The lonely road to Akron

Joe left for Dallas on Saturday, December 10th.  He had two trucks at Stevens Transport to pick up.  Delivery will be made in Akron, Ohio where we have been many times.  After delivery he will be headed to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for two trucks going to Nebraska.  I don’t remember if he is going to Grand Island.

Saturday the weather was fair.  The temperatures were in the mid to upper 40’s.  He had a slight breeze while working.  The breeze was just enough that he needed to have a light jacket at times, which became too hot when on the lee side of the trucks.  Out of the breeze he said he was hot.

When Joe called me, around 4:30 p.m. he was totally disgusted with himself.  Together we can hook up four trucks in two hours.  He was upset with himself because it took him three hours to do only two trucks.

His ill mood was not made any better by me reminding him that he had to do ALL of the work by himself.  All the duties I perform when with him, he had to do.

  1. Inspection of both trucks and fill out the appropriate forms.
  2. Connect the brakes to the back truck.
  3. Tie off the steering wheel of the back truck.
  4. Attach ratchet straps to the steering wheel and secure to the seat base.  Safety in case the seat belt comes loose.
  5. Attach boards, clamps, and straps to the air fairings of the back truck.
  6. Attach the air line to the brake fitting, run the electrical cord to the light bar.
  7. Tie down the air and electric lines then connect them to the rear of the trailer.
  8. Walk around the trailer, several times, to lower the landing gear and place a block of wood beneath each of the feet.
  9. Drive the pickup onto the trailer.

All of the walking round and round.  All of the climbing up and down.  All of the back and forth to get all of the individual items in place.

On top of that he had to do the tasks that he normally does.  Sling the axle chains and get the axles ready to be raised off the ground.  Attach the trailer to the back truck.  Get his personal belongings installed into the truck he will drive.

Loading the pickup on the trailer was another sequence of up and down.  Drive up on the trailer, get down the ladder to install the stops where the front tires will rest during transport.  Climb back up into the pickup and drive forward to the stops.  Get down the ladder to install the tire straps to secure the pickup to the trailer.  Up and down, up and down.

When all of that is done then it was to get the truck he will drive connected into the front of the trailer and connect the air and electric lines from the truck to the trailer.  That is a lot of work for one person to do and he has not had to do all of this for the past six months.

After all that work he ended up having to stay the night in Dallas.  Mesquite, Texas actually.  The back truck had a chip in the windshield Joe noted on all of the forms.  The windshield would need to be replaced before he could leave with the trucks.  He took his aching body to the hotel and took a hot, muscle soothing, shower before going to bed.

When he arrived at Stevens Transport yesterday morning he found that someone had played around with his trailer.  I don’t know what they did…frankly there is nothing that someone COULD do to the trailer without the hand held or remote controllers to raise and lower the hydraulics.  Joe told me the batteries had been worked enough that he barely had enough power to get fully loaded and out the gate.

Joe proceeded to spend the next five hours driving with one stop.  His legs nearly collapsed on him as he was getting out of the truck. He did not fall or hurt himself.  It reinforced to him that he needs to move around more.  Joe continued on his trek eastward with a stop in West Memphis, Arkansas for dinner at a Shoney’s then getting as far from Memphis, Tennessee and the traffic congestion from road construction as he could get.

On a related topic…the Mythbusters did a show about a toilet bomb test to see if the movie, Lethal Weapon 2, could be real.  The part I’m referring to, here in this post, is the consult with a Neurologist about the results of sitting in one position for 12 hours.  The Neurologist stated that two hours would be the maximum time recommended to prevent nerve damage and blood flow problems to the legs through the veins and arteries.

In our job we sit for hours and hours at a time.  The toes on my left foot have a permanent tingle from all of the sitting.  My sciatic nerve reminds me it is still there from time to time.  While at home or on the road I do daily stretches to my feet, legs, and back.  Joe chides me for wanting to walk when we stop.  Funny, it took the Mythbusters to CONFIRM what I’ve been nagging at him about these past 11 years.

Holladay, Tennessee was where he stopped last night.  Getting through Memphis was his main goal yesterday.  Poor Joe.  He was whooped when he got to the hotel.  Saturday night, after he got to the hotel in Mesquite, Texas, I told him that I missed him before I said “good night”.  His response was “Well, you know what to do about that”.  Ummm, NO.  So I did not repeat that last night when we talked.  I’ll just say it here.  I miss the big galoot 😀

While he is gone I’m going to take advantage of his absence by cleaning his bathroom.  The Fly Zone for this week is back in the bathroom and his needs a lot of attention.  I’ve cleaned the bathtub/shower stall and his shower curtain is in the washer.

Joe's shower/bath

Joe's shower/bath

Shower curtain in the wash

Shower curtain in the wash

Back into my craft room to make more Post-It-Note Holders.  If you have not seen what I am making you can check out my other blog to see what I did yesterday.  I think I am now up to 17 completed Holders.  I have several more to go before I am finished.

