Winter Hiatus has begun

And with it comes a quandary….what to tackle first.

I will be in my scrap room/studio for the majority of the time I am home creating.  Most of my blog posts will be found at unless there is something not crafting related and I will post an occasional blog here.

So, you might ask, what have I got waiting for me?

Dust is what I have waiting for me.



And lots of it.  For the past six months my housekeeping duties have been put aside to keep up with my paperwork and mostly because I have not been home to do it.  Dust, vacuum, mop, scrub, purge, and otherwise do a late in the year Spring Cleaning will be going on over the next few weeks.  Flylady style and 15 minutes at a time in each room.

Do I feel like a bad wife because I have not been keeping up with my “wifely” duties?  Heck NO.  Do I feel as though Joe is sending me a “message” to get the dust cleaned away?  Heck NO.

Message of love

Message of love

He knows that I will get to the tasks of clearing away all the dust and debris that has accumulated over the past months.  He also knows his message to me will be wiped away and gone forever once I begin.  That is why I’ve taken this photo.  My husband tells me, in word and in deed, daily that he loves me 🙂

Further on the subject of “love” here is the TRUE meaning of “lol” 🙂 from the Pickles comic in the Sunday newspaper HERE.

Have you received a message of love from your spouse or significant other?  If you have, post it on your blog and send me a link to what you have written.

Love you all – Leslie

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I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

4 responses to “Winter Hiatus has begun

  • gardenpinks

    LOL about the dust message – it is a beautiful message though. I usually have smiley faces drawn in my dust and usually by the younger ones! Or they write their names 🙂
    So glad you are now home and you will soon have the place licked into shape.
    I can imagine that you must feel exhausted and need to catch up on the rest and recuperation, after all hotel/motels are hardly the best places to relax in and you both work very hard with hardly a break.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      Smiley faces and names 🙂 that is just way too cute, awwwww.

      Joe has been really tired, I’ve found him napping in his chair in his room daily since we’ve been home. Our first night home we slept the entire night without getting up once to make a bathroom visit. It feels so good to be in our own bed once more.

      I love it that you get little treasured reminders of your grandchildren having been in your home 🙂 Wonderful feeling isn’t it? Being surprised by a child’s doodling in the dust. Warms your heart and puts a twinkle in your eyes 🙂

      Love you – Leslie

      • gardenpinks

        As Kim had to stay off school today because of her bout of sickness yesterday she spent the day with us…Ruth had to work as two teachers were also off! So out came all the craft stuff….at one point we couldn’t see the desk! She made three Christmas cards and one of them is an easel card! She did an excellent job and had great fun using the BigShot – favourite ‘toy’ of all the gandchildren 🙂 As I gave her instructions on making the easel card she said “Oh granny you are an artist” LOL

        Joe joined us after lunch as he went to nursery this morning so he spent time getting inky too.

        Katie is improving already with her medication…the bleeding is less and the awful smell has gone! She is going to love me in a day or two when I give her a much needed bath!

        Love and hugs
        Lynn xx

      • Message In A Fold

        Awwww 🙂 I’m green with envy 🙂 How fun is that?! Having your grandchildren with you in your craft room. Cranking the Big Shot and cranking out ideas. Kim is correct 🙂 Granny, you most definitely are an artist 🙂 There is no better way to recuperate from the dreaded stomach illness. Happily working with paper, ink, stamps, scissors, glue, and the Big Shot 🙂 And Joe got in on the fun with his brand of creative genius 🙂 Love it!!

        I’m glad to hear that Katie is getting better. She will probably be glad to have a bath to rid herself of the awful smell of her infection. Maybe she won’t be too much trouble for you. At least one can only hope 🙂

        Love you – Leslie

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