We have arrived in Phoenix

Sunday we spent in Gila Bend, Arizona at the hotel. I didn’t realize how boring it is to have absolutely nothing to do. I did take advantage of the down time to read some of Tony Robbin’s “Unleash The Giant Within”.

We watched the Emmy’s last night and I was thoroughly disappointed none of the shows we watch were even mentioned :-(.

This morning around 11 am, our time 9 local, the wrecker truck arrived.


A honkin’ big monster of a truck!

Barnett’s Towing out of Phoenix came to get us.


Joe used a garden hose from the hotel to add water to the radiator so he could drive across the street to a dirt lot.

This tow truck is amazing! There is a “Stinger” on the backside that will lower down to ground level.


And a massive winch system to lift and move tons of weight.


Joe got safely across the street where the tow truck waited for him. The driver’s name is Mark and he knows his business. Very professional and he respects his equipment, which made Joe and I feel good about entrusting our equipment to him.

When I arrived to the lot, after clearing out the hotel room and getting checked out, the stinger was already positioned beneath Joe’s front truck.


This stinger will be securely attached to the front axle of Joe’s truck and, when fully attached, will raise the front of the truck off the ground.


There are hydraulics that move the stinger up and down or in and out. For the convenience of the operator there is a handy dandy remote control device that works the hydraulics while Mark is under the truck and needs to position things.


Once the attaching is done, and secure, the stinger pulls Joe’s truck closer to the tow truck then lifts the front end off the ground. Snazzy bit of work that is.


While the guys were doing their thing I went to the opposite side so you could see what this whole thing would look like when fully mounted.


Amazing the types of equipment created to fill a need 🙂

Next thing to happen is the driveline gets disconnected. Poor Mark has to scrabble around under the truck to do this job. There are some trucks that have very little space to work in and on hot pavement, this job would be a major chore not to mention greasy and filthy.




Safety is a big concern in this business. It is really good to know there are people that believe in “redundancy”. The driveline is secured to the under frame with a ratchet strap, rope, and chain. If one fails there will be two safeguards to fall back on.



It is now time to leave Gila Bend and head for Phoenix and the repair shop.




Once on Arizona Route 85 we passed saguaro and other desert plant life. Wending our way to I-10 we passed cotton fields that will have bowls soon with defoliation to follow and harvesting later.



I had to play the bully on the roads to keep the little cars and pickups clear so Mark could make right turns safely.


Joe’s truck has been safely delivered to the FedEx shop, we are in an air conditioned hotel room. Later we will go have dinner with Carissa and Jaime.

We stopped at a truck stop for water and cold drinks. We need a little something to eat and these look right up my alley.


I know I really ought to go for this.


We left instead with this 🙂


Now don’t tell on me because I had to sneak this in. Hey, it is a compromise 🙂


Enjoy your day everyone.



About Message In A Fold

I am an over the road truck driver in Drive-Away Transport part of the year, and the sole bookkeeper of this operation the other part of the year. I do a lot of whining until I can get in my craft room and play with paper and glue. View all posts by Message In A Fold

4 responses to “We have arrived in Phoenix

  • aspot2stamp

    You know all things in moderation are ok 🙂 So a bit of pastry and some fruit sounds ok to me. My Doctor said he didnt want me to count calories just make wise choices and eat small meals. He didnt say to cut the things I like out completely Just dont eat only them. Besides a once in a while thing is ok. Now I gotta say Wow they have some good food choices in the truckstops Not at all like I remember when we were traveling years ago withthe Boys. When we took out treks to and trom Cailfornia I would pack all sorts of fruits and veggies for us in the cooler along with milk juice and cheese and lean meats. I always took breakfast stuff long too and out little hot pot to make oatmeal or some soup when we got to the hotels. The food now could have saved me alot of work. I am happy to hear that you are getting farther in your journey to deliver your trucks and also get some visiting in with family. I am feeling some better and think I will make a post to my blog in a bit.
    Keep safe and enjoy your visit.
    Hugs and Love,

    • Message In A Fold

      I hope you get to feeling great real soon. Sorry you are still fighting the migraine.

      Yes indeed Shelly. Truck stops have come out of the dark ages and have better things to choose from. The bad part us we pay a premium for it. $15 for water, the fruit and vegetables, and the guilty pleasure.

      You did hardship traveling with your boys. Cooking in the hotel room, stocking a cooler like a fridge. Cheaper that way but no rest 😦 for you. Guess that is the price we pay to make sure our families are cared for 🙂

      You get well my friend.

      Love you – Leslie

  • Lynn Claridge

    Wow that is some truck. I bet Joe had little green glints of envy there 🙂 A real man’s toy! So glad you were able to get sorted and on your way again.
    Love those dishes of fruit, when Ruth and I go shopping we occasionally buy some of those to munch on the way home. Of course you had to buy a pastry or two and why not? It doesn’t say anywhere ‘Thou shalt not eat pastries’.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Message In A Fold

      Isn’t that a Monster Truck?!

      I’m so glad we are not getting the bill for that tow. 64 miles from Phoenix at $3 a mile to Gila Bend; one or two hours of a Service Call at $75 an hour then the same $3 a mile back to Phoenix and another $75 charge for about 20 minutes to disassemble the whole business.

      An easy $600 or more for about three hours if work.

      I do have to admire the tow truck operators though. They get stuck with some really bad jobs that we don’t come close to doing. They have some crazy skills at this job too.

      Love you Girlfriend

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