plate this last week. Lots of swaps and also I am decorating some word shapes for Ruth to sell. I must get some stuff uploaded to my blog!

        Love and hugs
        Lynn xx

        PS Sorry if there are any typos!!!

      • Message In A Fold

        Woo Hoo and You Go Girl to Jill. That girl’s grit comes naturally and from my dear Friend – her Mon 😀

        Thank you Rod. I would love to have a video of a walking tour through your garden. To hear your voice speaking the unpronounceable Latin names of your flowers would be Awesome!

        Gardeners have a special place in my heart. Scrabbling around in the dirt to plant flowers, shrubs, and other types of vegetation then coax them all into glorious riots of waving and dancing color and aroma. A gift from God I say.

        Since I must have been chatting away in that line when the gift was given I do enjoy those that paid attention 😀

        It is good your daughters will have plants you have nurtured to add to their gardens. You my Friend are blessed indeed.

        Love you – Leslie

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