Thank You, Maureen

My friend, Maureen, has saved me from the knock on the door by the SPCAP police 😀

What, or who, is the SPCAP you might ask?  Well, of course, it is the “S”ociety for “P”revention of “C”ruelty “A”gainst “P”lants that is who 🙂

Joe and I were out running a few errands yesterday when our neighbor, Hugh, called to let us know that someone was around our house banging on our doors – both of them.  Upon further inspection, by Hugh, he found a florist delivery attempting to be made at our house.

When we arrived home this beauty was on our porch next to the door.

Floral delivery

Floral delivery

No, I have not cleaned this counter off yet.  That is my 15 minute task for today and it will get done.

The leaves are long, graceful, shiny, and beautiful to behold.

Beautiful, shiny leaves

Beautiful, shiny leaves

There are several spectacular blooms on this plant that bear notice.

Luxurious bloom

Luxurious bloom

I want to rub the bloom between my fingers to feel the luxurious texture and softness.  I don’t think I will because I may harm it.  Just look at that center stamen thing.  This bloom is a feast for the eyes 🙂

There is another bloom that has recently opened and has thrown back the cloak of protection.  So beautiful.

New bloom opening

New bloom opening

I simply love Maureen’s wit.  I’m thinking this plant’s arrival to my home is because of the sad shape of the one I have that is in the death throes, barely clinging to life.

Poor dying plant

Poor dying plant

I can hear the conversation Maureen had with the florist.

Maureen:  I am in need of a hardy plant.  One that can take some neglect.

Florist:  We have several here.  What are you looking for in particular.

Maureen:  Well, something that my friend would be hard pressed to just leave dry out and die.  Something beautiful.

Florist:  I have just the plant.  Do you know how big you want?

Maureen:  Make it a big one so she won’t miss it and forget to water it.

Florist:  Alright, we can do that.

Maureen:  Oh, and do you have some kind of device that will tell my friend when the plant is in desperate need of water?  Maybe something with a loud beeping noise when the plant is in danger of dying?

Florist:  Nothing that beeps but does have a visual monitor so your friend can see when the plant is in need of water.

Maureen:  You sure you can’t rig up something that croaks out “Help me here, I need water”?

Florist:  No, ma’am.  Nothing that talks or beeps.

Maureen:  Oh, okay.  Please make sure you place the monitor in a prominent position so she will be able to see it.  She is a bit forgetful.

Florist:  We can do that for you 🙂

Okay, really, I did not hear this conversation and I just made this all up.  Maureen, I appreciate  you so very much.  And yes, I did see the monitor and I thank you for that 😀

Moisture monitor

Moisture monitor

I love this gift from you, my friend 🙂  The plant is beautiful and I love looking at it 🙂  I wonder if I should give a set of keys to Hugh when we leave once again for the spring, summer, and early fall next year.  I wonder if he would be willing to come in and water my plants….if the other one survives the neglect that is.

Friends….my life is made richer by them.


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4 responses to “Thank You, Maureen

  • Maureen Mathis

    I didn’t think you were going to get it until today!

    Enjoy it, my favorite FlyLady!

    And of course, Hugh should take good care of it while you are away! It enjoys fresh sunshine on your porch occasionally, but not too much heat. If cared for, it will even bloom again!

  • gardenpinks

    Oh what a wonderful gift to have arrive! Maureen is definitely a keeper there Leslie 🙂 And it looks beautiful sitting amongst the clutter 🙂 LOL Just my jest Leslie! As I saw it in a later picture in pride of place on the tidy counter where it certainly glowed with health and happiness.

    I have a huge confession to make here…I hate indoor plants for myself! I used to have a large collection of indoor plants…Christmas cactus that I grew from a cutting and grew into a huge plant and was over 10 years old before I finally killed it! Amaryllis in various colours besides other more tender plants that have come in from outside BUT they collect the dust, spiders spin cobwebs across them and they block the light when put on windowsills. So I gradually killed the plants off or gave them away and at the moment there is one plant that is Rod’s favourite on a windowsill besdes 5 small pots of geranium cuttings I have done and will be glad when they have gone in the spring!! No indoor plants for me! Well not at the moment anyway, I might change my mind if I had a heated conservatory 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      Maureen is so sweet. The plant is so beautiful and I just HAD to get that foyer counter cleaned off to do the plant justice 😀

      Since you work so hard outside in your gardens I suppose the last thing you want is to have to work just as hard inside 🙂 I used to have a lot of houseplants throughout the house. That is when I was home all the time and had a weekly watering schedule 🙂 I know what a Christmas cactus is…the rest I have to admit to having no knowledge of what they are. I’ll have to Google Amaryllis to see what it is.

      One day, my Friend, you will have your heated conservatory 🙂

      Love you – Leslie

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