Chicken Pox Parties?

While waiting for Joe to finish in the bathroom, this morning, I watched The Daily Buzz. It is a news program anchored by a team of young people and deals with the news void of murder, politics, and everything else the big news shows beat us continually with.

Example here is the “Chicken Pox Lollipop”. A candy sucker with a dose of active chicken pox virus for those parents that won’t go for the vaccine.

Get a group of parents together. While Mom and Dad sip an adult beverage and converse with the other adults their children are sucking away on a lollipop.

I had a friend whose daughter had an outbreak of chicken pox when Carissa was four years old. I drug her butt to my friend’s house and the girls played for a while. Of course, I got a lot of angry glares from her as she developed the itchy sores and fever. She still is not thrilled with me.

Oh, before you decide to promote one of these parties. Keep in mind there is a prison sentence of up to 20 years for transporting a live virus across state lines.

How did your kids get chicken pox?


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8 responses to “Chicken Pox Parties?

  • aspot2stamp

    Uggh!!! A terrible experience for my family with the chicken pox!!! The end of school 1988 Jereme was in Kindergarten and brought it home….fast foward 10 days he is in the hospital with a staph infection in his glands behind his ears …Poor kid couldnt even move his head with out severe pain, after several days in the hospital he was better… fpward again 14 days later Jordanage 1 and I 21 both had the nasty virus. Jordan had three total Me on the other hand was covered from head to toe. my eyeballs,teeth and nails was the only places without them. a very terrible experience all the way around. So there is my story hopefully the rest never get them. There other kids have had the vaccine so we should be covered.

    Love and hugs

    • Message In A Fold

      Good grief! That sounds like a miserable month for you!

      I had them at six or seven and Pati had them first. She was miserable like you were. I didn’t have them near as bad.

      Measles were feared as much as the plague long ago and everyone was vaccinated for them. Mumps was feared more for the boys catching them than girls.

      I just can’t imagine this new party thing though. What are people thinking?

      Thanks, Shelly for sharing your story 🙂

      Love you – Leslie

  • Maureen Mathis

    Why would you want to give a kid the lollipop? Then when they are exposed to the same virus as an adult, they will get shingles, which can be very painful. I guess I missed something!

    • Message In A Fold

      It was not until about 1980 that I had heard of Shingles. I had always been told once a person had chicken pox as a child they would be immune to them later in life.

      Now Carissa has something else to be angry with me about :-{.

      Thank you Maureen for reminding me about shingles. From what I’ve heard it is no picnic 😦

      Love you – Leslie

  • gardenpinks

    Isn’t it strange that mums once upon a time would hear of a child with measles, mumps, chicken pox or what have you and drag their children along to catch it and get it over with!
    Do you know I can’t remember Ruth and Jill caught chicken pox but they had that plus German measles and proper measles then when Jill was at college at the age of 18 she caught mumps! There ws a huge epidemic amongst 18-20 year olds that year with mumps with a great many badly worried young men amongst them!. She telephoned us and said she felt poorly and told me her symptoms and I immediately said you have mumps, anyway she went to the local hospital who misdiagnosed it!!
    She was very poorly with it. Apparently the late teens who had mumps had been vaccinated against it when they were younger and no one had told their parents they needed a follow up vaccination hence the epidemic. Ruth and Jill didn’t have any of the vaccinations as I didn’t trust them.
    Ruth managed to avoid the mumps. Kimmy had chicken pox as a 3 month old, poor little soul. We were all visiting our eldest daughter whose son was a bit off colour and no one realised he was incubating chicken pox!

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      Everyone I grew up with had to bring a note from the doctor with a vaccination record each year before we were allowed to begin the school year.

      Mumps were a major concern for boys when I was a teen because of the sterilization scare. Poor young guys with their future before them. Mention Mumps and all virility left them in an instant.

      Your girls have all managed to lead a healthy life and have had no ill effects which I’m sure you are thankful for. Poor girls and their trials. Are their children vaccinated or have they followed you in worrying about the shots?

      We had a neighbor whose daughter’s are not vaccinated for the same reasons. There are some people now saying they believe the shots have caused their children to have autism. I don’t have an opinion one way or another.

      Love you – Leslie.

      • gardenpinks

        Well I definitely believed in the autism angle hence why I wouldn’t let our girls have the vaccination. My arguments were that the jab had been brought in too quickly without enough clinical trials and that the combination of drugs was too bad for the body. It was only economics that stopped the single vaccinations – having a vaccine against mumps then a while late against measles and so on was far better for the body.
        A specialist upheld the widely held belief that this vaccine was bad and he was hounded out of his job and virtually out of the country…now when that happens then the politicos are worried and it is time for us all to worry. The message seemed to be from the politicians that a few children sacrificed to autism was okay for the greater good. Sorry but I don’t hold with that one either.
        I wouldn’t allow the girls to be vaccinated against whooping cough either as that vaccine caused severe brain damage in susceptible children and no one could say which children were susceptible and as we have a severely retarded child already in the family I was not going to risk that one.
        Here in the UK parents that wanted their children to have the single vaccines had to pay which is diabolical. The powers that be wouldn’t allow it to be one on the NHS – shame on them!

        Ruth wouldn’t let her children be vaccinated but Jill did and that was their decision.

        On the shingles front – you can’t catch shingles! The chicken pox virus lives within the nerve endings of all those who have had chcken pox and most adults never suffer from shingles however for some unknown reason in some adults it does flare up with painful consequences. No adult can catch shingles from a child with chicken pox BUT an adult suffering with shingles can pass the virus to children who have never had chicken pox and down they go with chicken pox.

        Love and hugs
        Lynn xx

      • Message In A Fold

        A bit late in responding to your comment, sorry. I did not know there was a choice in getting the vaccinations one at a time as opposed to all at once. It is a shame that your countrymen were charged to have the single shots while the complete dose was given free. That doesn’t make any sense to me, course the heads of state never make sense to me anyway.

        I don’t know about in your country but here there are a lot of children with autism and aspergers syndrome. I have no idea why there has not been a major uproar amongst the parents of these children if the vaccinations are to blame for this. In our stupid litigious society, where you can be sued for anything at the drop of a hat, I’m surprised this group of parents have not got together to find a lawyer just waiting for the chance to be a rain maker.

        I did not know of the shingles part, I thought it appeared in adults after they were exposed to children with the chicken pox. In Oklahoma City, several years back, a television news anchor was sidelined by shingles and he had quite the story to tell about his ordeal upon his return. He was out for well over a month.

        I can always rely upon you to bring me information to educate me in one way or another 🙂 A good thing it is also.

        Love you – Leslie

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