Okay, off to go play with paper, ink, and adhesives 😀



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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

6 responses to “The lonely road to Akron

  • Maureen Mathis

    I love washing the shower curtain! i’m always surprised when it comes out clean, becuase our water is so hard here. But it always does!

    Joe will be glad to come home to a clean, neat house and some nice home cooking. Are you trying to eat more healthy as you head into the holidays, like you did last spring before heading out on the road? First I guess, you’re trying to use what’s in your pantry, now that it’s all organized, and you can see all the duplicates. Sometimes I get to where I’m determined to cook using what I have, instead of continuing to buy, buy, buy. I get tired of looking at my overstuffed cabinets; there’s just no need to store that much food in one house!

    Have fun finishing your post it note holders! Only a few more to go, and then you’re free to start “Fly Ladying” your craft room!

    • Message In A Fold

      Poor Joe, he is having a really hard time being out on his own right now. He calls at night and he sounds totally drained. The one major drawback to being with your partner 24/7 for 21 years is that each of us have a hard time functioning well by ourselves. He drives the way he likes to do when I’m not there with him holding him back, I have the house to myself and can be up before day break, take a nap in the afternoon, then be up well past midnight. Both of us suck at being by ourselves 😦 No structure.

      I am getting the housework done that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, he is getting to drive 600 mile days as he has been wanting to for a long time. I guess we are doing alright it is just the companionship is what we miss the most.

      Thank you Maureen for your cheery comment 😀 and your enthusiasm. Helps to keep me going 🙂 I appreciate you, my dear Friend.

  • gardenpinks

    Oh poor Joe, he is really missing his right hand woman. You are quite right he must stop more often and stretch his legs, it is why there is such concern with long distance travellers on aircraft as there is a worry of deep vein thrombosis due to sitting for long hours. It isn’t what we were designed to do.
    Hope his truck deliveries go smoothly and he is soon home with you.

    By the bye an added extra to your last post..I also noticed a bottle of Malibu on your top shelf. This is one of my favourite tipples, Malibu with pineapple juice. I only ever drink it at Christmas and my last bottle lasted 6 years 🙂 Kahlua is another favourite, a coffee flavoured drink that is lovely mixed with coke and coconut milk 🙂 Gosh I haven’t had that for years! There are some alcoholic drinks I do like…not many and I rarely drink…but I can’t drink much of them as I am soon inebriated and upchucking:) I have never reached the drunk stage but have no regrets in that direction.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      Joe is the “drunk” in our house. Wine, rum, gin, tequila, and a lot of other stuff I don’t know much about. Thankfully I don’t get sick after imbibing as you do. I just don’t like the feeling of loss of control I get…even after a few sips.

      We have Kahlua and Creme de Cocao as well. I have a funny story to tell on Joe.

      A man named Richard Marcinko has written several books about military Special Ops missions. Mr. Marcinko is fond of “Bombay Sapphire Gin” which he partakes of liberally. Joe hot footed it to the nearest liquor store and came home with the bottle and a victorious grin on his face. That grin was wiped clean off after the first sip of Mr. Marcinko’s favorite libation. Joe reported “That is the worst crap I’ve EVER tasted!” It sits on the shelf to this day, nearly full. Another author of books, Lawrence Block, has a character that loves to drink “Laphroaig” (la-froy-g). A bottle of that sits on our shelf with just a tot missing because “That is even WORSE tasting than the Gin”.

      So…just because a body reads about a libation that is a favorite doesn’t mean it is true 😀 Poor Joe and his search for the next best thing.

      Love you – Leslie

  • gardenpinks

    Apparently the Laphroaig is an acquired taste even many Scots don’t like it. Fine if you like peaty tasting TCP…do you know TCP? It is usually medicinally as a throat gargle for sore throats and on cuts and scratches as a disenfectant but it has a unique smell/taste all of its own – awful!
    Rod enjoys various Scotch whiskies, sorry to say he dislikes American whisky and dislikes the Irish Whiskey. Scotch whisky doesn’t have the ‘e’ only Irish whiskey does!!!!!!!!
    When we can afford it..special occasions..Rod especially likes the Malts but has to drink the blended stuff otherwise 🙂
    I did spot the Laphroaig on your shelf! Use the gin up in cocktails:)

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      That TCP reference makes me think it is some kind of Tetra-something-phosphate 😀 Wait, I’m thinking of TSP which is an extremely strong and acidic cleaning agent we used to use in our transformer work. That stuff is horrid.

      I’m with Rod on the whiskey business. Foreign or domestic. YUCK! My girl’s father used to get stinking drunk all the time with Canadian Club Whiskey. Can’t stand the smell of any whiskey now. The Bailey’s is masked by other stuff 🙂

      We are not the “cocktail” type. I wonder how gauche it would be to just leave it at someone unsuspecting person’s home that has a fully stocked bar 😀 Let them get rid of it 🙂

      Love you my Friend

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